Last Chance for Sweaters

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So, supposedly spring is in the air.  We here in sunny Southern California have had nothing but rain and cold wind…  But that’s likely to change at any time.  So, I figured I had better get one more wearing of this awesomely Gothic Victorian sweater in. The occasion: dinner with the parents to celebrate Mom’s birthday.

I saw this sweater in a catalog and absolutely had to have it. I can’t remember which catalog; I think it was Victoria’s Secret… Anyway, when it arrived it fit perfectly, but the turtleneck on it was MUCH bulkier than it showed in the photo. It rode so high up on my neck that it looked like my head was about to be swallowed up. So I packed this away at the bottom of my Trunk of Sweaters and forgot about it for two years.

Recently, I found this massive cameo brooch in the Steampunk Couture Etsy store. Somehow my brain realized it would go great with that sweater, and it dawned on me that perhaps the large pin would help tame the killer turtleneck. Sure enough, it solved my problem and worked out very nicely. Now this is my favorite sweater.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the center of the cameo to photograph without being washed out.  ๐Ÿ™

I’ll miss you and your puffy sleeves, my perfect Gothic Victorian sweater. See you in the fall!

An extra fun thing today:  Emilina Sassperina tagged me in a  handwriting quiz (thanks for thinking of me, Emilina!). Sadly, my writing is usually atrocious because I get impatient…  I mean, writing is SO much slower than typing. (lol)  Here are the results of my best effort!

The rules:

  1. Write your name & blog name
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  3. Write, โ€œA quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog!โ€
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    Yes, Another Vet Outfit

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    When your cat has a chronic health problem, you get to make lots of trips to the vet.  If you are really lucky, youโ€™ll need to go to a specialist who is located more than an hour away (more than two hours in traffic).  With all of these stressful vet trips, Iโ€™ve found that itโ€™s essential to put thought and effort into my outfits.  Planning a nice outfit helps take my mind off of the issues we are dealing with.  And feeling good about my appearance helps me keep a positive attitude throughout the day.

    Here we have the outfit I wore to pick Perseus up from his surgery last weekend.   I didn’t get to post it that day due to lack of time, so you get it today.  ๐Ÿ™‚

    The satin blouse (from a random mall store) was a lucky sale find.  I just love the embroidered detail, plus the lace and velvet trims.  It was a bit slouchy on me, so I added some fairly drastic darts to the back and now it’s just right.

    Hello again, Prometheus!  If you are going to crash my photo shoots, 
    you could at least hold still so you arenโ€™t blurry.  ๐Ÿ™‚
    You wonโ€™t often see me in pants, as I have a very hard time finding pants that fit.  I usually wear skirts because I can easily alter most of them if needed.  Pant alterations are a mystery to me.

    This iron cross pendant is one of my very favorite things.  I found it at a little store on Melrose years ago.

    PS:  Perseus came through his surgery wonderfully, and is now well on his way to recovery.  ๐Ÿ™‚

    Fun Weekend Goth, “Over 35” Version

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    We are hanging out at home most of the weekend caring for a post-op kitty cat, so I wore this outfit just to the grocery store and then for a few hours flouncing around the house; making lunch, doing a few little projects and just generally feeling cute.

    I think one key to exuding refinement as a “mature” Goth is age-appropriateness.  It can be difficult to achieve this while going for a young-at-heart, old school Goth look, but not impossible.  This outfit succeeds by showing just a bit of fishnet, paired with a short-but-not-too-short (nor too tight) skirt and a full-coverage top.

    I adore the ruched sides and sleeves on this top from Arden B.  Plus it has just a bit of gathering at the shoulders: so cute!  I think overall this look is a little bit flirty and still tasteful.  It’s a style that definitely turns my husband’s head but is modest enough that I wouldn’t be embarrassed if I ran into a colleague while out shopping.

    I have to admit, one of the things that attracts me most to the Goth style is the jewelry.  I do so love the “more is more” philosophy… And the SPARKLE!!!

    What I Wear… to the Vet.

