The Other Giant Cat

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I wasn’t thrilled with this outfit, but I thought I should share my fashion failures just the same to keep it interesting. 🙂 I love this strapless top. It’s cotton with a thick lace overlay and a lace tie in the back. However, this skirt never fails to disappoint me. It’s just too fluffy around the middle, and it really needs to be a couple of inches shorter. I wore it once before and it worked slightly better, but I think I had it hiked up that time… I think this skirt will become a “strictly around the house on chores day” skirt. Although I’ve been known to wear much cuter things even under those conditions… Maybe it’ll be a sick day skirt. 🙂 Cat hair doesn’t stick to it, which is a good thing when you don’t feel well and just want to snuggle with the furry ones all day!

Don’t ask me what’s up with the half-on-half-off shrug. I have no idea what my reasoning was there, except it was still quite warm out (yay for California!) and I was only wearing it to keep the sun off during errands. I guess for the photos I couldn’t decide what to do with it. Lol!

Perseus really has the sweetest face ever, but he’s quite angry here…

Without further ado, I present to you Perseus, the other half of our Maine Coon set. You recently saw a post showcasing the great Prometheus is all his gigantic splendor. Perseus weighs a full four pounds LESS than Prometheus, but at 18 pounds he’s still *well* above average house cat size.

Despite being twin brothers, these boys couldn’t be more different in terms of personality. While Prometheus is all about love, Perseus is the adventurous one (really living up to his name!). He’s very loving as well, but with a shorter attention span. The best adjective for him is “spirited.” That’s the nice way to say he gets in trouble all the time. 🙂 It really tried my patience at first, but as he’s matured and we’ve fully bonded I’ve learned to love him for his “yeah, I broke that, but aren’t I adorable” attitude. And now everything in our house is glued down with earthquake putty. EVERYTHING.

Perseus is also the charismatic one, greeting everyone at the door and tripping them with ankle rubs. Prometheus, on the other hand, has to get to know you a bit before he smothers you with affection.

Here’s another great necklace that was a gift from Mr. Kitty, and a choker made from a scrap of fancy trim from the fabric store. I’m also wearing a Morgana Cryptoria lip balm in Diabolical Druscilla. Out of the five colors I discussed for my review, this one is my favorite. It also wears the longest and fades the most evenly.

OUTTAKE: This is what happens when a Maine Coon gets mad and doesn’t want his photo taken!

So who’s your favorite?  Perseus or Prometheus?

Look: I Match My Cats!

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Upon dressing in this outfit, it was immediately obvious that the color scheme was heavily inspired by Perseus and Prometheus. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to not only include one of them in a post (again) but also to demonstrate just how large Maine Coon cats are.

Ridiculous, isn’t it?!

Usually, when I just tell people “Prometheus weighs 22 pounds” I get responses like “Yeah, my cat is really fat, too.” They are shocked when they see him and realize it’s not fat; it’s just CAT. Maine Coons are the largest domestic breed, with the males weighing an average of 20 pounds. Persey and Promey’s dad was a very lean 26-pound show cat. They can reach a length of up to 3 ½ feet, including tail. Prometheus is a bit over 3 feet long (kinda hard to measure). They are also quite stocky (as opposed to a lithe breed such as the Siamese) which adds to their muscular mass. Maine Coons continue to mature physically for up to FIVE years, so at 1 ¾ years old this guy might not even be full-size yet!

Note my firm stance in the above photo. There’s no point in trying to do ladylike poses when holding a cat that weighs 1/5 your own body weight. And that smile you see on my face? It’s more a grimace of agony. But it’s worth it to tote that big sweetheart around from time to time. Maine Coons are also just about the most affectionate breed, and this one insists on having lap time daily.

Not to leave Perseus out, but he’s the runt of the litter at a wimpy 18 pounds. ;-D I’ll photograph him in my arms for comparison as soon as my back recovers from holding Promey. Lol!

Oh, about the outfit… The grey top came from Forever 21, on sale for $5! I had to alter it because it was very long and had a tight band around the bottom, so I didn’t like the way it hung. The pencil skirt is from Target. You’ve seen it before. The belt was $3 from Ross, so I guess now I’ve been converted into a confirmed Ross shopper, despite my protests to the contrary. 🙂

September One-Day Theme: Boots!

