A Little Venetian Lace

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Gothic Purple Corset

In previous posts, I’ve shown you two Venetian Lace chokers from eBay: one in black and one in magenta. After ordering these two masterpieces, I was craving something larger and more dramatic, but simple and without added embellishment. I searched and I finally found the perfect piece of lace. It was intended to be sewn around the neckline of a top, but I just added a clasp to the ends. It just requires a tiny piece of fashion tape near the center point to keep it from twisting around while I’m dancing.

Venetian Lace Collar

I wore my purple brocade corset from Corset Story, which Mr. Kitty gave me for my birthday a couple of years ago. This was previously featured for my Lace Theme. I finally have this one all broken in, so by the end of the night I was dancing as if I was born wearing it. So comfortable!

Purple Brocade Corset

The top in this outfit was my first-ever clothing purchase on eBay. This is an example of flowing sleeves done JUST right. I added the fancy trim around the elbows and neckline myself. The skirt is a burnout velvet number with handkerchief hem from Shrine Hollywood.

Gothic Night Club Fashion

My hair was shockingly well behaved that night, so here is a gratuitous hair shot. 🙂

Goth Fashion Portrait

I’ve never asked this before, and I’m curious to know where my corset-wearing readers get their favorite pieces. So, what is your favorite corset company?

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  1. You always look so well thought and fitting, I admire your hand for style! And your hair looks gorgeous here, it takes all the attention from your pretty necklace!

  2. What a great outfit! Yaaay! love the long hair shots. I am trying to grow mine out and these pictures help me avoid cutting it! I love the corset

  3. Ah, classic Ms. Kitty. Very nice … very, very nice. I love flowing sleeves, but flowing sleeves often don’t like me. I always end up dumping them in sinks, my drink, or my food. Ah well. And your hair looks AWESOME!

  4. You look like a beautiful dream!
    That necklace piece is stunning, the tape tip is a nice idea to keep in mind. 🙂

  5. I adore EVERYTHING about this outfit: the necklace, the skirt, your hair, the corset, and specially your blouse. I have a natural tendece to hoard clothing with the type of medieval sleeves, as for me they are the quintessence of gothiness. As for corsets, I buy them all here in Europe. I think my favourite brand/retailer is Burleska in this moment. Their prices are reasonable and their models always fit me, even when I am tiny and most corsets look hideous on me. If you haven´t tried the brand, I highly recommend it. Of course you can purchase on their website, which is quite handful!

  6. Puimond! Pricy, but his corsets fit like a glove and give you the most amazing curves. Once you go custom, you never go back. Also, Puimond is the nicest guy ever.

  7. lovely lovely classic look. I wish I could recommend a corset company. I’m interested myself.

  8. All my corsets are from Corset Story. 🙂

    I love black Venetian lace. What a great idea to wear it alone like a choker! Your entire ensemble is gorgeous.

  9. You look really beautiful and elegant! I love the detail around the bodice on your top- well done! It’s so lovely!

  10. You look simply gorgeous. I wish I could have this classy style one day 😀

  11. I love this outfit so much, it’s beautiful! The lace necklace you created is amazing, where did you get the lace?
    I am so jealous of your hair too – mine is not that well behaved!

  12. Amazing outfit. Never thought of using the pre-made lace pieces as jewelry before – going to have to give it a try!
    Most of my corsets are from Corset Story, as they have the most variety and best prices that I’ve seen so far. Just got an amazing corset from Timeless Trends though, so I may have to keep an eye on them.

  13. you look absolutely stunning! The lace necklace is brilliant. I have been thinking of doing something similar but it’s not easy to find neckline lace or appliques in stores here.
    Oh and some good news. I got a new job wich means I have to change my work wardrobe completely. Thanks for your inspirational corp outfit posts. I will use you as inspiration 🙂

  14. You look beautiful, such gorgeous hair.

    I don’t wear corsets very often, but I do have a lovely underbust in silver black brocade from Corset Story, and I am currently saving up for a corseted dress that they have online but which is a little budget busting.

  15. Orchard Corset is a great line for off the rack, but I have a made to order Vixen from Pop Antique that’s just perfect.

  16. You look so lovely. I miss the days when I use to regularly dress like this for clubbing; all my close friends go to psy-trance clubs these days and dress like hippies!
    My favorite corset designer is Dark Muse Corsetry based here in Australia. She makes many tight-lacing quality, traditional gothic styles with baroque patterns similar to yours here. I have dressed my models with them and they always look stunning.

  17. Well, since you asked…. Hoss International in LA’s fashion district is the best corset shop I’ve been to. Visits by appointment only, but he’s a sweet guy and it’s not difficult to get in. Massive corset collection at his HQ, all made in-house, really well constructed leather ones, and a nice selection of mermaid skirts.

  18. What a beautiful outfit! You definitely have a flair for putting together just the right pieces. Very inspiring! 🙂

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