Revelry in Black Metal (and ANOTHER Giveaway!)

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Gothic Masquerade Ball Outfit

Today I reveal the second of the two masquerade masks presented to me by Success Creations. This one is laser-cut from metal with a striking black finish, embellished with shimmering crystals.

Success Creations Masquerade Mask

I love this totally different, modern take on the masque theme, and enjoyed creating an outfit and hairstyle to do it justice. I thought all-black was the only way to properly emphasize the delicate lines of the mask. I even used only solid black jewelry so the crystal highlights would stand out.

Gothic Masquerade Ball Outfit

My hair is styled in a fancy chignon framed with a velvet headband, which I embellished with two satin flowers, large faceted buttons and an ostrich feather.

Gothic Masquerade

Mr. Kitty again assisted me in going “on location” for this photo shoot – this time, to our living room. 🙂  An additional challenge to shooting photos outside of my little “studio” is the lack of a mirror. I hung a full-length mirror in the little corner of our loft I claimed for my photo studio, and it aides greatly in posing without looking dumb. 😉 In other parts of the house,I just have to keep guessing until I stumble upon a shot or two where I look reasonably natural but in a flattering pose that showcases the outfit well.

Gothic Masquerade

Giveaway Time!
Success Creations is very generously offering a $50 gift card to another lucky reader of this blog!  To enter, just comment below – this time, let me know what your favorite mask is from the Success Creations website.  I will choose a winner randomly from all who participate.

Enter before midnight (PDT) on Tuesday, August 12, 2014.  U.S. Residents only.

Be sure to comment below for a chance to win a $50 gift card from Success Creations!

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  1. I like the Victoria mash best.

  2. Gorgeous photos and outfit and that mask is stunning! You’ve done a great job highlighting the delicate, silver details . ^^ It’s hard to pick a favorite from Success Creations, they have a lot of exquisite designs, but I love masks on a stick and I’ve always had a soft spot for peacock feathers, so it has to be this one (:

  3. Hello! My favorite one is the “Othellos” (black and silver)! (And I also love “Impressions”!) Best regards

  4. You look incredible, I really love the elegance this outfit eludes! I’d buy the Nocturna mask – I love the bat design!

  5. You look ravishing in midnight hues! My favorite mask on the success creations site is the Lavish Star–it’s striking and unusual.

  6. Black lightning- hands down! So gorgeous and mysterious.

  7. Girl With A Sword

    The Chantal laser-cut mask, no question.

  8. So much beuty! I truly love their range of laser cut masks. If I had to choose one I think it would be Adele

  9. Love the mask you’re wearing, and the outfit is perfect with it. As for my favorite mask from the Success Creations site, I have to say the Deluxe Bat Lady-Silver mask is my favorite. The carnation, the bats, the black net…it’s just all too much! I love it.

  10. I loveee the Venetian Court mask. Those long nosed masks are just too interesting and elegant.

  11. I love Colette and Nocturne, might end up buying one of them even if I don’t win!

  12. That mask is fabulous! Such a shame the giveaway is for US residents only. At least now I know where to buy a mask the next time I’m invited to a mascerade.

  13. I think my favorite has to be the laser cut Larissa mask.

  14. My favourite is the Farrah mask. I love your pictures by the way! I love how you put outfits together, it’s really inspiring!

  15. I’m just in love with the Colette mask. It’s so delicate and would be absolutely stunning with a black velvet dress.

  16. You look amazing! I love so many of them but the Othellos in black and gold is one favorite!

  17. I love the Colette mask!

  18. My favourite? very hard to decide! Out of the laser-cut ones, either Nocturne because I have a soft-spot for bats or the Odette one due to lovely swirls and the Swan Lake reference (Swan Lake is totally a Gothic tale!) and out out of the ‘Scary’ ones, probably Void or Ashes, although they would have to be for a classy halloween event rather than the usual masquerade ball/vampire masquerade ball.

    I have a small collection of masquerade masks already… I really need to get some photographs of me actually wearing them!

  19. You look stunning. I love the laser cut masks, with Tessa probably being my favourite. (though I’m not eligible to win!).

    Forgive the shameless plug for my friends from Whitby, UK – Grimace & Squeak. They make the most exquisite hand made gothic masks – pricey but they are truly objects of great beauty and all hand made:

  20. I really like the Corrine mask,so elegant and striking.

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