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Red Queen's Black Legion - RQBL

Today’s post is actually an outfit I wore to a car show back in January. Our summer has been ridiculously hot, so there’s been no chance to wear anything nearly this regal for the past several months. But I’m still getting caught up on a backlog of outfit shots I have stored on my computer that I never got around to posting!

Red Queen's Black Legion - RQBL

The jacket is by Red Queen’s Black Legion. I find their styles usually don’t suit my taste, but I stumbled upon this on eBay and instantly loved it. It’s actually fairly lightweight, but still not suited to our 100+ degree heat. I’m looking forward to fall so I can break this beauty out again, although around here it won’t even begin to cool off in the slightest until November.

Red Queen's Black Legion - RQBL

How has the fall weather been shaping up in your area? Are you starting to dust off those boots, jackets and layers of luxurious velvet?

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  1. That is an amazing jacket! I love the pointy bottom and the ruffle trim.

    It’s finally starting to cool off here in Denver. Highs have still been in the 70s most days, but nights are dropping to around 45-50.

  2. What a prett Jacket! I have already put away my summer clothes and taken my fall stuff out but I am from Canada…

  3. Oh, that´s a lovely jacket! I had never listened about Red Queen’s Black Legion before, but if they are able to make clothing as beautiful as this piece, they totally deserve five minutes of my time researching.

    The weather has been pretty good here. Actually, this Autumn is pretty much perfect to me, as the temperatures are around 15 degree centigrades, and that´s perfect for wearing whatever you like. If only they couls stay like that the entire Winter… I cannot stay the idea of this brief paradise just to go back to the usual -15 degrees in January… There´s no way you can look decently good on that weather.

  4. Gosh you look amazing. This jacket is perfect for you and goes so well with the fishtail skirt.
    We have also a very warm autumn, haven’t got morning frost in a couple of weeks wich is odd. But we have a lovely dull wet weather that makes me want to stay indoors burning candles 🙂

  5. You are rocking that jacket! It looks awesome on you! I love a jacket with a mandarin collar, especially with a sweetheart neckline. I really like this hairstyle on you too, it’s sophisticated but youthful. Also, your silhouette is amazing! I’m so behind on blogging and commenting- I missed the october theme and then 2 weeks later our weather turned awful. I must admit I’m still hoping for more outside time than internet time though…. there’s always more than enough winter for me. 🙂

  6. I live in Brazil and here the heat is coming with everything. I love the cold, I’m so sad with the change of season.
    This jacket is beautiful, and the skirt together are very harmonious and beautiful. It was very cute!

  7. Liz Howard-Alexander

    Love this outfit!

    Heh. You must live in a similar climate to me. I’m in the Deep South, and it’s just now thinking about getting cool here. 🙂 I *love* the fall colors though! The Southern weather makes up for the sweat-drenched heat of summer with the beautiful and milder Fall!

  8. That jacket is absolutely lovely! Love it!! It’s definitely cooling down here in Michigan, and I love it. All of my velvets are out now. I missed them so!

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