Dancing in Vintage-Inspired Velvet

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Vintage-Inspired Velvet

It’s currently a bit warm to go out dancing I velvet, but last spring I put this outfit together while the nights in Los Angeles were still delightfully cool. This overdress is the very first Stop Staring piece I ever purchased, and I don’t get to wear it as often as I would like!

Vintage-Inspired Velvet & Accessories

I actually bought this back before the brand became so wildly popular with “pin up” culture, although it was destined to happen eventually. I went on to buy quite a few of their pieces, and even got married in one… And while I still absolutely adore their aesthetic, I’m frustrated with their cut. Their line goes strictly for pure sex appeal, not vintage sophistication. Sometimes a sexy wiggle dress suits my fancy, but most of the time when I’m going for a vintage look, I want something more tasteful (and less over-played, at least here in SoCal). I much prefer actual 40s vintage, or more authentic reproductions. I’ll actually be putting several pieces from my Stop Staring collection up for sale soon, if I can ever find the time.

Vintage-Inspired Velvet & Accessories

This particular piece, however, is definitely a permanent resident of my closet. I still love the gorgeous draping of the ruffles, which are just enough without being overdone. It’s a perfect blend of vintage versus Goth.

Vintage-Inspired Velvet

I paired the overdress with a lace camisole and a simple skirt that has a matching asymmetrical hemline. The earring and pendant set are from Avon, and the gloves were a gift from Mr. Kitty (purchased from Great Lookz, I believe).

Vintage-Inspired Velvet & Accessories

have you ever had a brand that you adored and collected, only to lose interest in it later?

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  1. I love this outfit and awed at your wedding photo. What a cute couple!

  2. I really like the overdress and the way you put the whole outfit together. But even more I love your hair style! I have to try this style myself….
    ~ Tea

  3. Oh my! This dress is spooktacular! I love it. I don´t think the sexy line is too much, it definitely keeps the elegant touch. Never bought anything from Stop Staring, though. Maybe because they were already merely pinup centred when I first discovered them. Such a shame from me!

  4. I completely agree about vintage retro reproductions styles being overly sexual.
    You, however, look elegant so wonderful put together 🙂

  5. My god, you’re a vision of beauty! I love it when you really play up the goth in your outfits– it sends my heart fluttering, hehe. I think I need to make something similar to that overdress… it’s spectacular.

    I don’t really favor one brand over others– if I like it, I’ll buy it but that won’t ensure my loyalty hehe. I do agree with your observation, perhaps that is why I am having a hard time finding one brand to stay loyal to!

  6. This is beautiful.
    I agree with your thoughts on Stop Staring, they were a favorite of mine when they first came out and for several years. However, it seems that their workmanship and sizing have been…”off”….for the last few years and you are right-they go for pure sex appeal now. Which is great for a cocktail party or something, but I am looking for work dresses and cannot even dress them down anymore. It is a shame.
    This overdress is very lovely, I bet it is from the very early Stop Staring days!

  7. This is so romantic! I love your overdress and the Avon earrings must be a very lucky find. ♥

  8. I fell deeply in love with this dress. It is beautiful! It’s not looking like a typical Stop Staring product. I wish they would make something similar today.

  9. Wow, I love how well co-ordinated this outfit is! The jewelry, makeup, and hairstyle all go perfectly with the dress!

  10. I never have the money to ‘collect’ anything from Goth brands. The closest thing I can say is that I bought a few jackets from Hearts & Roses London, a few years back when they did an interesting range of Gothic and Steampunk jackets (faux-militaria, frock coats, brocades, etc.) and now they make mostly retro dresses instead, and I just want more fancy jackets!

  11. I love that overdress! Also your necklace is very cool!

  12. I really love the overall impact of your look. It’s really powerfully and gothic. I especially like the eyes in the last picture. The dress gives a classic vintage look that I am a big fan of.

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