Purple Lace and Bell Sleeves

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Purple Lace with Bell Sleeves

Hmm. I was deeply enamored with this stretch lace top when I first ordered it from Newport News. So much so that I got it in black, too. But, like all stretch lace its lifespan has been relatively short. I’ve mentioned before that I’m surprised when companies that usually focus on good quality resort to using stretch lace, as Spiegel did with a certain skirt. I rarely buy items made with this stuff now. They just don’t last long before little elastic treads start to break at the seams and stick out all over the place. I might get one or two more wearings out of this top, but it will definitely be retired soon.

Purple Lace with Bell Sleeves

The lovely bell sleeves and scalloped edges make this blouse almost worth the price, despite the little time we’ve had together. Almost.

Gothy Stilettos

At least today’s shoes are amazing. 🙂

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  1. Oh! I do adore those sleeves.

  2. Oh god, I hate stretch lace too; it looks so gorgeous, but I was demented trying to work out why the elastic kept disintegrating and showing; was it how I washed it? Sadly, it’s just bad fabric design.

  3. I hear you on the stretch lace. It is a lovely top nonetheless

  4. Ugh… I do hate those little elastic threads popping out form cheap lace. They are the main reason why I try to buy the real thingy, even if it costs some more notes. After all, what the point about buying unexpensive stuff if you need to restock in a couple of months?
    Anyway, I think the top looks adorable on you. It´s funny I´ve been repeatdly brading my hair lately and now I see you wearing the same hairdo 🙂

    • Sadly, I recently bought a pricey piece from Pyramid Collection that turned out to be stretch lace. I carefully read the description and only finally ordered it because it listed only Polyester/Rayon in the fabric content, and stretch lace definitely has Spandex in it… But the description was wrong, and sure enough, it’s cheap stretch lace and I’m out $90!! 🙁

  5. Ooooo purple lace. Two of my favorite things. You look stunning. There has to be a remedy for the stretched lace issue. This top is too beautiful to die

  6. Wow, that top is gorgeous! What a pity about those horrid little threads. Cute shoes!

  7. It is a pretty top. What a shame that it’s falling apart.

    Is the tank part of it, or is that a separate piece?

  8. Even if it might not last that long, the shirt looks great! The sleeves are fluttery and the colour really suits you well.

  9. I bought an expensive stretch lace dress recently, I knew it wouldn’t last forever but I loved it so much I bit the bullet,
    My husband in a strange fit of “helpfulness” did laundry one day and washed and dried everything on hot.

    I wore the dress ONE time and now it’s a mass of little elastic threads everywhere, it’s literally unwearable.

    I hate you stretch lace.

    • Ugh – that is a painful story!!! I hope you at least got a photo the time you wore it! I’m suddenly glad my husband won’t touch my laundry (he always says he’s sure he’ll ruin it – I tell him just don’t dry ANYTHING except socks. Lol!).

  10. There’s one top I got in stretch lace which was out of my usual budget range, and when the elastic started fraying at the hems I painstakingly pulled every last damn elastic thread OUT and it’s now an un-stretchy lace top. It took me half of eternity to do; even an immortal vampire probably wouldn’t have that kind of time on their hands, so I don’t recommend anyone else go and do that.

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