Grey Lace

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I bought this grey eyelash lace top from H&M on my recent shopping trip. Simple as it is, it is probably my favorite purchase for the day. The fabric looks like plain jersey knit but it’s very soft and a bit shiny in person. The delicate lace bodice and sleeves feel very vintage to me.

The tiered skirt is from Macy’s. I bought the beaded scarf while vacationing in London, but it’s from India. The lovely pendant is another gift from my husband. I think it was the first piece of jewelry he ever bought me, and it’s still my favorite.

The grey hair flowers are from Claire’s. As you might have noticed, my favorite hairstyle for work lately is a side bun with flowers. It’s soft and feminine, keeps my hair from tangling, and is low-maintenance all day long. I wear a hair net over the bun or little bits jump out and by the end of they day it looks like a chinchilla stuck to my head. A black hair net is virtually invisible and keeps me from having to re-do the bun mid-day.

I wonder why modern society rejects certain brilliant inventions from the past, such as the hair net? They really are not just for fast food employees… 😉

A Day of Shopping

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I wore this outfit for a shopping trip to Los Angeles. We hit a “real” mall (because our local mall is pathetic) and I blew some money on a few new pieces. I have a commitment to keep my blog fresh and loaded with variety, so I did it all for you. 😉 As if I needed more variety… Someday I should post photos of my closet.

This skirt is a brilliant invention by Frederick’s. It’s perfectly Gothy with the fit and flare styling and the lacy ruffle at the bottom. Yes, Goth infiltrates the mainstream again. They eat it up, and never even realize it! 😉 Some genius (no, that wasn’t sarcasm) had the brilliant idea (again, not sarcasm) to add some elasticized gathering on the … bottom. It gives this skirt an amazingly sexy curve-hugging fit, rendering it inappropriate for work while making it one of my very favorite weekend choices.

Where’s Prometheus?  ;-D

The top is silk, and has a lovely black-on-black paisley pattern. Oh, and the ruffles…! I purchased it majorly on sale from Bebe. I rarely buy anything full price from Bebe. Actually, maybe never. Their clothes are excellent in quality, but still seem over-priced for what you get. As for Goth-friendly selection, it’s very hit and miss but when they hit, there are so many good pieces it’s difficult to choose (even on sale).

You get lots of photos today, because I love this outfit and was feeling awfully good about myself in it. Oh, and the hair was just fabulous! It rarely is so cooperative, and I was enjoying the waves from the previous night’s braid.

What do you like to wear when you go for a fun day of shopping?

The Start of a Good Weekend

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I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to pull this one off. This morning, I honestly had no idea how I was going to convert the daytime version of this outfit into an adequately Gothy evening version. Especially without using the same tricks I’ve used for my Day-to-Evening posts the past two weeks. I snuck out of work a bit early so I could have some down time and shake my three-day headache, and felt a renewed creativity afterward. I’m pretty thrilled with the results after all.

Goths might be the only people in the world who would even consider buttoning their blouses up further for a nighttime look than for the work look. But I liked how it worked with this pendant. And as fabulous as the daytime shoes were, I felt compelled to switch to my favorite non-work shoes.

I’ve always wanted to try a corset with this blouse. Total win.

Add a winning hairdo and the evening look is complete!

Chignon, Feathers and Roses

Gray Floral, Purple and Black

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Purple and gray are becoming one of my favorite color combinations. I actually didn’t go with much black at all today: just the belt and shoes. Of course, having three feet of black hair helps bring the darkness into any outfit! I really love that I had painted my nails a purple-gray color last weekend, so they matched this outfit beautifully.

This abstract floral print silk chiffon skirt is from Spiegel. The necklace and bracelet are from New York & Co. Hair flowers are from Claire’s, and the top, belt and shoes are from random mall stores.

Thankfully, I completed this photo shoot before the static cling set in. By the time I got in my car, the skirt was hopelessly stuck to my legs. Also fortunate was the fact that I had a can of Static Guard in my desk drawer! After a heavy dose (and evacuation of my office for 10 minutes after, because that stuff smells nasty!) the issue was perfectly under control for the rest of the day.

Help me get more ideas for future Color Brigades! What is your favorite color to pair with purple?

Florals | Everybody, Everywear

New Pants!

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As much as I love skirts, sometimes on weekends I just need something more practical for chores and errands.

I finally finished alterations on this pair of pants. After removing about 3” from the length and tapering the lower leg by about 2”, I’m pretty satisfied. This took me an hour and a half, which seems a bit ridiculous, and in the end I wish I had tapered them a bit more. The job is done, anyway!

Sitting like this just because I’m in pants and I can

My taste in pants usually runs slimmer and more form fitting, but I really needed some more comfortable pairs for busy days. While these may not win me a ton of Goth points, I think they will serve their purpose nicely!

A Close-Up of Today’s Simple Hair Style
 And Some Jewelry!

Target Sheath Dress; Evening Edition

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Thursday is Dinner Out night for us, since it marks the beginning of our weekends. Usually I either just go in my work clothes or I change into something completely different. Since I hoped this sheath dress would be versatile, I thought I’d try restyling it for a fun Day-to-Night outfit post.

