About Me

Graphic Designer & Web Developer

Amateur Portrait Photographer
With no plans of going pro, but if I love you I’ll do an awesome shoot of you in exchange for cookies.

Seamstress out of Necessity 
Because at least 10% of what I buy needs alterations to achieve the perfect fit.

Darn Good Cook
At least my husband thinks so, but he likes everything!

Kitty Cat Lover
And believer in the importance of raw food for obligate carnivores.


About My Blog

What’s the Point?
I hope to make this blog stand out a bit from both the average Fashion Blog and the average Goth Blog.  While I do associate closely with the Goth style, I pride myself on doing so in a sophisticated and approachable way (this is not ego speaking; this is a skill I have worked hard to develop over the past 20 years).
I try to always be mindful of dressing appropriate to the occasion: while I always have a “dark” aesthetic, I know when to tone it down and when I can go as edgy as I wish.  I have excelled in a corporate environment without giving up my own sense of style, but it took years of practice to find a look that I felt suited me while leaving co-workers no reason to ask questions about my personal lifestyle (occasionally that still happens, but only with the super-conservative or the super-nosy!).
“You Must LOVE Halloween!”

I don’t buy my clothing at the Halloween Superstore (I don’t even celebrate the holiday).  I don’t wear costumes.  I buy high-quality items from major fashion retailers and combine them and accessorize them in my own way.  Honestly, I feel like I have let myself down when people mistake what I think is total class for what they see as a Halloween costume.  I always try to look polished and elegant.  I sometimes fail, but I always try.  I hope this blog can help me better myself while also maybe bettering the “Goth” stereotypes in the minds of the mainstream.  That’s why this blog isn’t necessarily aimed at Goths.  It’s for everyone!

My Blogging Future
I plan to post once or twice each week, depending on how much I like my outfit selections for the week.  I’ll usually post one “work” outfit and maybe also a weekend outfit or something more special if we go out.

This will also be a fun way for me to archive outfits that I feel good wearing.  If I am in a rush in the morning (as I usually am) or we suddenly decide, “Tonight is a night for dancing!” I can quickly put together something awesome based on my past ideas.

I hope to start using some kind of wardrobe inventory app on my iPad to help me keep things organized.  Wouldn’t it be cool to use technology to color coordinate everything, help remember what pieces “go together” and even plan outfits for trips and special events?  Maybe it could even alert me to pieces I’ve neglected for too long so I can show them the love they deserve.  Or remind me that I already wore a certain corset to a certain club.  I haven’t found an app that does exactly what I’m looking for yet, but I’m keeping my eyes open.

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