Black and Black. :)

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Don’t forget, Red & Black Week starts next Sunday, June 1, at 12 AM Pacific time.  I’ve been busily preparing my posts today so I will have them all ready to go and not fall behind next week.  However, in the meantime, I wanted to throw in an all-black outfit before the colorful festivities begin!

Elegant Cowl-Neck Blouse

Mr. Kitty and I spent a lovely Sunday having lunch and antique shopping. I was in the mood for a look that was somewhere in between Goth and Vintage, so I settled on an elegant cowl-neck top wit amazing detailing in the back, plus a simple brocade pencil skirt from Target.

Elegant Cowl-Neck Blouse

We didn’t actually buy anything on this shopping trip, but we had a wonderful, leisurely day just strolling around together with no worries.

Elegant Cowl-Neck Blouse

I haven’t had much opportunity to feel like I am truly connected with myself lately. It’s all been work and then just trying to keep up with everything life has been throwing at us. I think sometimes it’s incredibly important, for those of us who are “different”, to just drop everything and spend a day living by our own rules, wearing whatever empowers us, and just celebrating being individuals. I find the best way to achieve this is to get OUT of the house, away from any place where responsibilities are constantly looming, and break whatever routine we’ve been stuck in.

Elegant Cowl-Neck Blouse

It’s funny how a beautiful item of clothing can feel so good to wear, even if the most amazing touches are in the back where we can’t see them. Here’s detail of the back of the blouse:

Elegant Cowl-Neck Blouse

And a detail of the skirt fabric:

Brocade Pencil Skirt

And here’s a rare guest appearance by Little Miss Persephone, who absolutely hates being held and having her photo taken. 🙂


How do you spend your free days when you find you need to get back in touch with yourself?

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Volunteerism. Or, How to Get Kitties to Their Forever Homes and Look Great Doing It.

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40s-Inspired Gothic Fashion

Thanks to the inspiration of a dear friend with a huge heart and an even bigger love of kitty cats, Mr. Kitty and I have gotten involved with a group that coordinates volunteer-driven transports for rescued kitties. This group is designed to remove the logistical barriers when an adopter falls in love with a kitty whose shelter or foster home is far from the forever home. Coordinators plan a route and then approved volunteers sign up to take short legs of the journey, forming a “love train” to bring each kitty home. Each driver only has to go about 60 miles each way. Occasionally, a volunteer who happens to be flying along a particular route will even escort the cat across the country by plane.

40s-Inspired Gothic Fashion

This was my outfit of choice on our most recent transport.  We met another volunteer at LAX who had flown the kitty in from the east coast.  We then took her on to her next stop on the way to Northern California.

Sometimes we wonder, can’t a person in California find a cat to rescue somewhere closer than Virginia? But the bottom line is, our hearts want what they want, and if spending a couple of hours in the car can help bring incredible happiness to someone, it’s WELL worth the time and gas money.

40s-Inspired Gothic Fashion

My mom got involved with volunteerism through her love of dogs (she did Pet Assisted Therapy for several years) and I’m thankful that her experience bestowed in me a love of doing volunteer work. I always wanted to do P.A.T. with our Maine Coons but it’s such a huge time commitment, so when my friend told us about these kitty transports I was delighted to find an animal-related opportunity that fit my schedule. I don’t get to do it as much as I would like to, but each small effort I am able to participate in fills me with a satisfaction that can rarely be beat. Plus, Mr. Kitty does all the driving. 🙂

Do you participate in any kind of volunteer work? In what ways are you passionate about helping others?

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Grey Leopard with Red

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Corp Goth - Grey Leopard with Red

I found this tunic top at Speigle a while back while on the hunt for more tunic-length items to wear on casual Fridays. Since most women’s pants are NOT made to accommodate my slim figure AND curvy hips, I’m not comfortable at work with how snug most pants fit around my midsection. It’s awesome on the weekend, but I don’t need colleagues seeing me in butt-hugging clothes. I find that just… gross. Two possible solutions – buy baggier pants that would fit better in the hips but be too large in the waist and baggy in the legs (yuck – NO), or just wear longer tops over them.

