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Romantic Corp Goth Fashion

This was one of my favorite Corporate Goth outfits when I first started at my current job. The variety in the shades of grey, black and white feel almost colorful, without a bit of color. This style is much safer than starting off day one in all black!

Romantic Corp Goth Fashion

I’ve now been at this job nearly 2 1/2 years, and have definitely evolved more into my usual, preferred style. I wear much more black these days and am less concerned about calling attention to myself with bolder accessories. But I still love the soft femininity of this outfit, and will likely pull it out again from time it time.

Romantic Corp Goth Fashion

Nope, not a haircut – I just twisted my hair around once before clipping it up in a pony tail. πŸ˜‰ It gets less tangled throughout the day that way!

Romantic Corp Goth Fashion

I’m always gearing my posts toward the experience of being a goth woman in the corporate world, since that’s where I’m coming from. But I’m curious what my readers do for a living. What line of work are you in? How carefully do you have to adapt your style to be acceptable for your job?

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  1. Oooo, I love that jacket — soft, yet not sloppy, gorgeous shirred sleeves, & looks very versatile. And of course, grey, which is so sophisticated & works well with black & many colors.

    I work in high tech, writing & editing, & my current company is a bit more conservative than past companies. Business casual, with an emphasis on “business,” no shorts, tank tops (not even spaghetti straps), flip flops, logo T-shirts, & jeans must be tidy, no rips or anything. There is an actual, written dress code with these things spelled out. UGH. Even if I don’t want to wear those things, I’m irritated on principle.

  2. I really like this outfit! I work as a receptionist. I never wanted a “career” and am happy with my job – most days. I am fortunate to work in fashion and there is no dress code. People come to work in shorts, ripped jeans, flip-flops but I don’t do those sort of things. I don’t come to work in corsets and such but I do wear tons of black, fishnets, my 14 hole docs with skirts/pants. I do tone it down to a certain degree but I do wear a lot of things I know I normally wouldn’t get a way with in a more corporate setting. I once working in finance and I had a style very similar to yours. Now that my family is getting older and I don’t foresee having any more children, this may change and I may opt for a career soon. We shall see

  3. You look as elegant as always.

    I’m currently on sabbatical but have been a charitable grant programme manager on behalf of regional and national charities in the UK for five or so years. It’s a very interesting job, but I have noticed a hardening attitude by my former employer, which I’ve mentioned on other blogs. Basically they recently updated the staff handbook to include a section on acceptable appearance – of which visible tattoos, piercings, ‘alternative’ dress (as defined by the chief executive who is so preppy it hurts) are not acceptable and could lead to disciplinary action against staff. Great for an organisation that prides itself on inclusiveness and fairness.

    Because I travelled to meet new groups and people all the time I dressed in a way to encourage them to be at ease – no suits, no briefcases, smart casual and lots of cardigans and jersey dresses, usually uniformly black because it was easiest (though I do have a lovely green velvet work coat). For corporate events we were expected to be as smart and corporate as possible. There is laughably a dress down Friday – Gap jeans and pastel jumpers being the expected norm. The correct image must be presented to donors at all times. I often felt caught between our donors, and my every day work with grant applicants who needed a completely different approach (and who I am much more comfortable with).

    Anyhow, now I’m sat here writing a book I can wear whatever I want! Just trying to work out what that is right now…!

  4. I love your outfit, grey on grey is elegant. ^^

    Now I’m working from home, but I’m a marketing and graphic designer, which means a modern, creative office environment, so while I do have to dress up neatly, usually I have I have some freedom to wear ‘artsy ad visually engaging’ outfits, as my previous boss described my style. πŸ™‚

  5. I love the drape of the entire outfit– it drips with mystique without being overtly goth.

    I work at a fabric store, my boss tells me to express myself through clothing however I feel like– whether it’s a pleather circle skirt, or stipey socks. The only stipulation is that it isn’t lewd… which I don’t think I’ve ever been in my life so that’s pretty easy to avoid lol

  6. I ADORE that skirt.

    My training and degree are as a Paralegal and I once held the title of Internship Coordinator in Career Services at a small University, but I’ve really only ever been a secretary of one kind or another (or Administrative Assistant, if you want to get fancy). Right now, I work for a financial consulting firm. It’s a fairly conservative industry and I dress accordingly. I mean, I’m not locked into a suit every day, but I try really hard to keep it professional. I’m a lot more “corp” here than I was in my early days at the University or at my old law firm.

    I used to go head to toe black velvet sometimes at the old law firm. Black nails, so-red-it’s-almost-black lipstick. And the senior partner loved it. He was older, too, so it always surprised me, but he was thrilled that I “dressed up” for work, because the other support personnel tended to just throw on whatever. And at the University, it depended on where I was working . I had a lot more freedom in the Distance Ed department, for example, than I did Career Services, because I didn’t have to set an example. My boss in Career Services was goth herself, though, so she never minded the black.

