Glasses at the Club

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Goth Club Outfit with Purple Brocade Corset

Usually when we go out to a club, it’s something we’ve been planning for at least a few days.  We have quite a drive to get to any venue that hosts Goth-friendly events, plus I’m particular about which ones I’ll go to.  Once in a great while, though, we’ll get bored on a Saturday evening and head out to whatever club might be available, without having planned to do so.  Wearing my glasses to a nightclub is usually the result of such spontaneity.  My eyes are a bit sensitive to contacts, so in order to wear them more comfortably I soak them in a powerful cleaner between each wearing (I only use them on weekends, and even then only when I *really* am going for full-on Gothic splendor).  Sadly, this cleaning process takes 6 hours, so spontaneous dancing means dancing in glasses.

Goth Club Makeup


I don’t really mind so much, because I do find glasses attractive and I feel the various frames I currently own suit my face and my style incredibly well.  Although the blurry peripheral vision does always throw me off a bit on the dancefloor at first, since I’m not used to it!

How do you feel about glasses when dressing up?  Do you think they detract from the glamour?

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  1. I don’t think glasses detract at all, but this is coming from someone who must wear hers all the time. 🙂 Even if I wore contacts, I’d still need reading glasses so I select frames that suit me and my wardrobe since I’ll be wearing my glasses all the time.

    My current frames are likely my favorite ever. I love incorporating my glassed into my overall look. And the ones I have now are black, chunky, and retro. And they totally work for my general look which fluctuates from work appropriate to weekend casual.

  2. Your glasses really suits your face and style. I hate my glasses to such a extent that I only wear them while watching TV. I got poor eyesight in my twenties and still to this day haven’t got used to seeing myself in glasses. I wear contacts sometimes but not every time I go out. Luckily I manage without contacts or glasses. Reading signs is a bit hard and I don’t see the world in HD but I manage.

  3. My relationship with my glasses is a love/hate kind of thing. I hate the fact I have to wear them to actually see clearly, but I love seeing people wear them and make them work in outfits. It gives me a sense that it’s considered less a visual infirmity, and more like it’s just the way it is and it *can* be beautiful physical aspect of someone. Though I do have contacts (don’t wear them at all however), I do try to make it a point to do my outfit posts wearing my glasses.

    I don’t care much for the “nerd” fashion trend, because their glasses represent their niche like it’s part of the style and not just part of everyday life for anyone, not just the smarties. Nothing against it, but completely detracts for me from what I mentioned above.

  4. I think, glasses are attractive, moreover, they can be really sexy, so no, they definitely don’t detract from the glamour at all! 😉

  5. I think your glasses are really cute, and i don’t think stylish glasses detract- though I think that it can be harder to see good eye makeup if the lenses are very thick and if there is glare from them. I have a pair of glasses- I mainly wear them to drive at night because they don’t help enough in the daytime- but they are really cute (and dainty!) frames and I’ve kept them for my last 3 pairs- I’ll have to post a picture of them for you!

  6. Glasses are awesome when dressing up, as you’ve clearly demonstrated. I actually don’t own a pair of contacts…the idea of touching my eye creeps me out. Plus I LOVE funky frames. If you’ve got a fabulous pair of glasses you’ll look fabulous whether you wear a tshirt or a fancy dress. I’d say they’re one of the most important accessories I own (even not counting their functionality, of course!)

  7. As long as they go with your style then I think glasses are great. Though I do have to wear them all the time, because contacts bother my eyes to much, so I’m probably bias :).

  8. I think glasses can beautifully complement dressy outfits. There are so many styles available, glasses can be an accessory, almost like jewelry for your face. 😉 In fact, I would like to wear my glasses more often, but the blurry peripheral vision drives me nuts.

  9. Lovely outfit and I think glasses suit you very well and in general I think glasses do not ruin a goth outfit at all! 🙂 On the other hand, I am like Beth, because I too have sensitive eyes so I really seldom wear contacts. I actually think my face is a bit weird without my glasses. I wear glasses all the time so I am no longer used to my face without them, which is kind of odd, one might think. >_>

  10. For me, glasses are much easier to wear than contacts and I also think they can make a Gothic outfit look more sophisticated. Your glasses look really nice on you!

  11. Not at all! I agree they can be a very stylish and glamourous touch, if you know how to match them. I find cateye glasses specially appealing. They fit almost everything, don´t they?
    Really liked your club outfit! Glasses were totally a plus 🙂

  12. I think they can be used as an accessory to enhance a person’s style! Yours look lovely on you and definitely look nice with your club outfit.

  13. I’m in most cases not a fan of glasses to be combined with evening outfits, but for you, I make an exception (how generous of me…:-)) since they just suit your style and underline the grown-up elegance of your clothing.

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