Return of My Other Favorite Club

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During the recent L.A. Goth Club Upheaval, both of my two favorite clubs were displaced: the monthly Old School Goth club mentioned in this post, and a weekly Darkwave/Goth/Synthpop club that had been around for 15 years. Things really do have a way of correcting themselves, as they are now both back! We attended the re-opening of the latter this weekend at a new venue, which I think will be a big improvement. It always takes me a few nights to get used to a new dance floor, but this location really is far superior the old.

This corset is my one and only purchase (so far) from Timeless Trends. While I don’t love it quite as much as my Gallery Serpentine collection, it really is a close second and the prices are too amazing ($99 for most styles). The only issue I had with this corset is that I had to replace the lacing. It arrived with matte-finish lacing, which was impossible to smoothly cinch down. It continually caught up on itself and tangled, or just wouldn’t slide through the grommets. Once I finally got it arranged, my shoulders hurt and the corset was incredibly uncomfortable. I don’t go for the two-person lacing method; I find that the thing can only be truly comfortable and properly adjusted by doing it myself, so this “sticky” lacing simply wasn’t going to work. I ordered some shiny nylon lacing and now this corset is wonderfully comfortable and easy to cinch.

The choker is by Alchemy Gothic. It features three dark purple enamel panels inset with purple crystals, and a wide velvet choker. Another birthday gift from the perfect man! He cheated a bit on this one, as he had seen me admiring it while on a shopping trip with friends in San Diego. I don’t know how he managed to find the same one online without even knowing the name; he’s just amazing like that.

Some Hair for You!

I thought it would be nice to give my Club Outfit photos a bit more ambiance. I’ll keep the Work Outfit photos natural and straightforward, but I really like the way these evoke the feel of a night at a Goth club. They look much more like what you would see if you walked in and saw me out on the dance floor. Except I’m not dancing, because still shots of dance moves always seem to look awkward.

After putting so much work into these photos, I’ve decided to enter one of them in Timeless Trends’ monthly corset photo contest. The winner gets a free TT corset, and I already have one picked out. So wish me luck!!

Retro Industrial Dance; Take Two

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Firstly, a big thank you for more award nominations! Il Ruinante Sir Isaak of Visual Aristokei Core and Duskrose Dreaming of The Midnight Ballroom have also nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award. And Sada of Dressology HQ awarded me the One Lovely Blog award. Thanks so much, Sada, Sir Isaak and Duskrose Dreaming!

And now, on to the Gothy fashion!

We decided not to hold a grudge against the Retro Industrial Dance club that failed us so miserably on April Fool’s night, as described in my previous post, Good Outfit, Bad DJs.  We had attended this club once before that shameful night and quite enjoyed it, so we considered this trip the tie-breaker.  To our great delight, they actually played Retro Industrial Dance music.  And so we danced.

I tried to do my eye make-up a little bit differently this time, so my readers don’t get bored. I used a shimmery magenta by Ben Nye in the crease, and black on the entire lower lid. I also finally perfected the application of some fabulous false lashes, but I forgot to add mascara until after I finished the photos. So you can hardly tell I have lashes at all, except in the second photo below.

I also got a bit fancy with my nails, since I finally went back to acrylics.  I can never get polish to stick to my natural nails for more than two hours (I’ve tried every trick and outrageously expensive product in the book!)…  But thanks to Perseus’ several surgeries as discussed in this post, I gave up acrylics about a year ago to save some money.  I am SO glad to have them back!  Now the creativity can begin.

Anyone want a tutorial on this nail design? 😉

A Resurrection

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The club confusion in Los Angeles continues, but last night we got lucky.  For the past couple of years there has been an awesome Old School Goth night once a month.  Recently it was announced that this wonderful night would come to an end in order to accommodate another club that was displaced due to a venue closing.  As it turns out, the displaced club didn’t do so well in the new venue, so the night was returned to the Goths.

My beautiful husband is a bit too tall for my current studio setup.  🙂

You get lots of pictures today, because I managed to finish getting ready early last night!

This particular club also features Death Rock, Old-School Industrial and Punk, so there was quite an interesting crowd in attendance.  I’m hoping all of the support will ensure that the club remains in existence for a good long time!

Here’s a detail of the makeup.  Pardon my funny expression; it’ll take me a bit to get used to the close-ups!  I love to use a bit of purple or magenta on the inside corner of my eyes to add some interest amongst the darkness.  Usually my eye makeup doesn’t vary much.  I have the “going out” look and the “work” look and those hardly change.  I’ll try to mix it up a bit so the blog stays interesting.

Lips tend to change more often.  Sometimes I just go with a deep eggplant, sometimes true red, sometimes just a dark gloss, but most often this burgundy with black outline.  This is my favorite club look for lips.

The fabulous fishtail skirt was a fortuitous find from Newport News.  The corset is Gallery Serpentine, of course.  Everything else is from random mall stores, except the sequin choker which was made by me.

Good Outfit, Bad DJs.

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 Friday night, we decided to try out a place we had only been to once before.  Things are transitioning in the L.A. club scene, so we have to remain open to different options…  This week we tried out a long-running Industrial club.  They have a room that caters to “Retro Industrial Dance” music, which is my second-favorite genre, so we thought it would be fun.  Instead of my usual frilly romantic-Victorian Goth style, I went with a little bit edgier look to fit in better with the theme of this club.

