Long on Lace

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Happy new year! Mr. Kitty and I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. I’m so glad to be back in the land of bloggers! 🙂

I just recently found this lace skirt at Forever 21. It’s completely see-through and lining-free, which is normally a bad thing, but as soon as I saw it I had plans for it. I knew it would be a great way to stay cool at a roasting hot nightclub without feeling too undressed. I wore opaque tights underneath, plus a short pair of pettipants for added modesty. It turned out to be a fun outfit for dancing!

I paired the skirt with my lace cami from Newport News, over which I usually wear a shrug but Mr. Kitty often expresses that he likes how I look in spaghetti straps, so this one was for him.I made these sleeves myself from some very lightweight swim lining. I just made them double the needed length so they would bunch up nicely, creating the look of ruching.

The brocade corset is from Gallery Serpentine. I’ve worn this several times on my blog. It’s my oldest and most comfortable underbust corset.

Yep, I wore my glasses with this outfit. I don’t often wear glasses to clubs, but these are growing on me. Plus it was a Thursday night, and I was too rushed after work to fuss with the contacts. I don’t get home from work until 6:15, and we have to eat dinner, get ready, and be out the door by 9:00 if we are going to make the early-bird entry cutoff by 10:30. We like to get there as early as possible anyway, since our long drive home usually prevents us from staying till 2 AM.

Mild, for a Club Outfit ;)

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At the risk of being a teeny bit risque, I decided to go ahead and post this ensemble. While it will probably make my grandmother blush, it really is downright modest for a club outfit. It’s about as daring as I go, personally, but if you’ve been to nightclubs of ANY genre, not just Goth, you know what I mean. In fact, I’ve been (reluctantly) dragged to a few “normal people” clubs in my day and they actually get a lot worse than the most scantily-clad Goth club patron, IMO. But I digress…

I like this look because it’s sexy but still classy. Mr. Kitty loved it too, for obvious reasons. An important factor in maintaining class and dignity while pushing the boundaries aesthetically in terms of sexuality is carrying yourself with dignity. I believe that if your behavior is elegant and sophisticated, you can get away with some slightly overt sexiness without coming across as trashy. Also, the key is giving just a hint, rather than putting it everything you’ve got out there for the world to see. A little hint can show confidence; any more than that is more likely to be misinterpreted. However, I still probably wouldn’t wear something like this without a male companion at my side, as it could attract unwanted attention. (NOTE: I wrote this post several weeks ago, but it happens to tie in with a very recent post by Domesticated on Revealing Clothes, Unwanted Attention and Safety that is worth a read! I especially agree with her comments regarding alcohol consumption!)

As long as we’re going for glamor with just a bit of va-va-voom, this felt like the perfect opportunity to take one of Hexotica’s lovely Gothic Burlesque creations out on the town. This Ravishing Ruffles satin rose choker (also featured in my Hat Theme post) makes me feel downright lovely. I just know that’s what everyone was staring at when I was out on the dance floor. 😉 She makes a matching cuff bracelet, which I’m pretty sure I can’t live without. I’ll be ordering one very soon so this choker will have a little friend.

VNV Nation!

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Mr. Kitty and I recently spent a weekend in San Diego rocking out with VNV Nation. We usually prefer to see shows in San Diego over Los Angeles, because the crowds don’t seem as crazy and everyone is a bit more low-key. Of course, it’s partly an excuse to spend time with a sweet couple who are amongst our very best friends, to enjoy what is usually some lovely weather and to re-hydrate in the moist air. The climate in San Diego couldn’t possibly be any more different than the desert wasteland we call home just a couple of hours away.

VNV Nation is very new-school for a Bauhaus-loving girl like me, but the driving passion of their music and the profundity of their lyrical compositions are impossible to deny. Ronan Harris always seems to be pulling the very words out of my own heart and soul, and presents them with such conviction and relentless determination that I cannot help but be deeply moved. Nothing beats seeing them live, because they truly appreciate their audience and interact with sincerity and emotion. The passion and enthusiasm are contagious: you can’t help but leave a VNV Nation show feeling like there’s someone out there who “gets” you and nothing can stand in your way! This was my third time seeing them live, and it was glorious. Additionally so because I had the opportunity to meet Ronan before the show, sitting in on an interview he did with my music reviewer friend and former blogger, Mental Pirate. In listening to Ronan speak, you become immediately aware that the intelligence and depth in his music are 100% genuine. He is gentlemanly, professional, composed and unassuming, without a hint of egotism. It was a truly delightful half hour spent in his presence.