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This look doesn’t entirely suit me at this point in my life, but there was a time when I would have died for an outfit like this. After I finished suiting up for this photo shoot, Mr. Kitty pronounced me a “Gothic Ninja Video Game Character.” Sweet! Neither of us play video games, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to look cool like video game characters. Not sure I could really do any ninja kicks in 10-pound New Rocks, though… I did end up enjoying this outfit enough that I wore it all day, and over to visit my parents that evening, but generally speaking I much prefer a more delicate look.

Speaking of New Rocks, I really only bought these for my trip to Ireland with my dad (nearly 10 years ago). I was already fully engrossed in my love of high heels at that time, but I knew I would need something comfortable if I were to spend three weeks just walking around. I’d heard of the legendary, cushiony comfort of these boots, and it sure turned out to be true. I haven’t worn them much since returning from the trip, although they do come in handy for construction work and the like. Yeah, I do construction work in $300 boots. And now you are wondering why a Web designer with a Gothic fashion blog does construction work… That’s a story for another day. ;-D

Many thanks go to Mr. Kitty for his art direction on this shoot. Okay, he mostly just suggested putting the camera on the floor and aiming it up, which is how we got the two cool shots above.

Perseus was more than a little annoyed that this is our third monthly theme and we still haven’t done one centered around cats. In protest, he planted himself on my backdrop and refused to move. I ended up working around him (read: slid him over until he was just outside the frame) and he was still crashed out there an hour after I had finished. Someday I will do a cat theme, Perseus: I promise!

Hook-front shirt: Lip Service
Fishnet Shirt & Studded Belt: Hot Topic
Rhinestone Collar/Cuffs: Melrose Ave.
Arm Warmers: Handmade by Me
Maine Coon: Maine (lol)

Now it’s your turn! You know what to do (or if you don’t, check out the full details). 🙂

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Where Did That Old Trunk Come From?

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Goth Fashion

The old trunk, which I bought at an antique store ages ago, is currently stuck in the loft that houses my photo studio. We just got a new bedroom set, and the old trunk just doesn’t fit (physically or stylistically) any more. Seeing as how it has been displaced into the loft until we determine its fate, I figured I’d use it as a prop. Prometheus really liked that idea, as you will soon see!

Goth Fashion

I didn’t really plan on taking so many photos of this outfit, but when you have a gorgeous AND cooperative kitty in the scene, it’s hard not to take full advantage of the opportunity. So this post is more about a woman’s love for her Maine Coon than her love of fashion!

Goth Fashion

The hook-and-eye top came from Body Central (or Venus… I get them confused sometimes!). It required some alteration, as it was generally too large for me. I took the easy way out and just brought the sides in. Sleeves/shoulders are a mystery to me so I wasn’t about to touch them. I don’t mind some extra room in the sleeves, anyway.

Goth Fashion

I don’t go for these plain stretch pants often any more. They just don’t seem mature enough for someone my age… But this outfit was for a day of projects around the house, so the high comfort factor was just what I needed.

Goth Fashion

I actually got about 20 cute photos posing with this giant sweetheart. Consider yourselves lucky I didn’t spam you by posting all of them! ;-D

Goth Fashion
Summer Shoes!

Seems like most Goths are cat people. Which are you? Cat, Dog, or Neither?

Cars, Friends, and … Humidity??

Click photos for larger view.

Car show season is still in full swing! We spent a day last weekend hanging out with a batch of car guys we recently met who are rapidly becoming good friends. Having a prime selection of classic, custom cars as a backdrop was just a nice bonus.

For some strange reason, I continually think it’s cute to wear my hair down or in pigtails to outdoor car shows. Usually, it’s the wind that makes me regret doing so… This time, it was a surprise visit from Mr. Humidity. In the desert. Oh, AND the wind. 🙂 Lesson learned. Expect to see me in chignons for all subsequent car show posts!!

Hmm…  Why does my backdrop keep moving?  Ohhhhh, it’s Perseus!