Fellow blogger MissGracie of A Goth in College recently posted this sexy outfit where she wore arm warmers over a fishnet shirt, so I must confess that she was my inspiration to try it here.

Unfortunately, this was April Fool’s night and the joke was on us.  The club had a bunch of guest DJs who were supposed to retain the regular feel of each dance room, but the retro room was stuck with these two idiots who played house music for over two hours.  We stood there until our feet hurt and then went home.  After the 1.25 hour drive, I stayed up until 4:30 AM watching an old James Stewart movie until my frustration subsided.

I think we looked pretty fabulous just standing there for hours.  🙂  Next time, I really must get a photo with my very favorite accessory, The Sexy Husband!

A Word About Corsetry

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This corset is one of my treasured purchases from Gallery Serpentine.  This Australian-based company makes high-quality, comfortable corsets.  Their prices are amazingly reasonable considering the construction of these garments.  I’ve worn one of their pieces literally a hundred times, at least, and it shows no sign of giving in.  

Despite the nasty reputation that corsets have gained due to media melodrama, a quality corset that fits properly and is laced/tightened properly really is very comfortable and not damaging to the body, when the wearer behaves in a ladylike manner.  I don’t “tight lace” but I do semi-tight lace.  I dance, eat, sit and do just about everything else in a corset with no discomfort.  Of course, overeating and slouching are out of the question!

So why do I love corsets?  No, it’s not a “fetish” thing of any kind.  I simply love the shape it gives – a dramatic hourglass figure is very visually appealing to me on a lady.  And I love that it makes me stand tall and have perfect posture.  That’s it.

This silk skirt was a steal on eBay.  It has three ruffles at the bottom and is longer in the back than the front, which I find too charming!

I fell in love with this silver brocade patterned fabric on the Gallery Serpentine Web site.  It makes a great contrast panel in the front of the corset.

A Few Clubby Things…

Gothic Club Clothes

I had written a clever and witty post to go along with these photos.  I saved it as a draft, then went back later to make some finishing touches and post it.  In doing so, Blogger ate my post.  Wiped the whole thing clean and left me staring at a blank white screen.  Of course, it was kind enough to auto-save immediately after doing so, leaving me no way to retrieve my masterpiece.

Rather than attempt to re-write the whole post, I’ll get straight to the point.

We have reluctantly put the Goth clubs on the back burner for a couple of months for several reasons (not that we normally go out every night, or even every week…).  I didn’t want to leave such an important part of my blog totally empty, so here are some semi-recent photos taken by our local club photographers to fill the void until we’re back in the scene!

Ultimately I will be doing studio shots of my club outfits so you will be able to see them much better than these “wearing black in the dark” shots.  🙂

Goth Club Fashion
Goth Corset
Dark Vintage Fashion

Well, I did it…

… I made a blog.  If anyone can think of a better name for it, please let me know.  I like this one, but I am afraid it might sound snootier than I intend.  And I don’t really speak French.  🙂
What’s the Point?
I hope to make this blog stand out a bit from both the average Fashion Blog and the average Goth Blog.  While I do associate closely with the Goth style, I pride myself on doing so in a sophisticated and approachable way (this is not ego speaking; this is a skill I have worked hard to develop over the past 20 years).
I try to always be mindful of dressing appropriate to the occasion: while I always have a “dark” aesthetic, I know when to tone it down and when I can go as edgy as I wish.  I have excelled in a corporate environment without giving up my own sense of style, but it took years of practice to find a look that I felt suited me while leaving co-workers no reason to ask questions about my personal lifestyle (occasionally that still happens, but only with the super-conservative or the super-nosy!).
“You Must LOVE Halloween!”

I don’t buy my clothing at the Halloween Superstore (I don’t even celebrate the holiday).  I don’t wear costumes.  I buy high-quality items from major fashion retailers and combine them and accessorize them in my own way.  Honestly, I feel like I have let myself down when people mistake what I think is total class for what they see as a Halloween costume.  I always try to look polished and elegant.  I sometimes fail, but I always try.  I hope this blog can help me better myself while also maybe bettering the “Goth” stereotypes in the minds of the mainstream.  That’s why this blog isn’t necessarily aimed at Goths.  It’s for everyone!

My Blogging Future
I plan to post once or twice each week, depending on how much I like my outfit selections for the week.  I’ll usually post one “work” outfit and maybe also a weekend outfit or something more special if we go out.

This will also be a fun way for me to archive outfits that I feel good wearing.  If I am in a rush in the morning (as I usually am) or we suddenly decide, “Tonight is a night for dancing!” I can quickly put together something awesome based on my past ideas.

I hope to start using some kind of wardrobe inventory app on my iPad to help me keep things organized.  Wouldn’t it be cool to use technology to color coordinate everything, help remember what pieces “go together” and even plan outfits for trips and special events?  Maybe it could even alert me to pieces I’ve neglected for too long so I can show them the love they deserve.  Or remind me that I already wore a certain corset to a certain club.  I haven’t found an app that does exactly what I’m looking for yet, but I’m keeping my eyes open.

Time to Get Back to Work!
I’ve been talking too much.  This blog is supposed to be about pictures.  🙂  But that can’t happen until my new studio lighting arrives, or I will lose my mind trying to photograph all of this black.  Stay tuned!!