Mid-Month Status Report – Summer Office Attire

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Summer CorpGoth Fashion

Today is the Mid-Month Status Report due date over on This is CorpGoth!  I’ve actually finished my report on time for once, more or less.  🙂  My summer office attire doesn’t differ greatly from my winter attire.  I live in Southern California, where there’s really not a “cold” season, so we dress fairly lightweight year round.  Of course, offices are kept very chilly in the summer so I practically have to wear my winter clothes to work in summer and my summer clothes to work in winter.  We are a very confused population around here.

Summer CorpGoth Outfit

A typical warm-weather outfit that’s work appropriate from my repertoire is pretty much like the one seen here. A fancy t-shirt from White House Black Market, paired with a satin pencil skirt from JC Penny. I try to go with lightweight flesh-tone stockings more often in the summer, although it’s not uncommon to see me in black tights throughout all the seasons.

Summer Corp Goth Outfit

It’s usually too hot to wear my hair down in the summer, but when it happens to be clean, look nice AND is cooperating, I can’t help but go for it.

Summer Corp Goth Fashion

What’s your typical office ensemble for warm weather? Post your look and then share it over on This is CorpGoth’s Mid-Month Status Report!

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  1. Lovely outfit you’ve go there, I really like the glamorous necklace with the plain but pretty shirt and skirt ensemble!

  2. You look lovely as always. Those tights are gorgeous, I didn’t knew you had them until you mentioned it. It’s not easy to find light coloured nylons here, they are often too tanned 🙁 (you know the old auntie kind of colour).
    I love your hairdo. Do you roll it up and pin it or do you have another trick?

  3. I need to remember White House Black Market as an option. There is a store near my house. That’s a beautiful top (and outfit!) and I love the back of the shirt.

  4. I love how you dress up a regular skirt and top with beautiful accessories! I also love, love your hair! You should do a post dedicated to hairstyles, upkeep, etc you do.

  5. Heh, we are a very confused population at my end of the state too! Forever layering.

    I love this outfit of yours. Totally classic, practically seasonless, although just right for a Californian office “summer.”

  6. Very nice, you can’t go wrong with a black pencil skirt for work wear, in my opinion.

  7. Your jewelry is gorgeous and your hair is beautiful! The t-shirt is a more “dressed up” version – very appropriate for the office.

  8. Beautiful hair, you look lovely 🙂

    I’m not in an office environment any more, but in summer I used to be inconstant conflict with other people over the air con – I like it to be set to sub-zero as I don’t do well in heat and yet still refuse to remove my 40 denier opaques! They’d be skipping around in teeny vests and mini skirts (not designated an office crime, unlike dressing in an alternative fashion…).

    It’s quite strange, being able to wear what I want now especially as The House of No Seasons is a cool house. Today is a graffiti print skirt and black band tee day, cute & comfortable. With the inevitable tights..

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