One thing I prefer about the custom scene over more traditional classic car groups (such as hot rodders) is the selection of vendors available at the shows. Yes ladies, this means shopping! At a car show!! Custom shows attract a huge rockabilly crowd, and while that’s not my thing per se, one thing we do have in common is a love of hair bobbles. I scored two sets of bows and a magnificent flower, all in magenta. You’ll be seeing those soon!

Rockin’ the shades, briefly, until I realized they conflict with false lashes!

This skirt is from Ross, of all places!  Yes, I know I went on about how I refuse to ever set foot in a Ross again, but a co-worker convinced me to give their home section a shot and in doing so I did encounter a couple of nice pieces in the clothing section.  The strapless top is from Wet Seal, I believe.  Parasol was eBay and hair bows are made by me.  Cool sunglasses: Hollywood Boulevard kiosk!

Our current car isn’t heavily customized, and probably never will be, as this car has special meaning to us (read about why in my first car show post). However, I know Mr. Kitty has a zillion brilliant ideas in his head ready to be executed whenever we start to grow our car-child family. Hopefully that will be soon, if Perseus continues his new trend of staying healthy and not slamming us with legendary vet bills. 🙂

Off to the Nail Salon

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Yes, you can see from the photos that I took these before I went for a fill, as I have no polish on. This skirt was originally a maxi, but I didn’t think it hung very nicely with that thick, stiff ruffle near the bottom. When I feel discontent with a skirt, out come the safety pins and I mock up some modifications until I find one I like. In this case, it was gathering up the front of the skirt and stitching it in place. About five minutes later, I had a fun skirt that bounces around playfully when I walk and hugs my hips, rather than a shapeless tube that looked far too heavy around the calves.

The cool legs you see here are a combination of black tights and these awesome stockings that are like giant fishnets. I don’t remember where they came from, as I’ve had them for at least a decade. I don’t care much for the giant mesh stockings on their own, as the contrast is too much, but with the opaque layer underneath I think it’s a lovely, subtle effect. Next time, I’d like to try them with gray tights underneath.

The lovely medallion pendant thingie is from Dillard’s. I added the braided trim that it’s hanging from, and I made the choker from some fancier trim. I also made the shrug from heavy swimsuit fabric, using an old sweater shrug as a pattern. Funny how the thumb holes came about… Originally they did not exist, but I sewed the bottom several inches of the extra-long sleeves a bit too tight and when I was pulling them on and off the first few times. I popped the seams! The holes landed in just the right place, so I just adjusted them a bit, reinforced around them and pretended it was all intentional.

Yep, quite a lot of DIY in this outfit!! Oh, and a cat! Prometheus missed you all, so he popped in to the studio to say hello.  Actually, he was there first and I popped into the studio and was about to kick him out; hence the irritable look on his face.  🙂

LOL, Prometheus!  Couldn’t you at least TRY to look happy?  ;-D

Per Mary’s request, here are links to more about this hair style and a rear view (sorta). 🙂 Also a link to where I purchase some of my hairpieces can be found in my Magic Hair Tutorial.

Car Show, and Kitteh!

Click photos for larger view.

With summer comes car shows. Southern California is loaded with them, and we travel all over the place to attend. I was somewhat thankful for the unusually cool June this year (although the heat is in full force now), as the heat and harsh sun are pretty rough on me. Not just because I’m trying to be oh-so-Goth; I really do have some sun/heat sensitivity. But enough about that. 🙂

I had to dress a little bit conservative for this show, because rumor had it that some people from my workplace might be going. I still wanted to be myself, but not to an extent that would lead to unwanted curiosity the following Monday. Naturally, since I had planned for it, no one from work was there. But I felt good about myself all day, so no regrets on the outfit I chose.

Today’s parasol is from somewhere on the Interwebs, although I can’t remember where. However, Amazon has a seller who offers them in a huge variety of colors! We failed to get a good photo of me outdoors with the parasol in use. Battenburg lace has a nasty habit of allowing sunlight to hit one’s face in bizarre patches, which make for interesting but unattractive photos. I have a solution in mind for next time, though.

Dress was on sale at Macy’s for half price. I scored it the night before the show. I will be wearing this to work a lot, but with more conservative accessories, shoes and make-up. I had a corset on under the dress to nip in my waist a bit, but not too tight as I knew I would be stuck wearing it for nearly 10 hours.

