A Day of Shopping

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I wore this outfit for a shopping trip to Los Angeles. We hit a “real” mall (because our local mall is pathetic) and I blew some money on a few new pieces. I have a commitment to keep my blog fresh and loaded with variety, so I did it all for you. 😉 As if I needed more variety… Someday I should post photos of my closet.

This skirt is a brilliant invention by Frederick’s. It’s perfectly Gothy with the fit and flare styling and the lacy ruffle at the bottom. Yes, Goth infiltrates the mainstream again. They eat it up, and never even realize it! 😉 Some genius (no, that wasn’t sarcasm) had the brilliant idea (again, not sarcasm) to add some elasticized gathering on the … bottom. It gives this skirt an amazingly sexy curve-hugging fit, rendering it inappropriate for work while making it one of my very favorite weekend choices.

Where’s Prometheus?  ;-D

The top is silk, and has a lovely black-on-black paisley pattern. Oh, and the ruffles…! I purchased it majorly on sale from Bebe. I rarely buy anything full price from Bebe. Actually, maybe never. Their clothes are excellent in quality, but still seem over-priced for what you get. As for Goth-friendly selection, it’s very hit and miss but when they hit, there are so many good pieces it’s difficult to choose (even on sale).

You get lots of photos today, because I love this outfit and was feeling awfully good about myself in it. Oh, and the hair was just fabulous! It rarely is so cooperative, and I was enjoying the waves from the previous night’s braid.

What do you like to wear when you go for a fun day of shopping?

My First Guest Post

I’m so excited today!! My first-ever guest post has been published on The Ultimate Goth Guide. Check out my fashion tips for eldergoths: those who refuse to “grow out of it” even in their 30s and beyond.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to tell my readers how much I appreciate them. Since I started this blog, all of the positive feedback and encouragement I’ve received from my followers has been truly inspiring to me. Thank you for giving me a place where my love of Gothic fashion is appreciated. Hopefully I can provide a little inspiration back to all of you in return. 🙂

And since this blog is visual in nature, I surely cannot do a post without a photo. So, here’s Perseus!

Studded Belt and Gigantic Kitty

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I went through a studded belt phase back when the monthly old school Goth club opened. I first got one from Wal-Mart but it was so cheap my husband couldn’t handle it, so he got me this one for the following Christmas. Good man, making sure I live up to my own standards. 😉

Oddly enough, I never once wore a studded belt back in the old school days. But now I rather love it with these jeans. I don’t have a matching wrist band, so I settled for my favorite rhinestone ones.

This top from Body Central looks like a tank with a shrug, but it’s actually one piece.  Easy and fun!

Prometheus really liked today’s outfit, so he wanted to be in the photos. These really show how big male Maine Coons get. While Prometheus does have a little bit of fat that we’re trying to work off, most of his 21 pounds are just pure, healthy Maine Coon largeness (and lots of hair). Prometheus’ daddy was 26 pounds!

Say Hello to My Little Friend, Prometheus.

Coincidentally, I was wearing this same outfit the day we met Prometheus’ and Perseus’ breeder. The boys were just six weeks old at that time, and that day we made an appointment to go meet them two weeks later. Good memories… Someday soon I’ll blog the outfit I wore the day we met. 🙂

21 Pounds of Pure Kitty Goodness

Yes, Another Vet Outfit

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When your cat has a chronic health problem, you get to make lots of trips to the vet.  If you are really lucky, you’ll need to go to a specialist who is located more than an hour away (more than two hours in traffic).  With all of these stressful vet trips, I’ve found that it’s essential to put thought and effort into my outfits.  Planning a nice outfit helps take my mind off of the issues we are dealing with.  And feeling good about my appearance helps me keep a positive attitude throughout the day.

Here we have the outfit I wore to pick Perseus up from his surgery last weekend.   I didn’t get to post it that day due to lack of time, so you get it today.  🙂

The satin blouse (from a random mall store) was a lucky sale find.  I just love the embroidered detail, plus the lace and velvet trims.  It was a bit slouchy on me, so I added some fairly drastic darts to the back and now it’s just right.

Hello again, Prometheus!  If you are going to crash my photo shoots, 
you could at least hold still so you aren’t blurry.  🙂
You won’t often see me in pants, as I have a very hard time finding pants that fit.  I usually wear skirts because I can easily alter most of them if needed.  Pant alterations are a mystery to me.

This iron cross pendant is one of my very favorite things.  I found it at a little store on Melrose years ago.

PS:  Perseus came through his surgery wonderfully, and is now well on his way to recovery.  🙂

What I Wear… to the Vet.

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Gothic Fashion Meets Parental Responsibilty

One of our little darlings, Perseus (aka “Naughty Kitty” from My First Outfit Post) has some chronic ear issues.  He’s become good friends with a very sweet and well-paid Small Animal Surgical Specialist in L.A.  Determined to thwart me in my plans for early retirement, Perseus will need another surgery.  This is what I wore to take him to his consultation.  I don’t like to dress too Goth when going to appointments with highly professional people, so this is almost an outfit I would wear to work on a Casual Thursday.

I thought the gray top with a print was a good choice for hiding the massive amounts of silver and white Maine Coon hair that I would inevitably be saturated in by the end of the trip.

This top was actually a dress from Body Central (or Venus; I can’t quite remember…).  I thought it looked a bit too short in the catalog, but I figured the model was probably 5’8 or so and on me, at 5’3″, the length would be decent.  I was wrong.  It was even shorter than on the model!  To convert this dress to a top, all I did was add some ruching on the sides.  Now it has a flattering gathered look and makes a comfortable but somewhat elegant top.

Ironically, the sleeves are far too long…

The necklace is handmade by me from jet glass beads purchased at a bead show.  The bracelets are also jet glass beads, but purchased from a little shop on Melrose Blvd.  The shoes are Dr. Marten’s Mary Janes.  I love that they have a heel but still retain the legendary Doc Marten comfort.  I haven’t worn Dr. Marten’s since college because they are generally too casual for my adult tastes, but their new women’s lines have some wonderful dressier styles.

As predicted, Perseus’ brother Prometheus finally decided to get in a shot.  This is him putting me on a guilt trip for getting ready to take his brother away for the day.
He does match my top quite nicely, doesn’t he?

My First Outfit Post!

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Well, in spite of my awesome studio lighting I still have some learning to do when photographing so much black.  Turns out my camera’s auto focus doesn’t really work too well on black.  This could be a problem for a Goth girl!
Anyway, welcome to my first Work Friendly outfit post!  Okay, this outfit is not particularly exciting, except that the sweater is new and super cute and it came from Target, of all places.  Normally I don’t buy clothes there, but this caught my eye… and actually fit me perfectly.
I didn’t add any accessories to this outfit, because I thought the buttons and the ruffle were enough.  I paired it with a pencil skirt I’ve had for ages, with a matching ruffle along the bottom.  I think fishnets would look great with this, but maybe a bit too sexy for work along with the slit in the skirt.  I usually only wear fishnets to work with longer skirts that hit mid-calf.
I actually rarely wear all black to work, as it seems to disturb some of the most conservative people in my building.  I get weary of being asked “Why do you wear all black?”  It’s a question that has no answer, yet they seem to expect some deep “reason” that just doesn’t exist.  I just do: that’s why!  😉

I just had to include this photo, uncropped, so you could see Naughty Kitty in action.  Totally distracting me from my photo shoot!  This is Perseus, one of our gorgeous Maine Coons.  I’m sure you’ll see his twin brother Prometheus crashing a photo shoot soon, too!