A few things that inspire my style:

1940s Hollywood Glamor
Veiled hats, ankle strap shoes, satin gloves, and ultra-feminine silhouettes.  I don’t think, in the history of all humanity, women have ever been or ever will be as beautiful as the stars of the 40s.  I don’t strive to achieve an authentic reproduction of that look, but I sure love to incorporate vintage details into my evening wear.

Victorian Formal Wear
Corsets, bustle skirts, and lots of texture and trim.  So much thought and detail went into the styles of the Victorian Era.  Of course, now we wear our corsets on the outside, which would have been scandalous in the 1800s!

(Someday I will do a post on Authentic Corsetry.  For now, suffice to say that the “corsets” sold by popular modern lingerie companies are not what most of us in the Goth scene would consider corsets.  That’s not to say that I don’t have a couple of those “fake corsets” myself, because they happened to be cute and on sale and I couldn’t resist the easy addition of variety to my wardrobe.  These posers rarely get the honor of escorting me to the dance clubs, though, and when they do I wear a quality steel-boned corset underneath, as in this outfit.)

Late 70s/Early 80s Post Punk and Goth Bands
This one might be a bit cliche, but it would be impossible for me to claim that certain musicians didn’t have any influence on me aesthetically.  Especially in my teen years.  What 16-year old Goth girl didn’t want to look like (what she thought would be) Robert Smith’s or Peter Murphy’s dream girl?

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