Dark Romance in Lace

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Gothic Lace Skirt

I have a whole series of “casual Friday” outfits coming up. 🙂 I realized that lately, those are the outfits I photograph the most. It’s likely due to several factors, including the fact that I get home an hour earlier on Fridays. Plus I’m usually a bit rejuvenated knowing the long work week is over and I don’t have to rush to do household chores and get to bed.

Romantic Goth Fashion

I’ve often mentioned that my take on “casual” Friday (or casual ANYTHING) is greatly divergent from the generally accepted definition. Our dress code dictates that “casual” just means we are allowed to wear jeans, but still must wear dressy shirts and shoes. Not being a huge fan of jeans, I take the opportunity to go just a little bit more artsy than I usually do for work.

Gothic Lace Skirt

I would wear any of the pieces of this outfit to work any day of the week, but it’s the combination here that made this outfit feel extra dark, kinda romantic, and more appropriate for a Friday than any other day.

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  1. It’s a lovely outfit! The lace skirt is gorgeous.

  2. Very dark romantic, but still suitable for work!

  3. what a gorgeous skirt!

  4. I loved the necklace! The ribbon is made of satin?
    You was very charming!

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