October 1 Theme: Black & White

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Today’s theme is Black & White, which left me in a quandary as to what topic to cover. I was extremely tempted to pay homage to one of my greatest loves, Film Noir. But in the end, responsibilities have caused me to work on this post at the last minute, so going with an outfit post seemed the safest option. Thankfully, I recently put together a club outfit that fits the theme just perfectly!

Gothic Nightclub Fashion

This was my first time coming up with an outfit based on this jacquard fishtail skirt. I don’t usually go “tucked in” for evening looks, but I didn’t want to hide a single detail of the beautiful skirt. I was very pleased with the results, and received some amazing compliments on the dancefloor! I’ve seen this skirt for sale under several different labels, so I’m not going to cite a brand or a distributor… But you can easily find this online on many Gothic retailers’ websites.

Gothic Fashion

This blouse is another dreaded stretch lace creation. However, this one was a steal on eBay, so it’s no loss if it doesn’t stand the test of time. Plus, no one is likely to notice a few tiny elastic threads fraying atΒ the seams of a white top (unlike the dark purple top in my last post). In a dark a nightclub, it will be even less obvious, so I should get a fair amount of use out of this.

Gothic Fashion

I’m a bit brain-dead from work tonight, which leaves my writing skills somewhat lacking. So I will now leave it up to you to share your Black & White posts!

Gothic Club Fashion

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  1. What a great asymmetric skirt! I love the lacing on the side and the volants below the knee! You always look so wonderful…

  2. Gorgeous skirt – I wish I could pull off fishtails. You look as lovely as ever!

    (Grr – can’t get the Mr. Linky widget to show the image I wanted. Curse my technophobia.)

  3. This skirt is so impressive! I love the details on it. And your black jewellery is a great eyecatcher on the white top. It looks perfect on you!

  4. That skirt is sooo beautiful! Such an elegant look! I do like stretchy lace but it doesn’t tend to last long does it πŸ™

  5. I love this outfit so much! Black and white is my favourite colour combo so I would have participated in this if I hadn’t been on a blogging hiatus.

  6. Oh, gosh, that skirt is exquisite! It’s really beautiful! o.O
    Stretchy lace is such a letdown, but it’s very hard to find good quality and affordable lace items – clothing or just fabric… – nowadays. I wanted to buy some lace to doll up an old and boring cardigan, but all they had was thin, stretchy lace, that already had strings sticking out…:/

  7. This skirt is so beautifiul!
    I have a serious problem with tight skirts. I have short torso and not look good.
    I like to admire those who can use as well. You got very beautiful and sexy.

  8. That skirt is gorgeous! LOVE IT. Thanks for the Black and White theme; you gave me an excuse to show off my most awesome Halloween find. πŸ˜€

  9. What a really beautiful outffit. The fabric looks so intricate!

  10. That is such a beautiful and sophisticated outfit! The fabric of the skirt is to die for, and the details are so lovely. πŸ™‚

  11. Fabulous outfit, as always! Black & white add such drama, love it.

  12. That skirt is amazing it’s completely understandable that you want to show every detail of it. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to participate this time. So much going on right now…

  13. you look as lovely as ever, and I noted in Facebook that The-Gothic-Shop has linked to your blog as an example of how wonderful this skirt looks on you πŸ™‚

  14. Omg!!! The skirt!!!!!! I love it and how the structure just stays on your waist is so amazing. Very neat cut and elegant.

  15. I have…I have done it! It’s really fun to be participating again. And you look mysterious and elegant as always. ^-^

  16. Wow, that skirt is absolutely gorgeous!!!! And your hair style and makeup is beautiful. I really like the flowers in your hair.

  17. This skirt is to die for. It is stunning.

  18. You look amazing as always! The shirt being made of not-the-best lace isn’t really that noticeable at all. It’s REALLY hard to find things made of nice lace these days; almost a fruitless search πŸ™ That skirt is GORGEOUS! I’ve seen it around, and I just wish I wasn’t too tall for it to look right on me! Tall Goth problems…

  19. Also, my apologies for not taking part in this month’s theme; while it’s certainly something I could have made a post for, my laptop was broken so I’ve only just started putting stuff up on my blog again.

  20. Lovely. I love the black jewelry against the white shirt. I wish I had time to participate this month! I’ll join you guys next month πŸ™‚

  21. WOW that is an epic skirt!! I also love that rose hair clip, gorgeous!

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