An Enchanting Fascinator

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Vivo Masks Fascinator

Today I am excited to review the Emma Fascinator, from a new line of hair fascinators offered by Vivo Masks. I was so delighted when I opened the shipping box to discover this fun striped hatbox inside! Of course, when I opened the hatbox I was blown away by the beauty of this creation.

Gothic Evening Gown and Fascinator

The Emma Fascinator is constructed in a complex variety of textures. Velvet and organza flower petals contrast beautifully with elegantly arranged feathers in striking shades of burgundy and purple. The two delicate swirling feathers at the top are my very favorite detail.

Vivo Fascinator

It is refreshing to don such a lovingly-crafted handmade piece.  Vivo fascinators are worlds beyond the mass-produced fascinators you’ll find in a mall accessory shop.  I think most of my readers can relate to the desire for something of quality, something that makes more of a statement, which every piece I saw on the Vivo Masks website definitely does.

Hair Fascinator by Vivo Masks

Another of my favorites is their Black Madison Fascinator. This beauty is already on my wish list. 🙂  After all, it’s almost time to start thinking about what to wear for New Year’s Eve!

Vivo Hair Fascinator

This evening gown was a fun eBay score.  It needs a bit of tailoring, as the fit isn’t as perfect as I would like.  I can tell it’s not true vintage (mainly because it has a plastic zipper), but it looks like it’s an “80s Does 40s” piece.  Some 40s-inspired styles from that era are hideous, but sometimes they did an excellent job of recreating the glamour and femininity of the 40s.  I love the dramatic satin petal details on the shoulders, and the statuesque effect of the column gown.

Fascinator and Evening Gown

Head over to the Vivo Masks website and check out their incredible array of fascinators.  You’ll be drooling, and you’ll probably find the perfect thing for Halloween, your Christmas wish list, holiday parties, or NYE 2015!

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  1. Oh my god, you look GORGEOUS. Both the fascinator and the dress are great finds. Stunning.

  2. You look gorgeous and I will be definately purchasing one of those fascinators soon

  3. A great combination! I love that you took up the bloodred of your new amazing fascinator with the necklace! And the dress is a very matching grand robe…

  4. Very beautiful, delicate but with personality. Very good on you!

  5. Oh dear Kitty! You look fabulous and stunning. Even if the dress needs tailoring it’s not visible in the photos, it’s amazing and it fits you so well. The fascinator, the necklace and your lips are the perfect combination to this dress. You always impress me with your amazing style!

  6. Love it! You look fantastic- that fascinator is very pretty and I love the dress on you too!

  7. That dress is gorgeous! The sleeves are so dramatic. What a unique find.

  8. Wow! That is a gorgeously made fascinator! I love how it goes with the necklace, I love a great all-black outfit with a dramatic flair of colour from the accessories!

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