Re-Purposed Polka Dot Party Dress

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Polka Dot Office Outfit

One day at work, I saw a colleague wearing the exact same chiffon polka dot party dress that I own. She had styled it perfectly for the office, toning down the fanciness with a simple black cardigan. I never thought I would be able to pull off a dress like this as a work outfit, but her look inspired me to give it a try!

Polka Dot Office Outfit

A cardi would have been too warm* when I wore this to work, so I went with a short-sleeve blazer. I added the silk chiffon scarf to cover the cleavage, since the v-neckline on the dress is a bit too low for my office comfort zone. I topped (or… bottomed) the look off with vintage-inspired shoes and simple pearl and silver jewelry.

Polka Dot Dress

The end result is still a bit on the fancy side, and I wouldn’t wear this to any big, important meetings, but it’s a wonderful fun look for a warm day when I have a ton of desk work to do.

* This outfit was from last summer! I photographed it months ago, so I just pulled it out of my photo stash. Sorry it’s not season-appropriate for most parts of the Northern hemisphere, but it’s another super-warm winter here in Southern California so I could actually probably wear this to work even now!

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  1. I think you look lovely. And I love the short-sleeved blazer. I like the ruching on it. And I would totally wear this to work meeting! But I agree that the blazer tones down the fanciness.

  2. I think you look lovely! I love the short-sleeved blazer – the ruching gives it some panache. And I would totally wear this to a work meeting. I agree that the blazer helps tone down the fanciness. Would love to see this dress without the blazer. 😉

  3. You look great in Polka Dots. I love those shoes!

  4. I love this outfit. I think is super simple as well as really fancy and bussiness appropiate. As a matter of fact, I do appreciate any dotted patterned dress. I think they are quite easy to transform in a basic item for any ocassion with the correct touch. Also, my fav about this is the scarf: so classy!

    I was missing your posts dear. Glad to see you´re back!

    Violette B.

  5. I lurk on your site for inspiration – I am starting out on my gothy journey at 39 years old, and want to present myself in a classy way. You nail it down so well, the look I want to achieve! I take a lot of notes, and adapt to suit my body type and activity.

  6. I think this is too cute for work! Very well done!

  7. How nice to have inspiring coworkers 🙂 This outfit is lovely, it gives a feeling of a hot summer day, very far from what I experience right now.

  8. in desperate need to gothen up my working clothes a bit now XD you look absolutely adorable!

  9. You look very cute, as usual! I love the “skirt” on you and it’s so stylish with your shoes and blazer!

  10. Aaw white polka dots on black. I just buy a dress with this print for my mum’s birthday.
    You look cute.

  11. Hey there! Just wanted to tell you I miss your blogposts, have you stopped blogging?
    Love, Ag

  12. I miss your posts!

  13. Very good style! I love polka dots, they suit you very well!

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