Corp Goth - Grey Leopard with Red

Granted, this is not a true “casual” outfit, but for me just wearing pants is casual enough. These pants came from Macy’s and have jeans styling but are a soft poly blend fabric. The top is a silky rayon that is totally cat hair resistant. The drapey sweater came from Ross. Belt is from eBay. These shoes are so incredibly uncomfortable; I need to find some way to line the top of the part that goes over the toes so it doesn’t dig into my feet. I wasn’t able to wear them all day, so I had black heels on most of the time.

Corp Goth - Grey Leopard with Red

I often like to pay tribute to my gorgeous silver and white kitties by wearing grey animal print. I really loved how exotic the print is on this top, with its realistic variations. So many leopard print items have just the same boring spots all over, all the same size. Being a huge fan of the beauty and majesty of exotic cats, I love that this print is more true to life.

Corp Goth - Grey Leopard with Red

And here is little miss Persephone, the newest addition to our family. She’s 7 months old and still in her Crazy Kitten phase, but is gradually becoming more and more affectionate. Not sure whether she has any Maine Coon in her, but that will become more obvious as she matures and we can see her true personality. She does have incredibly silky long fur, but judging by her facial structure I’d say she’s more likely Norwegian Forest Cat, which is a close second in my book. She’ll never be huge like either of those breeds, though. She’s a TEENY little thing!  Or maybe she’s normal sized (hard to tell by the photo, since I’m teeny, too!).  Our perspective may be skewed by the Maine Coons we’ve had in our lives!

Corp Goth - Grey Leopard with Red

What is your favorite breed (or mix) of kitty?

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Fun Knee Socks!

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Goth Knee Socks

Sleeveless sweaters have forever been a mystery to me. If it’s cold enough outside to wear a sweater, isn’t it likely too cold to have bare arms?? I honestly don’t know how this dilemma is resolved in the mainstream world, where arm warmers are not a socially acceptable option. However, I was quite happy with this combination, as the socks, sweater and arm warmers all have their own ribbed patterns that play well together.

Goth Knee Socks

My black Hue fishnets give this outfit just a touch of Goth sexiness, and my oldest cross necklace is the finishing touch.

Gothic Floral Cross

I thought this was a perfect outfit for running weekend errands in the fall. Just warm enough, and loaded with interesting detail.


How do you wear sleeveless or short-sleeve sweaters?

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Who is this?! Find out on Instagram! ;D

I finally joined Instagram! Currently I’ve mostly just been re-posting blog outfits, but I want to start using it as more of an extension of the blog. That would include candid or “on location” shots instead of just the studio outfit shots. Also, you’ll find much more kitty cat action there! 😉
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I’ve also been making much more of an effort to keep my Pinterest account updated. I not only pin some of my outfit posts, but I have boards for beauty products I love. I get a lot of emails asking what I use for my hair, skin, nails, etc., so my Pinterest boards will help fill in some of the topics I don’t usually cover much here on the blog. Also, SHOES!!
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I’d love to check out everyone else’s profiles. Share your Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook links in the comments below!

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Decadent Designs Giveaway Winner, and Kittens!

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Thank you to everyone who entered the Decadent Designs neck corset giveaway! I selected a number using and the winner is:


Congratulations! Check your email for instructions on how to claim your prize.

Now, on to the kittens! 🙂 It’s been a while since I featured our Maine Coon twins, Perseus and Prometheus, here on the blog. They were both desperate to get involved while I was shooting this outfit, so today we have a rare photo of both of them almost being relaxed at the same time. Almost.

Victorian Corporate Goth and Maine Coon Cats

Perseus (left) and Prometheus (right)


Out little darlings had to have some dental work done yesterday due to chronic gingivitis, which apparently is common in this breed (we didn’t know, so we never brushed their teeth). The vet was sure that a few teeth would have to come out, but thankfully it didn’t turn out to be that bad. Now once they are all healed up we’ll have to embark upon a good daily oral care routine. Yes, for the cats. This sounds incredibly challenging to me. If you think it’s difficult getting a normal-sized house cat to do something it doesn’t want to do, try it with a 22-pound Maine Coon. Even keeping their fur detangled is a feat of strength that requires both Mr. Kitty and I, and we both end up exhausted and covered in cat hair. But they are worth the effort, and quickly stop complaining once the treats are in front of them.

Victorian Corporate Goth Outfit

Today’s outfit is a bit of a combination of 40s and Victorian-era inspiration. Wearing this, I discovered I’m actually growing quite fond of tucked-in blouses. I never thought the day would come when I would say that. Tucking lends a polished look to an office outfit, especially with a tailored blouse.