  7. I’m midlevel at a book publisher. Publishing is a mixed bag…some conservative (like literary trade) some edgy (like art books). I wear what I want. being the token goth, I work on a lot of witchcraft/occult/paranormal/vampire books.

  8. I love the skirt! It has a very pretty watercolor look to it.

    I do administrative work at a non-profit R&D (research and development) company. As with many tech companies, the dress code is very loose. The cubicles are filled with software engineers and architects wearing jeans and sneakers. I don’t have to adapt my style at all; but then my style is relatively tame to start with.

  9. I work at a public library. I find patrons feel oddly comfortable commenting on your appearance. While I would say I keep it professional at work, I do wear mostly black ensembles, and also have black hair and fair skin, and I recently had a patron ask me if I “ever wear color.” (black not being a color in the mind of the general public, I suppose). My employer hasn’t commented yet on my visible tattoos or piercings, or black attire for that matter, but I definitely look different than most of the other librarians I work with, who favor pastel sweaters and tweed pants. I find I have to be careful with my accessories, makeup, and some outfit details while working in the public sphere so people feel comfortable approaching me to ask questions, but on the whole, it’s a bit more accepting than my former corporate job environment, and for that, I’m grateful.

  10. The colours of this outfit are just lovely, it’s so flowy and feminine. It’s funny that in my job it’s pretty much thr opposite of every one elses here! I work in a bar and my bosd likes us too keep it casual and be ourselves – as long as its black! Which is perfect for me πŸ˜‰ so most of the time I find myself having to dress down for work rather than up because some outfits are too fussy or I’m not able to do physical work in them. I normally end up with stretchy skirts and vest tops, as it gets very hot in the old pub building.

  11. Beautiful outfit. I am a buyer for the operating room/perioperative services for the affiliated children’s hospital of a well known university hospital system in the SF Bay Area. I am based at the hospital, and we have a professional dress code. We are supposed to look professional and approachable, since we are walking the hallways and patients’ families are sharing space. People who are lost should be able to walk up to any employee for assistance. I wear a lot of black, light on the makeup, with little details to express myself. My clothes have a dark, vintagey slant, and so I smile a lot at work, make eye contact with people and say hello, that is part of the culture that the hospital system wants to convey.
    I may not be able to go “all out” with my gothabilly self, but I chose this profession and I love what I do. My job is to make sure that the OR has everything they need to perform surgery on someone’s child. The last thing I want to do is look intimidating to parents sitting in the cafeteria, waiting nervously. The hospital I work for specializes in very ill people, so the atmosphere should be friendly and comforting. I am good with that.

  12. I simply adore this outfit. That skirt is to die for and you put everything together perfectly!

    I currently work in 3 different museums, and also co-ordinate a local history project. The local history lot have known me for a couple of years now – I started off as a volunteer, so I can wear whatever I like. The outfit in my most recent blog post was from a day when I was working there.

    Two of the museums are historic properties and when I got the job there i was told the dress code was; smart clothes, dark colours and no logos, which seemed perfect to me. Over time I have discovered that they are pretty laid back though! I try to stick to a ‘only one odd thing’ rule there though – so I will wear funky leggings with a plain blouse and skirt or a ghost jumper with a simple outfit.

    The final museum has a uniform and it’s yellow =S. At least we have to wear black trousers/skirt with the dreaded polo shirt though – and I try to keep a few personal touches like my pocket watch =]

  13. The jacket is lovely. I’m fond of puffy sleeves because my shoulders are very sloppy and the puff sleeves gives an image of straight shoulders.
    I work as a technichian and engineer at a factory, I wear both blue collar and office outfits. I havent put too much effort in my clothing the latest years. As I’m studying to become a teacher I hope to be able to wear more dressy clothes. But if I change profession I really have to think of how I present myself.

  14. I work as a pharmacist and we have a professional dress code. One of the reasons why I really like your blog is because you always manage to look professional yet alternative and I find it hard to do that sometimes. Because I talk to people about sensitive issues all day, I need to look conservative enough to be approachable. However, even when I am dressed conservatively, the black hair/piercings/eyeliner throw a lot of people off. Having a slightly different appearance has also been kind of a good thing because one the people who come in regularly get to know you and know you do a good job, they start asking to talk to “the one with all the earrings” which I think is kind of awesome. Anyway, I am somewhat lucky that where I work the dress code simply states that we must dress professionally (i.e. no jeans, shorts, open-toed shoes, etc) but it has no specific wording regarding piercings, tattoos, or makeup. I have applied for jobs at other pharmacies where you can’t wear makeup, high heels, skirts, or dresses!!! Since I wear a dress or skirt and makeup every day, those interviews didn’t really work out for me. Pharmacists are a really conservative group of people, I am somewhat of an outlier in my profession. I wonder if there are any other alternatively-inclined druggists out there……

  15. I really like your jacket too, and the print on that dress, I remember seeing it another post, it’s lovely.
    I work in IT. I used to wear jeans all the time, but now I’m in a building with execs and no one wears jeans, so I took the opportunity to start wearing dresses and skirts. It’s a nice change for now, though I did feel sort of naked at first!

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