Wow: Can it Get any Hotter???

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You guessed it: I complained about the long winter and the slow start to summer, and now I’m complaining about the heat! I should have actually complained about the total lack of a spring, as that is my favorite season and what we were deprived of this year. Basically we went straight from bitter cold wind to 105.

This is my best effort to survive in such conditions. Wearing as little as is decent and becoming on a woman of my age. The strapless top is from Forever 21. Of course, they called it a corset due to its styling, but we all know it’s just a strapless top with corset styling. 🙂 Two strips of plastic boning and some hooks in the front do not comprise the real thing. But it is a wonderful little top for hot days.

The skirt is from a random mall store. I think. I honestly don’t remember on this one. But it is sheer, has three tiers and drapes lower in the back (my favorite!). I usually wear pettipants instead of slips, as they are a safer choice when the wind is blowing. I even went without stockings of any kind due to the heat. That is very rare for me… The hair today is just two side buns.

Lately I’ve been noticing that Owl Mania has hit. It seems like the accessory department of just about every store currently has at least one specimen on display. I never thought I would fall victim to this trend, until this little guy begged me to take him home. What’s his great appeal, above all other owls? Simple: he looks like Prometheus. Fluffy and grey, with big eyes and stripes on his forehead. Yep, just like Prometheus!

Do you ever see things that remind you of your pets in silly ways?

July One-Day Theme: Beads!

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I found this gorgeous beaded jacket at Burlington Coat Factory for next to nothing. I’m not crazy about the fit, but the design and shimmer of the beads is irresistible to me. Our local Burlington is quite a dump so I am not likely to shop there again, but I am glad to have found one nice thing there. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my bead theme than with this jacket.

I made the five-strand bead choker from Swarovski glass pearls. I’ve used these beads in various shades for many projects, so you will surely be seeing a lot of them on this blog. They are inexpensive (depending on where you buy them), elegant, and very high quality. This makes them the perfect jewelry-crafting component for me.

Tonight’s hairstyle was created using a braided chignon hairpiece with my two real braids wrapped around the top of the chignon. Two fairly large flowers and some tendrils hanging in the front complete the look. I just invented this style tonight, and finally have found a center-part evening look that I actually like!

But today’s post isn’t about hair; it’s about beads. So now it’s your turn: show me what you’ve got! 😀

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Pencil Skirt and Braided Pigtails

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And black and white and lots of bows! I thought maybe the scarf tied in a bow would be too much along with the bows on the sleeves of this blouse, but I was informed by coworkers that there is no such thing as too many bows. This is good news for me, indeed!

I’ve decided to go back to my beloved center part again for a while. When my hair is just down long and straight, parting in the center is by far my preference. But I don’t like the way updos and buns look with a center part, and since I usually wear my hair up or restrained in some way the side part is usually more practical. In thinking about my repertoire of hair styles and which would be best suited for a center part, I promptly revived this old favorite. You’ll be seeing it a lot on work days until I start to miss my buns (lol) and go back to the side part. ;-D

Whoops! Didn’t take time to finish
the ends of my braids nicely this morning!

I admit, I got the idea for embellishing this Target pencil skirt from This is CorpGoth (although hers is much more pro!). I bought three of the same black skirt because I loved the fit so much for work, planning on adding trim to two of them. I finally actually did so recently. This one is black on black, and you’ll see the other, more colorful one soon!

White blouse is from JC Penny, and the silk scarf is from Amazon. And of course, the whole look is finished off with one of my favorite pairs of shoes!

Maybe you can give me some new ideas. What are your favorite hair styles for a center part?

Time to Tame the Cowl Neck!

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Summer weather is finally starting to appear, so out come the sleeveless tops for work. Today’s choice is an aubergine satin cowl-neck with a cute sash that ties on one side, and lace panels inset in both sides. This top actually reveals three of my tattoos (although you can only see one in the photos). I might be uncomfortable with that at work, except for the fact that I am far from the most heavily tattooed person in my department. You’ve seen the flowy, sheer wrap skirt before. It has such a feminine look and feel to it! Top and skirt are both from random little clothing stores hidden in small shopping centers. You know the type of stores I am talking about, right?

