Color Brigade: Purple, Black and a Touch of Pink

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And my Sparkle Week theme continues with this crocheted sweater.  Ok, truthfully that was just a coincidence and I only expect it to be a two-day Sparkle Week, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

I bought the pink glass pearls ages ago because they were just too fabulous to pass up (and they were on sale).  I think this is the first time I’ve worn them, and that is thanks to the need for a third color in today’s Color Brigade outfit.  This is what I’ve really been enjoying about blogging; challenging myself to be more creative with the wardrobe and accessories I have, making it impossible for me to ignore anything.

Closeup of Pearls and Subtle Sweater Sparkle

Previously, I found myself constantly desiring new things while 3/4 of the items in my closet weren’t ever getting worn.  I don’t feel too badly about it, as shopping really is my only vice (unless you count snuggling with kittens or eating a piece of dark chocolate each day), but still, we must always attempt to better ourselves.

I haven’t bought a single clothing item or accessory in over a month now, and I’m thoroughly convinced that is a direct result of this blog.  Don’t expect me to hold out much longer, though.  After all, I really do need a bracelet to go with this necklace…  😉

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Rule-Breaking Monday: Sparkling at the Office

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I found this lightweight dolman-sleeve sweater from JC Penney a couple of years ago, and of course the sparkle was irresistible to me.  The first time I wore it to work, another woman in my office was very excited.  She said she also had some things with metallic threads but was afraid they would be too fancy for the office.  I said “Psh” and she started to wear her sparkly things, too.  Made me feel like quite the little trend-setter.  😉  Turns out another girl in my office has the same sweater but in gold, and she’s worn hers to work as well.  Now we’re the sparkliest I.T. department in the world!

This flirty sheer wrap skirt is from a random mall store.  The handkerchief hem and ruffles along bottom edge make me feel even more girly than usual. 

Perhaps the six-strap heels aren’t the best choice for this outfit; I think something more feminine with a bow would have been better, such as these:

I can’t remember where the super-long beaded necklace came from, but I sure love it.  However, I have learned not to wear it in the kitchen.  When I lean over, it likes to swing into the food (best case) or the oven (worst case).  Sometimes fashion and home cooking just don’t mix…  I guess we’re eating out tonight!

So tell me, what clothing or accessories do you have that are somewhat impractical but irresistible?

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Color Brigade: Burgundy, Black and Mauve

So yes, I joined the Color Brigade. Sounds ironic for a Goth girl, doesn’t it? It is, but I like a good challenge! Goths do traditionally wear mostly (if not all) black. I’m no exception; solid black always has been and always will be my favorite look. And while it’s not uncommon for Goths to add an accent color for the sake of variety, anything more than black + one accent is almost unheard of (at least in my Gothy Outfit Repertoire).

The rules of the Color Brigade dictate that at least one outfit a week must have a minimum of THREE colors. I sure hope black counts, because working with two accent colors will be strenuous enough on my dark little brain… 🙂 I think I’ll be able to handle it, on work days, at least for a while…

So here is my first entry!

There are a couple of people around my office who will most likely hope that this new color experimentation is the beginning of a transformation toward normalcy for me…  And I will giggle inside knowing that they are oh so wrong.  My husband recently described me as “Goth at the core.”  His meaning was that Goth is just the style that I am meant to be; it looks “right” on me and nothing else would fit (he’s truly perfect for me!).  With that kind of support and acceptance from my soulmate, my best friend, the only person whose opinion really matters, there’s no way I’m changing a thing.

And truthfully, while playing with color is fun, it also makes me appreciate black even more.  😉

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Rule-Breaking Monday: Goth Girl Goes Pink

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Those of us who are secure in our Gothiness are not afraid to take an occasional break from the dark colors.  For my first official participation in Rule-Breaking Monday, I will shock and horrify Goths around the world with this baby pink sweater.

Actually, I think I’ve broken three rules here (if not more).  In addition to the pink, I’m wearing a knee-length skirt.  It seems that the “rules” say the skirt should always be above or below the knee, but I happen to like knee-length sometimes.  

Best of all, my heels seriously exceed the 3” guideline for my workplace.  That’s what they get for making it a “guideline” and not a concrete part of the dress code.  😉  Even I don’t usually wear such tall platforms to work, but I love these shoes and they go so nicely with the sweater.  While I was putting this outfit together and debating the shoe issue, my husband said, “Wear the shoes to work.”  So I did.  Making today all about breaking rules.

A close-up of today’s fabulous shoes:

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A Personal Challenge

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As a good little Goth girl, I really love long skirts.  When I saw this white one in the Body Central catalog, I thought it would be a nice change.  I happened to have the black and white top (also from Body Central, I think).  I figured if I top it off with a black shrug (from random mall store) I’d have a decent balance of black and white.  Did I pull it off?  I don’t know…  It feels like an enormous amount of white to me!

The skirt was supposed to be a crinkle skirt (No, I don’t know the technical term.  They were broomstick skirts when I was in high school, but I never hear that phrase any more.).  I just didn’t bother to re-crinkle it after I washed it.  But I think it would have looked better that way.  Next time!

The cool bits of hair sticking out in the back are Magic by Easihair.  My hair is long and awesome for wearing straight down, but it’s thin and slippery and not too easy to style.  When I don’t feel like wearing it down, and am not in the mood for just a boring bun, I really love fun hairpieces and chignons!

And here I am trying to be creative with my posing.  Looks like I’m auditioning for the part of Ophelia or something.  lol!

“There’s rosemary; that’s for remembrance…”

Learning to Layer

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I’ve had this brocade blazer from Macy’s for years and have never worn it once.  The cropped length was a challenge; it just didn’t go with anything I owned.  I often thought of getting rid of it, but love the fabric so much I kept wanting to give it a chance.  