Not to turn this into a music review blog, but VNV’s latest album, Automatic, reaches new heights for a band that was already worlds beyond what others in their genre are doing. VNV Nation awakened in me an interest in dark synthpop, which is exactly what I needed to complement my love of deep, dark old-school Goth. Few modern artists succeed in recreating that 80s Goth sound, and I needed some new stuff to enjoy and relate to. VNV Nation and their peers fill that need.

I try to tailor my wardrobe to the overall feel of an event, so a synthpop show calls for a bit of PVC. This is a Gallery Serpentine underbust corset, paired with a criss-cross backed sweater from Bebe (I bet Bebe never thought their stuff would be paired with anything from Gallery Serpentine!) and a lace skirt from Forever 21 that I just recently found on sale. The boots, of course, are Pleaser.

What band speaks most deeply to your soul?

Movie Monday: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Take Two!

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Today is Movie Monday over at Still Dark @ Heart!

As promised in my last Movie Monday post, I put together an outfit inspired heavily by Gene Tierney’s wardrobe in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Naturally, I was most attracted to her mourning attire, and I happened to have a low, wide-ish brimmed black felt hat that would work perfectly with a veil. I had to remove a big, flamboyant mesh and sequined …thing… from the hat first, then I pinned on a sheer triangular scarf and added the black roses.

This blazer came from Forever 21 a few years ago. It has a wide sash that ties in the back, which I thought created a slight bustle effect. I didn’t have just the right fancy blouse, so a silk chiffon scarf tied in a bow did the trick.

The velvet skirt is from Gallery Serpentine. When I got this skirt it fit me perfectly in terms of width but surprisingly it was about 4 inches too long, even in 6” heels! Australian ladies must be extremely tall… My poor mother had to rework both of those ruffles to make it fit. And yes, the skirt was originally made shorter in the back than the front (there is a zipper and tag in the back, so it’s definitely on the correct way). I don’t know if that was a mistake on GS’s side, but I thought it looked pretty like that so we retained the effect when altering the skirt.

The gloves are from Greatlookz, and I made the bag myself from a pattern set that came with several capelets and this lovely drawstring bag. I’m still finishing the matching capelet, because I can’t seem to get my fusible interfacing to fuse!

Many thanks to Sal of Still Dark @ Heart for creating this fun monthly theme event. Now, I’m off to plan my December entry for Movie Monday! 🙂

October 1 Theme: Lace

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For today’s theme, I wanted to present my absolute favorite lace item from my wardrobe. The clear choice was a lace ballgown skirt from Drac in a Box. This amazing skirt is made with high-quality lace (no cheap stretch stuff here!) and has two layers of taffeta underneath to give it shape. Each layer has a mesh ruffle along the bottom, gathered up every foot or so and topped with a tiny rosette. This skirt would look stunning with a petticoat underneath, but I prefer it a bit less puffy since my frame is so petite.

This purple brocade underbust corset from Corset Story is making its debut tonight. While checking out their Web site for the first time, the designs were so lovely and the prices so reasonable I promptly began drooling over this one (not so) subtly. The drooling continued for weeks. My birthday happened to take place just before I got sick, and Mr. Kitty used to opportunity to prove he is the perfect husband by ordering it for me! I am absolutely delighted with the quality construction and beauty of this piece. The purple is subtle, but when the light catches it just right it’s simply breathtaking. It’s comfortable, sturdy and creates the perfect shape.

Wanting to make this outfit just a bit more grand, I broke out the old handmade tulle veil. This was a really simple project I did about 10 years ago, but I haven’t worn it in years. Now that I remember how regal it makes me feel, it will most definitely be put back into service. I also plan to do a tutorial on it sometime soon.

Tonight’s makeup is extra exciting for me, as it incorporates three products I won in a giveaway over at Metamorphosis! Two eye colors and a blush from the “Colours of Decay” line by Detrivore Cosmetics.

