Semi-Casual Friday

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Casual Friday - Jeans and Blazerv

So, for once I actually wore jeans on Casual Friday. While I rarely wear pants, and especially denim, I do love to break out a pair of black skinny jeans from time to time. I offset the casual pants with a grey stretch satin cowl top and an unbuttoned blazer.

Casual Friday - Makeup

I had grown so tired of my old pair of low-cut black jeans… I always hated the low-cut pants trend, but for over a decade that was the only kind of women’s pants you could buy! Finally, high-waisted jeans have come back into fashion, thanks to the current mainstream love of vintage detailing. I found this pair at Alloy Apparel, and I LOVE them. The waist is actually a bit wide on me (slim + curvy = NEVER able to find pants that are the right proportions!) but otherwise, they are perfect.

Casual Friday - Jeans and Blazer

My camera angle was a bit wonky on this photo. Not entirely flattering. 🙂

When it comes to pants, do you prefer low-cut or high-waisted?

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  1. Cute outfit!! You know, I’m not fond of either high or low cut. I guess my preference is for a mid-rise. I’m tall and curvy so I can relate to the fit issues you mentioned. And there’s nothing better for me than a pair of black jeans! Yummy. 🙂 In fact, I wore a pair to work today too. Gotta love causal Fridays.

  2. I definately prefer high cut! I am so glad it is back in style

  3. I have a badonkdonk, so I’ve yet to find a pair of pants that fits both my round butt and disproportionately small waist. I’ve had better luck with low rise, since I can just wear a belt around my hips and it mostly works, but I’ve largely given up and switched to skirts,

  4. Definitely high-waisted! To me they are so much more comfortable and they help balance my long torso and short legs. Tucked in tops are less likely to come untucked and if I wear something untucked it is less likely ride up far enough to show any midriff.

  5. You look great, as always! I love your necklace, I have its gold twin in rose quartz and freshwater pearls.

    • I don’t like low rise, but with my big, muscular thighs skinny jeans don’t really work either – found some “curvy skinny” coudoroys this winter though which are very comfy!

  6. I have always preferred low-waisted pants/jeans when I have to wear them. Higher wasited things just aren’t comfortable for me. I find them way too constricting. I absolutely hated blue jeans as a little girl, because they were all stiff and poked me really hard in the middle when I sat down. I think I was more thrilled than anyone when the “hip huggers” and “low rise” things came back in style. Though honestly, if I have my choice I’ll always choose a skirt over anything.

    Skinny jeans…I just can’t make those work at all. 😉

    My company doesn’t do “Casual Friday” and I’m glad. Though I’d say your look here could almost “pass” at my company. Maybe it’s the photos, but your I could be fooled into thinking those were dress trousers.

  7. High rise, I have a large butt and a tiny waist and hate it when jeans gap off over my behind! Nice to see you back 🙂

  8. I don’t wear high-waisted, but I am glad you can get a mid-rise jean these days. The low cut ones tend to cause issues with things coming out that should be covered….

    I don’t think I have ever seen you wear pants on this blog! I love your choice of footwear.

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