Prometheus really didn’t want us to leave for the day. He’s almost big enough to stop me, but I managed to escape. I just made sure to give him extra love when we got home. He may be a giant on the outside, but he is just a delicate flower on the inside.

One of My Favorites of the Day

PS: Don’t forget that this coming Friday, July 1 is Beads Theme Day, the first of my monthly themes! 🙂

I Don’t Have a Title for This One, But I Have a Very Large Cat.

Click photos for larger view.

Here’s another top from Frederick’s. I love to buy their stuff when it goes on sale at the end of the season. Their sale prices really are good if you can find the right size. This one has a lace racer-back tank with a jersey knit cowl-neck layer that ties at the waist and neck. Yes, my bra straps are showing, because I find the racer back to be a bit unfeminine and I think adding some traditional straps helps. Normally I say NO to exposed bra straps, as it can be a bit classless. But if you make it look completely intentional and part of the outfit (and as long as it’s black on black), I think it works okay. Or I am just deluding myself in order to break my own rules. 🙂 Truthfully, this would look better with the coveted wide-strap tank but I still haven’t looked at all of the resources suggested by my wonderful readers in this post.

I believe this skirt came from (*gasp*) Hot Topic, quite some time ago. I have replaced the lace panel near the bottom, as the original lace tore repeatedly in the first few wearings. That’s Hot Topic quality for you! ;-D

Hello, Perseus!  Mommy will be done soon
so you can have your favorite nap spot back!  🙂

Guest Post by Perseus and Prometheus

Click photos for larger view.

Okay, so not really. Because cats can’t type, silly! 😉 However, they DO absolutely love to curl up on my backdrops, as if they are just waiting to model for me. I attempted a shot with me holding all 37 pounds of them, causing my husband to refer to me as a mad woman and me to end up with just a bunch of blur, two sore arms, 4000 cat hairs in my eyes and two angry Maine Coons. When I left them to their own devices, they were much more cooperative. That’s Perseus (16 pounds) sitting atop the chair, and Prometheus (21 pounds) curled up underneath. You can see that Perseus’ neck hair still hasn’t grown back all the way since his last surgery; that will take a good 4-5 months altogether!

The outfit isn’t nearly as interesting as the cats. It was shockingly cold last Sunday (yes, even though it was nearly June!) and I was exhausted from two long days of construction work, remodeling my upstairs and helping my parents build a house from the ground up! When my family does DIY, we take it all the way. 😉 We just had a couple of errands to run, so I got dressed to the best of my ability under the circumstances. Two young Goth Hopefuls at the local mall seemed to like this look, so I’m happy.

Hello, Summer? Are You There???

Click photos for larger view.

This post went up yesterday (5/12) right before Blogger blew up.  When Blogger was finally back online, it had eaten this post and its comments.  Hence the re-post.  🙂

The weather has been vacillating between about 85 degrees and stupidly cold here in sunny southern California. In spite of the fact that I’m pretty much an indoorsy kind of girl, I am also a fresh air kind of girl. When springtime comes around each year, I can’t wait to open up all the windows and blow out the stale remnants of winter. Not to mention, the fresh air helps me feel reassured that our house isn’t “catty” in spite of our super-clean routine. Lately we just can’t win with the fresh air, since one day it’s too hot and the next it’s too cold. I’m pretty sure my sinuses aren’t appreciating the confusion, either.

To get to the point, here’s what a California girl has to wear to go buy groceries in mid-May (this was from last weekend). Ridiculous, isn’t it! I don’t entirely mind though, as Goths do tend to love layers and layers of flowing, luxurious garments. In July I’ll be complaining that I’m sick of having bare shoulders. 🙂 And yes, I wore two fleur de lis with this outfit. If I’m going to be freezing in May, I might as well feel like royalty while doing it!

You can’t tell right now, but this dress from Newport News is strapless underneath all of the insulation. Just say the word, Mother Nature, and I’ll drop the adorable, ruffled sweater and fingerless gloves and be ready for a nice warm weekend!

Perseus Hopes for Springtime, Too!

How’s the weather in your area? I hope you are finding things more temperate than we are!