While picking out clothes for the workweek last weekend, it dawned on me to try it with a longer top underneath.  I think I heard once long ago that it was a fashion no-no to let the top underneath show at the bottom, but now it seems, from what I see at the mall, that “layering” is currently all the rage.  

I’ve always found it odd how frequently things that were once total fashion faux pas become huge trends later on.  That’s another reason why I am so thankful to not feel constrained by “the rules.”  I get to decide for myself what looks good, and I don’t have to throw things out after a year because they’ve gone “out of style.” 

I really like the way this outfit works.  And when it once again becomes a sin to let your lower layer show, you can bet I’ll still be doing it.  🙂

The necklace and bracelet, from New York & Co., are not really things that I would wear on my “own time” but I thought they would be great as feminine but bold work-appropriate pieces.

Blue is So Goth.

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Yes, I know it’s St. Patrick’s Day, but I don’t have a single green item anywhere in my wardrobe; not even an accessory.  Please accept today’s outfit with a hint of blue instead.  I do promise to eat lots of potatoes tonight in celebration of my Irish heritage.

For some reason, blue has never been one of the common alternate colors in the Gothic fashion world.  Sure, red and burgundy and purple and magenta, even grey and white, are fairly typical.  I rarely see blue, and I am not sure why.  I hope this post will help change that.

Today’s sweater, from New York and Company, features a large floral accent on the left shoulder and rhinestone buttons.  The skirt is from Forever 21, and has lots of ruching down both sides.  The belt is Forever 21.  I think the blue tank top is also Forever 21, but I cut all of the tags out of my clothes because they make me itch.  It’s difficult to remember where each piece came from.

I felt like wearing lots of bracelets today.  Actually I feel like that every day, but today I succumbed to the urge.

A close-up of today’s shoes.

I wasn’t thrilled with a single photo I took today.  One little detail seemed to annoy me about each and every one.  I nearly decided to forgo posting today because of it.  But then I reminded myself that I am neither a professional photographer nor a professional model, and here I am attempting to do both at the same time.  And I’m doing it in my spare room at home with relatively inexpensive equipment.  Every day is a learning experience.  So why should I let a little imperfection stop me from doing something I enjoy?  I promise to do better tomorrow. 🙂

To the other fashion bloggers out there, do you ever get self-conscious about your photos?  If so, how do you stay motivated to keep trying?

A Little Bit of Dark Elegance

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I’ve never been afraid to go a little bit overdressed for the office.  I’m the one who refuses to wear jeans on Jeans Thursday and always wears a blazer for important meetings.  I don’t know if today’s outfit would really be considered “too fancy” by the average office worker (no one has commented either way, so far), but something about it makes me feel fancy.  And I like that.  Maybe it’s the drape of the cowl-neck top, the silver scarf, or the flowing asymmetrical hem of the skirt.  Most likely it’s all of those things working together.

I realized that my shoes can be quite understated when paired with black tights every day; so today we have nude stockings for a change.  And I like that too.

The highlight of this outfit, for me, is the wonderful brooch.  This belonged to my husband’s mother who, sadly, I never got to meet.  She was a young woman in the 1940s, so not only is this brooch true vintage, but also feels good to wear just because it was hers.

I love the way this skirt drapes when I am seated.
Does anyone else out there like to dress extra-nice for the office sometimes, just to feel pretty?

Comfortable and Feminine; Just How I Feel Today!

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So I see that my camera is still too dark on the blacks.  These photos are corrected in Photoshop, but it sure would save me some time if I could use them straight off the camera.  The focus issues are somewhat corrected using the lighter-colored backdrop, but I’m not crazy about the white.  I’ll have to find something in between…

This cute skirt was a bit of a project.  It was originally a dress, ordered from Newport News.  The dress was a terrible fit on me, but as usual I never got around to sending it back.  Three or four years later, I finally converted it into a skirt.  Now I just love it!
The necklace and bracelet are handmade by me from Swarovski components.  I absolutely adore their glass pearls.  They come in so many colors, and are much higher quality than any other faux pearls I’ve seen.  I’d like to get some in a more natural pearl color, for the classic vintage romantic look.  I’ll have to keep my eyes out for the next Gem and Bead Show, as they usually have the best prices!

The shoes are Newport News as well.  You can barely see, but they have a little patent bow on the front.  The top is New York and Co.  I don’t think it’s my most flattering top, but I love the feminine details of the chiffon rosettes and the little chiffon drape in the front.

My First Outfit Post!

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Well, in spite of my awesome studio lighting I still have some learning to do when photographing so much black.  Turns out my camera’s auto focus doesn’t really work too well on black.  This could be a problem for a Goth girl!
Anyway, welcome to my first Work Friendly outfit post!  Okay, this outfit is not particularly exciting, except that the sweater is new and super cute and it came from Target, of all places.  Normally I don’t buy clothes there, but this caught my eye… and actually fit me perfectly.
I didn’t add any accessories to this outfit, because I thought the buttons and the ruffle were enough.  I paired it with a pencil skirt I’ve had for ages, with a matching ruffle along the bottom.  I think fishnets would look great with this, but maybe a bit too sexy for work along with the slit in the skirt.  I usually only wear fishnets to work with longer skirts that hit mid-calf.
I actually rarely wear all black to work, as it seems to disturb some of the most conservative people in my building.  I get weary of being asked “Why do you wear all black?”  It’s a question that has no answer, yet they seem to expect some deep “reason” that just doesn’t exist.  I just do: that’s why!  😉

I just had to include this photo, uncropped, so you could see Naughty Kitty in action.  Totally distracting me from my photo shoot!  This is Perseus, one of our gorgeous Maine Coons.  I’m sure you’ll see his twin brother Prometheus crashing a photo shoot soon, too!