Victorian Corp Goth Blouse

Both the blouse and the belt are from eBay. The skirt is from Macy’s. See the brooch (and a previous episode of tucking) in another Victorian-esque office outfit here.

Victorian Corporate Gothic Outfit

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September 1 Theme: Someone Special

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Well, it should come as no surprise to most of my readers that I’m featuring my soulmate and husband, lovingly known in Blogland as Mr. Kitty, for today’s Someone Special theme. When GothBarbie of Military Fashion Show suggested this as a monthly theme, I knew it would be perfect for September. This is a very special month for us because we celebrate the day we got married, which happens to be the same day as my birthday! As we conclude our third year of marriage, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos taken during our 6.5 years together so far. To me these photos represent deepest love, irrepressible personality and even some pretty awesome outfits. I hope you enjoy them!

Mr. & Mrs. VictorianKittyTaken during the photo shoot for my April theme of Flowers.

Mr. & Mrs. VictorianKittyThe afternoon of our marriage. (2009)

Mr. & Mrs. VictorianKittyOn our one-day honeymoon in downtown Los Angeles. (2009)

Mr. VictorianKittyAdmiring my new love at one of the first big car shows Mr. Kitty took me to. (2007)

Mr. & Mrs. VictorianKittyIn San Diego shortly before an awesome Peter Murphy show. (2009)

Mr. VictorianKittyMr. Kitty doing what he loves most: driving his classic car.

Mr. & Mrs. VictorianKittyEnjoying togetherness at another car show. (2007)

Mr. & Mrs. VictorianKittyCelebrating our favorite holiday on New Year’s Eve. (2008/2009)

Mr. & Mrs. VictorianKittyOne of the very first photos ever taken of us. (2006)

Mr. VictorianKittyMr. Kitty proving that Kitties are Metal, with his favorite kitty Prometheus.

I’m looking forward to seeing the special ones in your lives!

Want to participate in this month’s theme?

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Crazy Cat Lady Does it Again…

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You might have noticed that I have a tendency to gravitate toward clothing that matches my much-adored silver and white Maine Coon tabbies. Since they have come into my life, I have worn more grey than ever before, and started to allow the previously-forbidden animal print into my closet on occasion. I even bought glasses to match them!

I had my eye on this cat-matching sweater from the Venus catalog for a little while, and finally decided to go for it when it went on sale after Christmas. The picture showed is as more of a random, zebra-like animal print, so I was a little disappointed to find that it really is more like standard stripes, but with just a bit of a jagged edge here and there. Still, I like it fairly well. It has a bit of silver metallic in it, which I love.

I had a couple of different ideas on how to wear it. I was in the mood to throw in a little color, so I went with an aubergine camisole and left the bottom couple of buttons undone to show more of the purple. I wasn’t sure I liked the shapes created in that look. It seemed a little sloppy, so…

…I buttoned up the bottom and added a belt to draw attention to my waist. Yes, the second version makes me happier, although I still wish there was more purple showing. I didn’t realize until I started typing this that I had the perfect purple belt in my closet all along! At least I have the problem solved for next time.

And here are the little angles that inspire my madness!



Which version of this outfit do you prefer?

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No Theme for January 1

I know December is a ridiculously busy month for most people, and Mr. Kitty and I are not immune to the effects of the infamous Christmas season.  🙂  We’ve faced some surprises in our families this month in addition to the usual holiday chores and celebrations, so I won’t be able to do a Theme of the Month on January 1.  So, everyone have a wonderful holiday week, and I will be looking forward to announcing the February theme before you know it!

I also won’t be able to spend much time visiting the blogs of my loyal readers and commenting on your posts until after the first of the year.  I’ll miss your entertainment and inspiration, but will just appreciate it all the more when life gets back to normal.

Happy holidays!

Mr. and Mrs. VictorianKitty

PS: Perseus and Prometheus recently turned 2!  Because of the aforementioned life surprises, we didn’t even get a chance to celebrate (Last December, we threw a birthday party for them.  Seriously.  With 40 people!).  So here’s a nostalgic photo of them from the day we adopted them, at 8 weeks old.  I’m not really sure how they got so big…

And yes, Perseus really is as evil as he looks.  ;-D