The cross pendant came from eBay, although I can’t remember what seller. I can say that I added the purple ribbon choker that it is hanging from, and that I made the bracelets from faceted glass beads and spiral bracelet wire.

I’m not sure if I’m crazy about this top after all. See in the side-view photo below, how the cowl neck pokes out? I suppose a safety pin could resolve that issue somewhat, but is it worth it?

What do you think of this top? Should I keep it (with added safety pin to tame cowl neck) or is it a waste of hanger space?

Yes, It’s That Gray Top Again!

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I’m already getting into outfit post repeats. 🙂 You’ve seen today’s top before from one of my trips with Perseus to the vet specialist. Today I also wore it with pants, but tried to style it differently by dressing it up a bit. Rhinestones and silk scarves really do give things new life!

The necklace is a gift from my husband. Yes, he does love to buy me necklaces and I love him for it! This scarf is one of the Amazon finds I mentioned in a previous post. Today, someone at work called it a “Magic Ninja Scarf.” Apparently it had something to do with my ability to ascend a concrete staircase relatively quietly. I’m still a little confused. 😉

Today’s hair is just a simple, high bun with a gray hair flower. Buns are really the best I can do on most work days, as I have to be at work at 7:00 and usually I’m still in bed at 6:00!!

What is your favorite “I don’t have time to do my hair” hairdo?

Socks With Heels, Gothy Weekend Version

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I wanted to do an uber-Gothy outfit post yesterday in honor of World Goth Day, but we were engrossed in a major home renovation project all weekend. I didn’t even get to go out to a club. 🙁 Our home is a huge priority for us, so it was worth it. Hopefully the timing will work out better next year! But since I didn’t get to post all weekend, here’s an outfit I had saved in the idea file.

Same crocheted socks as seen in my work outfit here, but in a fun Goth version!

The velvet blazer from Forever 21 is one of my favorite things, but as Forever 21 products are prone to do the velvet started fraying at a seam that runs around the middle. The fabric was actually tearing, so I couldn’t think of a good way to fix it without the repair showing… Until I thought of lace. So I sewed some frilly lace along the offending seam, topped it with some fancy crocheted trim, and then did a matching treatment on the sleeves. Good as new. No, better than new! Too bad I didn’t get a close-up. You guys are missing out.

Here’s a shot of what I had on under the blazer. I love the frilly lace straps. Actually that’s about the only thing that I really love about this top, so don’t ask me why I wore it underneath something that hides its best feature. Of course, the blazer came off when we got home from our errands, so the lace straps got some exposure after all.

Forget About the Second Day…

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I wasn’t planning on doing an evening version of this outfit, as I couldn’t fathom any other way to style this blazer. But before leaving for Sushi Thursday, I threw on the casual fingerless gloves because I knew it would be chilly when the sun went down. The gloves didn’t go with the shoes I had on, so I changed to the casual Dr. Martens Mary Janes. Then the skirt didn’t go with the Mary Janes, so out came the black jeans. Next thing you know I have a whole new outfit, my sweet husband has to wait patiently for another photo session to be completed, and I need another line of lyrics from Military Fashion Show to use as a post title.

This photo was blurry, which any good designer knows is a cue to
throw out some cool ethereal effects to try and make it look intentional!

I don’t have too much to say about this outfit, except that after the sushi we went for pie (a rare occurrence for us) and the jeans didn’t seem to fit so well after! ;-D

Beauty Broke Down the Chains Somehow…

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Yes, I am sure that every Goth girl (the ones who like Synthpop, at least) who does a fashion blog post featuring a military-inspired style borrows a line from Military Fashion Show by And One. It may not be creative, but at least it saved me having to come up with a title today. 🙂

This adorable military-style blazer came from H&M. Personally, I’m a bit of a pacifist but do I like this style if it has a vintage flair. Check out the close-up to see the cool details on the lapels. The gunmetal-color buttons are a nice touch, too, rather than the silver-tone I usually see on this style blazer. The high-waist pencil skirt with ruched side panels is from Forever 21, and happens to be the only bottom I own that even comes close to working with this blazer!