Plague is the greenish-black sparkle eyeshadow I’m wearing in my crease. Harlot is a lovely soft pink shimmer shadow, seen just below my brow. Vulgar is a delicate lilac blush. All of these colors are intense and intriguing, although the green-black shadow lost a lot of its green (and its shimmer) as I was blending it. Application was a treat because these go on so smoothly! And they wear very well. I actually forgot to apply my eyelid primer tonight (I know, how did that happen?!?) but these shadows served me well all evening without creasing. I imagine the Plague shadow would remain more true to the color in the pot if applied over a primer. Thank you so much to Luna for this fun package!!

I always look forward to the variety of interpretations you guys contribute to these monthly themes. Now, bring on the lace!

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Movie Monday: Tribute to Film Noir

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Today is the first Movie Monday, hosted by Sal of Still Dark @ Heart.  I just love her idea for everyone to do a blog post related to movies, including but not limited to an outfit inspired by your favorite movie or TV show.

My idea for this event was to do a little tribute to Film Noir. Not only is this my favorite genre of movie, but one of my favorite eras in fashion. 40s and 50s glamour blends exquisitely with Goth, in my opinion! Film Noir also influenced the name of my blog, as you might have noticed. 🙂

Many thanks go to Mr. Kitty for patiently helping me with this photo shoot, which took place in our living room.

So, do I look like I just poisoned my husband for his money, and am about to run off with his best friend**? Because that’s the look we were going for. But don’t worry; I’ll get mine in the end. Most likely, my wealthy husband changed his will at the last minute, making some distant niece the sole beneficiary. And the best friend will dump me for a younger, blonde woman after turning me in to the police. That’s how these movies always work out in the end. That’s okay; I’ll be sitting in the women’s penitentiary plotting my revenge…

** In the above plot, any character’s resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.  And my husband is not actually wealthy, so he is not in any danger.  😉

This poor velvet evening gown by Jessica McClintock has served me well for around 18 years, but this photo shoot was its farewell performance. The fabric is starting to discolor, the pile is irreparably smashed in areas, and finally the slit started to rip up the thigh. I could fix the latter, but I don’t think the other problems would make it worth the trouble at this point. So, I guess I am now in the market for a new, floor-length black velvet evening gown!

This dress is SO black, we couldn’t get my camera to focus on it!

Here are a couple of clear shots of the dress without the “dark” treatment. I will miss this baby, but luckily I have two other gowns by Jessica McClintock. Can’t wait for an excuse to wear them so I can share them with you.

I hope many of my readers will visit Still Dark @ Heart and check out today’s event, and maybe even put together a movie-inspired outfit as well… 🙂  

Thank you, Sal, for coming up with this wonderful theme event!

August One-Day Theme: Hats/Fascinators

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This theme idea delighted me greatly, as I have a small collection of vintage hats plus quite a few vintage-inspired hats and fascinators. I couldn’t decide which one to feature for today’s event, so I let Mr. Kitty choose. Turns out this masterpiece from Claire’s, of all places, is his favorite.

I love the dramatic size of the double-layer veil on this hat, but since I don’t have thick, fluffy hair I always feel it looks a bit strange on its own. I’ve found that adding a big bunch of feathers behind the hat (harvested from an inexpensive boa from Michael’s) balances the look out. I was wearing these same feathers the night I met Mr. Kitty, so maybe that’s partly why he likes this combo so much. 🙂

The choker I am wearing is a creation by the lovely and amazingly talented Hexotica, purchased from her Etsy store. This piece features two satin ribbon rosettes with bejeweled centers, with three beaded strands hanging from the larger rose. I adore this beautiful choker, and can’t wait to go shopping for more of her creations.

Many thanks to Rachel for suggesting this month’s theme!!

Now it’s your turn! I can’t wait to see the variety hats and fascinators in your wardrobes. Don’t forget to check back throughout the day to see what everyone else contributes.

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Not-So-Great Car Show, Dinner and a Club

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We took a chance on a show we’d never been to before. We drove over an hour, only to get there and find that half the cars had left early and the other half were mostly rat rods (after my husband had said repeatedly throughout the drive, “I hope it’s not just all rat rods…”). Then the gang bangers showed up, and while I admired the zero-tolerance policy the Rockabilly guys were clearly demonstrating, we didn’t want to hang around and witness the enforcement of said policy. I think we were only at the show a total of 20 minutes.

