A Personal Challenge

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As a good little Goth girl, I really love long skirts.  When I saw this white one in the Body Central catalog, I thought it would be a nice change.  I happened to have the black and white top (also from Body Central, I think).  I figured if I top it off with a black shrug (from random mall store) I’d have a decent balance of black and white.  Did I pull it off?  I don’t know…  It feels like an enormous amount of white to me!

The skirt was supposed to be a crinkle skirt (No, I don’t know the technical term.  They were broomstick skirts when I was in high school, but I never hear that phrase any more.).  I just didn’t bother to re-crinkle it after I washed it.  But I think it would have looked better that way.  Next time!

The cool bits of hair sticking out in the back are Magic by Easihair.  My hair is long and awesome for wearing straight down, but it’s thin and slippery and not too easy to style.  When I don’t feel like wearing it down, and am not in the mood for just a boring bun, I really love fun hairpieces and chignons!

And here I am trying to be creative with my posing.  Looks like I’m auditioning for the part of Ophelia or something.  lol!

“There’s rosemary; that’s for remembrance…”

Yes, Another Vet Outfit

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When your cat has a chronic health problem, you get to make lots of trips to the vet.  If you are really lucky, you’ll need to go to a specialist who is located more than an hour away (more than two hours in traffic).  With all of these stressful vet trips, I’ve found that it’s essential to put thought and effort into my outfits.  Planning a nice outfit helps take my mind off of the issues we are dealing with.  And feeling good about my appearance helps me keep a positive attitude throughout the day.

Here we have the outfit I wore to pick Perseus up from his surgery last weekend.   I didn’t get to post it that day due to lack of time, so you get it today.  🙂

The satin blouse (from a random mall store) was a lucky sale find.  I just love the embroidered detail, plus the lace and velvet trims.  It was a bit slouchy on me, so I added some fairly drastic darts to the back and now it’s just right.

Hello again, Prometheus!  If you are going to crash my photo shoots, 
you could at least hold still so you aren’t blurry.  🙂
You won’t often see me in pants, as I have a very hard time finding pants that fit.  I usually wear skirts because I can easily alter most of them if needed.  Pant alterations are a mystery to me.

This iron cross pendant is one of my very favorite things.  I found it at a little store on Melrose years ago.

PS:  Perseus came through his surgery wonderfully, and is now well on his way to recovery.  🙂

Custom Car Show Saturday

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Classic car shows are one of our favorite weekend activities.  I never really appreciated classic cars until I met my husband.  He picked me up for our first date in a 1962 Chrysler Newport, and I fell in love with the car immediately (and the man very shortly thereafter).  I am thankful that his tastes run toward the vintage, custom and unique.  I’m just not the type of girl to go for a guy in a red Mustang.  😉

This is a fairly typical car show outfit for me.  It differs from my work attire in that the heels are higher, the skirt a bit too snug for the office, lots more jewelry and makeup, and PIGTAILS!  I was too lazy to put in the contacts this time.

Usually there are other girls at the shows who like to dress up a bit, so I don’t feel as out of place as I do in other settings.  I’m still usually the only Goth, but at least there are others with an artsy sense and a bit of vintage class.  I think it goes hand in hand with the custom car mentality; aesthetics are an enormous part of that world.  I love it.

Sadly, while my husband did take photos of me and photos of our car, he failed to take any photos of me with our car.  That will give my readers something to look forward to for the next car show post!

Someday he’ll buy me a 1936 Ford coupe and we’ll paint it eggplant purple… 

Anyone else out there have a classic car, or an appreciation of them?