I’ve been loyal to a certain line of Hue stockings for years now, as the fit, sheen and quality of this particular style is perfect for my tastes. However, they don’t offer a backseam variety, so I popped into Frederick’s to buy this pair. They weren’t cheap: about $15. I took them out of the package today and to my dismay, I found that both stockings have random lines running up and down them! This is not intentional, as they are not striped stockings; these appear to be weak spots in the weave. I’ve seen this before in cheaper brands, but expected better in this price range. It’s SO tacky. You have to look closely in the enlarged shots to see the streaks, but I assure you they are glaring in person! I really didn’t have time to change this morning, but I will never wear these again. And I caution my readers not to buy stockings from Frederick’s!!

Can anyone recommend a high-quality brand of backseam stockings?  Or maybe I’ll stick with my beloved Hue stockings and get those adorable backseam tattoos

Teeny Tiny Car Show

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Our Car: 1962 Chrysler Newport

Lately we’ve been picking and choosing our car shows. We used to go to the local shows nearly every Saturday in our little town, but these tiny shows get boring with the same few people and the same few cars, and the small-town mentality that causes half the people present to assume I am Wiccan (I am not)… Usually we now hold out for a grand show in L.A. We did decide to pop in to a local show last weekend to say a quick hello to the old crowd. Turns out that most people were leaving by the time we got there, as it was quite cold and extremely windy. But we had fun going for a drive, just the same.

The sleeves are made by me from inexpensive, stretchy swim suit lining.  I also made the choker – its just a length of fancy ribbon with a clasp attached in the back.  And the lace headband is homemade, from a length of stretchy, double scallop-edged lace sewn into a circle.  Ruched satin tank top and shrug are from random mall stores.

The lace skirt comes from Newport News. I really splurged on this skirt, as it was relatively expensive and I couldn’t bring myself to wait for it to go on sale. I was delighted when it arrived. The fit is perfect, the lace isn’t stretchy (stretch lace starts to look ratty so quickly in skirts, at least in my experience) and the matte finish makes it not too fancy for work. I was quite angry when the first time I wore it, I caught my wedding ring prongs in the lace and tore a tiny hole right in the middle of the front. It’s barely noticeable, but I know it’s there and it irritates me to no end. That’s what I get for sitting with my hands demurely folded in my lap.  🙂

Anyone else have a clothes-damaging tragedy they want share, to make me feel better?

Return of My Other Favorite Club

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During the recent L.A. Goth Club Upheaval, both of my two favorite clubs were displaced: the monthly Old School Goth club mentioned in this post, and a weekly Darkwave/Goth/Synthpop club that had been around for 15 years. Things really do have a way of correcting themselves, as they are now both back! We attended the re-opening of the latter this weekend at a new venue, which I think will be a big improvement. It always takes me a few nights to get used to a new dance floor, but this location really is far superior the old.

This corset is my one and only purchase (so far) from Timeless Trends. While I don’t love it quite as much as my Gallery Serpentine collection, it really is a close second and the prices are too amazing ($99 for most styles). The only issue I had with this corset is that I had to replace the lacing. It arrived with matte-finish lacing, which was impossible to smoothly cinch down. It continually caught up on itself and tangled, or just wouldn’t slide through the grommets. Once I finally got it arranged, my shoulders hurt and the corset was incredibly uncomfortable. I don’t go for the two-person lacing method; I find that the thing can only be truly comfortable and properly adjusted by doing it myself, so this “sticky” lacing simply wasn’t going to work. I ordered some shiny nylon lacing and now this corset is wonderfully comfortable and easy to cinch.

The choker is by Alchemy Gothic. It features three dark purple enamel panels inset with purple crystals, and a wide velvet choker. Another birthday gift from the perfect man! He cheated a bit on this one, as he had seen me admiring it while on a shopping trip with friends in San Diego. I don’t know how he managed to find the same one online without even knowing the name; he’s just amazing like that.

Some Hair for You!

I thought it would be nice to give my Club Outfit photos a bit more ambiance. I’ll keep the Work Outfit photos natural and straightforward, but I really like the way these evoke the feel of a night at a Goth club. They look much more like what you would see if you walked in and saw me out on the dance floor. Except I’m not dancing, because still shots of dance moves always seem to look awkward.

After putting so much work into these photos, I’ve decided to enter one of them in Timeless Trends’ monthly corset photo contest. The winner gets a free TT corset, and I already have one picked out. So wish me luck!!