Since the car show was more or less a bust, we had a nice dinner together and hung around in Hollywood until the clubs opened. So this actually turned out to be a club outfit as well as a car show outfit. Much dancing happened, which was very needed after the wonderful dinner we stuffed ourselves with.

This makeup looks strange to me…  But maybe it’s just because
I’m not used to seeing me with my eyes closed!  🙂

I revisited my new braided chignon/center part hairstyle that I had invented for my Beads post, adding a few additional pins and hairspray to keep everything in place longer. After nearly 12 hours everything still looked exactly as it did when I finished styling it, with zero minutes of maintenance throughout the day/evening. Yes, I love this style.  Jewelry is non-existent in this outfit, due to the extreme heat!  I didn’t want to fuss with extra stuff sticking to me all day.

I grabbed a blazer on the way out the door, as we had to stop by my office on the way to the show. Even though it was a Saturday, you never know who might be lurking in the building… Good thing, too, since one of my co-workers had dropped in to do a little office decorating, and she had family with her.  Not that they would mind, but I tend to not like to show so much skin around colleagues’ children!!  😀

July One-Day Theme: Beads!

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I found this gorgeous beaded jacket at Burlington Coat Factory for next to nothing. I’m not crazy about the fit, but the design and shimmer of the beads is irresistible to me. Our local Burlington is quite a dump so I am not likely to shop there again, but I am glad to have found one nice thing there. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my bead theme than with this jacket.

I made the five-strand bead choker from Swarovski glass pearls. I’ve used these beads in various shades for many projects, so you will surely be seeing a lot of them on this blog. They are inexpensive (depending on where you buy them), elegant, and very high quality. This makes them the perfect jewelry-crafting component for me.

Tonight’s hairstyle was created using a braided chignon hairpiece with my two real braids wrapped around the top of the chignon. Two fairly large flowers and some tendrils hanging in the front complete the look. I just invented this style tonight, and finally have found a center-part evening look that I actually like!

But today’s post isn’t about hair; it’s about beads. So now it’s your turn: show me what you’ve got! 😀

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Red & Black Week: The Grand Finale

Click photos for larger view.

I’ve truly been enjoying Red & Black Week. I really appreciate all of the wonderful contributions that have been made by my readers! I want you to know that I have read each and every post and will be sure to comment on them all. I haven’t had time to reply to all of your nice comments on my posts, but I do deeply appreciate them. Thank you all for making this a fabulous week!!

As my grand finale for the week, I present to you a club outfit featuring my very favorite necklace. Think you’ve seen it here before? Not quite. 🙂 I actually have a black one that is identical, whereas this one is deep crimson. Both are incredibly well made from glass beads, and both were purchased at Necromance on Melrose Blvd several years ago.

You might also recognize this corset. This is a Frederick’s piece. I have to say; I don’t even consider Frederick’s corsets to be worthy of the term “corset” since they all have plastic boning. They absolutely cannot be used for waist reduction at all. When cinched, plastic boning will just bend, bulge and warp, getting worse and worse the longer it is worn. The only way I achieved this lovely silhouette was by wearing a Gallery Serpentine underbust corset beneath the Frederick’s corset.

So why do I own it if it’s not good quality? I have purchased this particular style in three colors because it is a VERY inexpensive way to add variety to one’s wardrobe. I can only buy so many high-quality steel-boned corsets at $200 apiece! Plus there are certain colors that I don’t wear often enough to warrant such an investment, but would like to have available when the urge strikes. And the lovely lace trim along the top edge is just too pretty to resist! Rest assured I wouldn’t be caught dead (although that would be SO Goth) wearing these “corsets” without a good steel corset underneath to give it structure.

The long pencil skirt is from Newport News. It has a cute v-shaped yoke in the front, but I found the rest of the skirt to be a bit boring. So I added a sheer drapey piece down the front, some embroidered trim along the yoke and a satin rose in the center. Now it makes me feel pretty.

Did everyone enjoy Red & Black Week? Now show me you grand finales!

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