I replaced the purple sweater shrug with this fishnet-like crocheted shrug. Instead of the pink flower pin, I used an identical black one. I swapped out the pink belt for the black ruffled one with rhinestone clasp, and the pink bracelets for more rhinestones. Add a rhinestone choker, satin headband, fishnets and my super-fun three-strap Mary Janes and it’s dinner time!

Check out my Daytime version of this dress in yesterday’s post.

Here’s a close-up of the cool fold detail on the bodice of the dress. I like it even better in the all-black evening outfit!

A Resurrection

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The club confusion in Los Angeles continues, but last night we got lucky.  For the past couple of years there has been an awesome Old School Goth night once a month.  Recently it was announced that this wonderful night would come to an end in order to accommodate another club that was displaced due to a venue closing.  As it turns out, the displaced club didn’t do so well in the new venue, so the night was returned to the Goths.

My beautiful husband is a bit too tall for my current studio setup.  🙂

You get lots of pictures today, because I managed to finish getting ready early last night!

This particular club also features Death Rock, Old-School Industrial and Punk, so there was quite an interesting crowd in attendance.  I’m hoping all of the support will ensure that the club remains in existence for a good long time!

Here’s a detail of the makeup.  Pardon my funny expression; it’ll take me a bit to get used to the close-ups!  I love to use a bit of purple or magenta on the inside corner of my eyes to add some interest amongst the darkness.  Usually my eye makeup doesn’t vary much.  I have the “going out” look and the “work” look and those hardly change.  I’ll try to mix it up a bit so the blog stays interesting.

Lips tend to change more often.  Sometimes I just go with a deep eggplant, sometimes true red, sometimes just a dark gloss, but most often this burgundy with black outline.  This is my favorite club look for lips.

The fabulous fishtail skirt was a fortuitous find from Newport News.  The corset is Gallery Serpentine, of course.  Everything else is from random mall stores, except the sequin choker which was made by me.

A Bit of Girly Fun

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Today I am breaking the rules of my own blog by dressing in a way that’s neither mature nor sophisticated (but cute!).  The impetus was the completion of a pair of big lace hair bows I had been constructing, one of which you see here.  They seem so cute and girly so I felt the urge to pair them with this babydoll dress from Forever 21, and decided to go with it.

I wasn’t in the mood for much makeup today, so I didn’t even apply eyeliner. To keep things from getting boring, I went with a pink metallic lip gloss. It actually looks much better in the photos than in person, as the metallic really doesn’t flatter more mature skin. (UPDATE: Five minutes after I typed that, my husband saw the lip gloss and fell in love with it. I guess he doesn’t see the fine lines any more than my camera does. Lucky me!!)

It’s still windy and chilly here, so more long arm warmers today.  These are homemade.  I just took some high-quality swim suit material from the fabric store, cut it into rectangles and stitched a seam, then finished the edges with a zig-zag stitch.  Ok, that’s a lame tutorial, but it’s a start.  🙂

Gratuitous Long Hair Shot

I would not call this look Lolita-inspired or anything (people tend to ask me that when I wear something like this); to me, Lolita is something completely different.  I just call it a Goth girl having a little fun.

Good Outfit, Bad DJs.

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 Friday night, we decided to try out a place we had only been to once before.  Things are transitioning in the L.A. club scene, so we have to remain open to different options…  This week we tried out a long-running Industrial club.  They have a room that caters to “Retro Industrial Dance” music, which is my second-favorite genre, so we thought it would be fun.  Instead of my usual frilly romantic-Victorian Goth style, I went with a little bit edgier look to fit in better with the theme of this club.

Fellow blogger MissGracie of A Goth in College recently posted this sexy outfit where she wore arm warmers over a fishnet shirt, so I must confess that she was my inspiration to try it here.

Unfortunately, this was April Fool’s night and the joke was on us.  The club had a bunch of guest DJs who were supposed to retain the regular feel of each dance room, but the retro room was stuck with these two idiots who played house music for over two hours.  We stood there until our feet hurt and then went home.  After the 1.25 hour drive, I stayed up until 4:30 AM watching an old James Stewart movie until my frustration subsided.

I think we looked pretty fabulous just standing there for hours.  🙂  Next time, I really must get a photo with my very favorite accessory, The Sexy Husband!

Lots of Lace

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I am finding that I have a backlog of weekend outfits to post, since I sometimes wear two outfits on certain weekend days (day and evening).  Since I never intended this blog to totally focus on my work attire, I’ll be sharing some of me weekend looks during the week to get caught up.

This outfit required a little creativity…  I bought this adorable top at Wet Seal a while back.  It actually was a cropped blazer, but the sides hung straight down from the bottom button just below the chest.  It was very unflattering.  So I bravely removed the bottom pieces and invented the Blazer Shrug.  Or something like that.  🙂  I thought it went nicely with the lace tank underneath and this frilly skirt, which happens to be one of my very favorite things.

Believe it or not, the skirt came from some random mall store in Burbank.  It drags the ground even in 4” heels, which makes me feel a bit ethereal.  And of course, lace arm warmers were a must for this outfit!

The black rhinestone fleur de lis pendant is from Body Central.  You can also see the cute trim on the top here.

I didn’t go anywhere in this outfit; I really only wore it to see if I would like the modified blazer or if I should get rid of it.   When I asked my husband’s opinion, he said the outfit was “genius” and “blog-worthy” so the blazer gets to stay for sure!  Lol.

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