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    Gothic Fashion Meets Parental Responsibilty

    One of our little darlings, Perseus (aka “Naughty Kitty” from My First Outfit Post) has some chronic ear issues.  He’s become good friends with a very sweet and well-paid Small Animal Surgical Specialist in L.A.  Determined to thwart me in my plans for early retirement, Perseus will need another surgery.  This is what I wore to take him to his consultation.  I don’t like to dress too Goth when going to appointments with highly professional people, so this is almost an outfit I would wear to work on a Casual Thursday.

    I thought the gray top with a print was a good choice for hiding the massive amounts of silver and white Maine Coon hair that I would inevitably be saturated in by the end of the trip.

    This top was actually a dress from Body Central (or Venus; I can’t quite remember…).  I thought it looked a bit too short in the catalog, but I figured the model was probably 5’8 or so and on me, at 5’3″, the length would be decent.  I was wrong.  It was even shorter than on the model!  To convert this dress to a top, all I did was add some ruching on the sides.  Now it has a flattering gathered look and makes a comfortable but somewhat elegant top.

    Ironically, the sleeves are far too long…

    The necklace is handmade by me from jet glass beads purchased at a bead show.  The bracelets are also jet glass beads, but purchased from a little shop on Melrose Blvd.  The shoes are Dr. Marten’s Mary Janes.  I love that they have a heel but still retain the legendary Doc Marten comfort.  I haven’t worn Dr. Marten’s since college because they are generally too casual for my adult tastes, but their new women’s lines have some wonderful dressier styles.

    As predicted, Perseus’ brother Prometheus finally decided to get in a shot.  This is him putting me on a guilt trip for getting ready to take his brother away for the day.
    He does match my top quite nicely, doesn’t he?

    My Five-Year Anniversary

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    This past weekend, my husband and I celebrated our five-year anniversary.

    This is not only one of my favorite Stop Staring dresses, it’s also the dress I wore when we got married.  We didn’t really have a wedding; just us and my parents at the County Clerk’s office.  We didn’t want a huge, stressful fuss, and we figured our savings were better spent as the down payment on our house.  So it was a three-minute ceremony and a few signatures followed by a wonderful lunch at the Odyssey restaurant.  It was magical and perfect.  And it was just a year and a half ago.  So how does that make this our five year anniversary?  Well, we prefer to celebrate the day we met.  After all, it was love at first sight and the paperwork was really just a formality!  

    I thought re-wearing the “marriage” dress would be a romantic touch even though this was not actually our marriage anniversary.

    The satin clutch was a gift from my husband purchased on our first “together” trip to Canada, his home country.  The hair flower with just the right amount of glitter is from Claire’s (I only shop at the best accessory stores – lol!).  The necklace was my anniversary gift.

    Gothic Fashion for the MatureI styled the dress a bit differently on our marriage day, with a veiled vintage hat (eBay) and updo, long sleeves (homemade) and nude stockings. And a lovely locket pendant, also a gift from the man, on a necklace handmade by me (shown below).

    I’m pretty sure this “Pin-Up Goth” look is one of my husband’s favorites.  ๐Ÿ™‚

    Custom Car Show Saturday

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    Classic car shows are one of our favorite weekend activities.  I never really appreciated classic cars until I met my husband.  He picked me up for our first date in a 1962 Chrysler Newport, and I fell in love with the car immediately (and the man very shortly thereafter).  I am thankful that his tastes run toward the vintage, custom and unique.  I’m just not the type of girl to go for a guy in a red Mustang.  ๐Ÿ˜‰

    This is a fairly typical car show outfit for me.  It differs from my work attire in that the heels are higher, the skirt a bit too snug for the office, lots more jewelry and makeup, and PIGTAILS!  I was too lazy to put in the contacts this time.

    Usually there are other girls at the shows who like to dress up a bit, so I don’t feel as out of place as I do in other settings.  I’m still usually the only Goth, but at least there are others with an artsy sense and a bit of vintage class.  I think it goes hand in hand with the custom car mentality; aesthetics are an enormous part of that world.  I love it.

    Sadly, while my husband did take photos of me and photos of our car, he failed to take any photos of me with our car.  That will give my readers something to look forward to for the next car show post!

    Someday he’ll buy me a 1936 Ford coupe and we’ll paint it eggplant purple… 

    Anyone else out there have a classic car, or an appreciation of them?