An Older Black & White Outfit

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Today’s post is another outfit from the Unposted Photos archive. I wore this more than two years ago at my previous job. I have to say, I wasn’t crazy about the pairing of the color-blocked top with this ruffled skirt. Actually, I’ve worn the skirt a couple of times since and find it challenging to find any top I like with it. Untucked tops look bulky due to the rows of ruffles, and I usually only tuck in button-up blouses, which simply wouldn’t go with this skirt. I’m still searching. Someday I will stumble upon the perfect combination, then wonder why I never thought to try that before!

Black and White Corp Goth Outfit

Skirts and tops with this ruffled treatment seemed to become super popular a year or two back – everyone had them, and now I see no one wearing them. I’m actually glad – it’s nice to give a occasional nod toward current fashions, but I’m always happiest when I’m more unique. The tricky part is maintaining a style that is timelessly individual without just looking behind the times. What are your thoughts on walking the line between “fashionable” and “unique”?

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  1. Ehmm, yeah, that skirt looks like a tricky piece. To me, layered rows of ruffles have a playful vibe, but the length is rather low – key…I think it would look great with a darker top, that doesn’t contrast so much to the black of the skirt, perhaps a simple top or one with ruffled cleavage, but I certainly wouldn’t add too much detail…then again, I usually play it safe and don’t put multiple loud pieces in one outfit. ^^

    I think, corp goth fashion is THE line between fashionable and alternative or unique and you always seem to find balance between the two. 🙂

    • I agree – a dark top would work much better. Trying to think what I might have that has some ruffles atop the bodice…. Might have to get crafty, because I definitely want to try that!

  2. Maybe a peplum? Then you wouldn’t have to tuck in but the peplum wouldn’t lie flat against the ruffles and look lumpy…. That’s how I’d go anyhow!

  3. If I find clothing that I like, I hang on to it for years. It’s nice to wear it while it’s “in style” so you look trendy, but even better to wear it later when you still like it but everyone and their dog aren’t wearing it!

    I think all of the pieces that you paired with the skirt go together very well! I also like the idea from the comment above about wearing a peplum top with it.

  4. Maybe a victorian blouse, as in your previous post? I like the suggestion of a peplum too!

  5. I really like the skirt. I’ve always had something for ruffles, whether they are in style or not. 🙂 I like the idea of trying it with with a Victorian style blouse as suggested in a comment above. Something structured and even a bit ‘prim’ would work well, I think.
    Also perhaps you could play around with it and your PVC corset. I’m thinking the contrast could be interesting , and who doesn’t like giving a sweet item of clothing a bit of attitude? 🙂

  6. I wish I could say that I wore what I loved and trends be damned, but that’s honestly not the case. There have been times when a trend caught my eye, but I avoided it simply because it was everywhere.

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