A Few Things I Will Love, Soon!

Since I’m not ready to start photographing at home yet, I thought I would spend a few days posting about things I’ve found that would significantly enhance my Wardrobe Satisfaction Quotient.

My Next Stop Staring Purchase

I always vowed that I would never reveal the name of Stop Staring, for fear that every girl in the Goth scene would start wearing them and I would lose my edge.  But I love them too dearly to not sing their praises.  In addition to unmatched quality and super-sexy vintage styling, their sizes are TINY (hooray!).  I have seven from their collection so far…  This amazing 1940’s style dress in eggplant absolutely MUST be my next purchase.

I dream of wearing Stop Staring to work, but their dresses are so inherently sexy that I blush at the thought.  They are not so revealing, and not overly tight, but just overall amazing.  No one looks this amazing at my office.  I would surely call far too much attention to myself.  Maybe with a sweater over it…  But it would be a shame to hide any of the details.  What do you think?  Could it work, or would I get called into the boss’s office?

Another Pair of Shoes…
I currently own about 35 pairs of shoes.  Yes, I wear fewer than 10 of those pairs on even a semi-regular basis.  Before you gasp in astonishment over this blatant excess, let me explain that I went through a phase a few years ago where I just wasn’t sure what kind of footwear I felt comfortable in for work.  Threats were made to restrict the dress code to 3″ heels or shorter, and everyone loved to speculate that this was my fault.  So in shame, I rushed out and bought several relatively conservative pairs that I thought would take the heat off of me.  I eventually confessed this to my boss, and she laughed and told me to wear whatever shoes I wanted.  Consequently, I have quite a few pairs that I would wear to work if I had to, but would rather not.

That being said, I need these shoes.  I might even eBay a few of my under-loved pairs to make room on the shelf for them.  As mentioned on my Where I Shop page, I love Pleaser shoes because they are exotic, high, comfortable and inexpensive.  And most of them come in my size, which can’t be said for department store shoes.  They certainly don’t last a lifetime, but for the price I sure do get a more than fair amount of use out of them.

I would NOT wear these to work.  Sure, everyone would coo in the hallways and love them to death, but I don’t really like getting that much attention at work even if it’s positive.  I’d rather get that attention on the weekends.  So I stick with no more than 1/2″ platforms and around 4″ heels for work.

So these are the two items I am currently trying to resist buying.  Don’t worry, I won’t be able to hold out for long.  🙂