A Magical Masquerade Giveaway

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Silver and Black Masquerade Mask

I was recently invited to test-drive two divine masquerade masks from Success Creations.  Browsing through their website was a treat, as I discovered many gorgeous creations that were perfect for a dark aesthetic.  The first mask that caught my eye was the Deco Lady Silver – an exquisitely detailed piece in a slightly antiqued silver-tone.  Covered in swirling, shimmering filigree, highlighted with just a touch of glitter and finished with a silver rose spray, I knew it would pair perfectly with my silver brocade corset.

Gothic Masquerade Outfit

Along with my blog redesign, Mr. Kitty and I have been brainstorming on new photo shoot ideas.  I’ve been getting bored with the same studio shots, but honestly, a controlled environment like that is worlds easier than going “on location” (in this case, our dining room).  It was much trickier than we expected to get a composition that looked nice without competing with the outfit (which is, after all, the point of this blog).  Even after moving my studio lights and tripod downstairs, there were an array of technical difficulties due to the large room, the dark furnishings, quirky camera and just plain lack of advanced photography skills.  It was hard work, but we ended up with a few great shots.

Gothic Fashion Photography

After our frustrating but fruitful dining room shoot, we hauled the equipment back upstairs into my loft studio so I could do some shots in a controlled environment where I knew they would come out well (and do this lovely mask justice).

Gothic Masquerade Outfit

I’m looking forward to featuring my other selection from Success Creations soon!

Gothic Masquerade Mask from Success Creations

Giveaway Time!
Success Creations is very generously offering a $50 gift card to one lucky reader of this blog, to be used on the mask of your choice!  To enter, just comment below and let me know who your favorite masked character is!  I will choose a winner randomly from all who participate.

Enter before midnight (PDT) on Monday, July 7, 2014.

Be sure to comment below for a chance to win a $50 gift card from Success Creations!

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  1. definitely phantom of the opera or zorro heheheh

  2. Scarecrow from Batman Begins is my favorite…. mainly because Cillian Murphy is walking perfection!

  3. DeathByPendulum

    You look absolutely stunning!! Love the outfit and mask both.

    My favorite masked character would have to be the Phantom (from The Phantom of the Opera, of course), though V (V for Vendetta) comes in a close second.

  4. I’d have to go with Erik (Phantom of the Opera). That seems to be the popular choice.

    Also, I must say I love your blog. I discovered it a few weeks ago and have gone through the entire thing. The clothing inspiration has been fantastic as I’m trying to readjust my wardrobe post-baby.

  5. I’d have to say my favorite masked character would have to be Deadpool. He’s crazy and fun plus since he is “aware” he’s a comic book character he takes advantage of all the crazy stuff he can do and has fun with it. He’s just awesome 🙂

  6. My adult answer is Phantom of the Opera, but as I love spending time with kids of family and friends and we almost always watch Scooby-Doo — there are a lot of masked bad guys in those cartoons and each one makes the kids laugh which is music to my ears 🙂

  7. I don’t have a favourite masked character but I’ve always adored those plague doctor masks. I find them delicate, frightening and beautiful all in one.

    That on scene shot is lovely, I’d love to see more!

  8. HI! My favorite mask is the “Othellos” (black and silver)! I also love the “Impressions” one even if it’s very different. 🙂

  9. I’m going to go with the Phantom too. Although Batman comes a close second.

  10. I don’t know if this is actually my favorite but, with the new series starting on Saturday, Tuxedo Kamen from Sailor Moon was the first to spring to mind. Also, Jareth in the ballroom scene in Labyrinth… <3

  11. Not exactly traditional but Darth Vader 😀 Plus, I enjoy the sound of his heavy breathing.

  12. The nerdy part of me really loves Harley quinn from Batman. I still want to do a victorian version of her! A mask from that lovely shop would be perfect for that <3

  13. All that work was totally worth it. The shots are gorgeous! I know it was difficult getting it perfect, but I think the dining room was the perfect place for an on-location shot of this particular outfit. It just works somehow. Also, you have a lovely dining room.

    I don’t have just one favorite masked character, though. Erik (The Phantom) is on the list, of course, but he’d be tied with Kane for the top spot. I’m actually kind of a sucker for guys in masks…Batman and Nightwing come to mind, first, and then Wolverine. Then there are a couple other masked luchadors. And Catwoman, who through her history has worn several different masks….I could probably talk about this forever, so I’m going to stop now. 😉

  14. First and foremost, what a gorgeous outfit. I agree with Guin, the dining room shot was well worth the effort.

    My favorite masked characters? Oh good grief! How much time do you have? Let’s start with my favorite: Spiderman. Snarky, punning, wise-cracking superhero … yes please and thank you. The Phantom (comic book) is always a good second. Catwoman is always awesome. Ooooo, Boba Fett — and I don’t mean from those *insert nasty comment* “Clone Wars” movies. BLUCK. I mean BOBA FETT.

    And of course I save the best for last — thank you Alan Moore — V from V for Vendetta. Bless my little dorky heart. V! V! V!

  15. Beautiful blog, fashions and pics–you are an inspiration!

    For favorite masked characters, I have two: the first is the “Red Death” character from Roger Corman’s film “Masque of the Red Death,” based on the E.A. Poe story. This character wears a very Venetian-looking, mysterious mask. The second is Gwynplaine from the film “The Man Who Laughs.” He is only “masked” for a small portion of the film with a strip of black cloth covering the lower half of his face. But to me this is so effective because it makes you concentrate on his tragically expressive eyes.

  16. Beautiful photos and beautiful masks ….
    The Plague Doctor mask just has to be my favorite, although the Plague Doctor is not really a chacter. Thanks a lot for the giveaway.

  17. Beautiful as usual! It was great to get a glimpse of your dining room. So elegant and rich-looking! Thanks for sharing that with us.

    I especially love your skirt and the loads of silver pearls. Exquisite!

    Favorite masked character, hm? Hawkeye. Definitely Hawkeye. I know he’s not masked in the recent Thor/Avenger movies, but I’ve always had a thing for hawks.

  18. Girl With A Sword

    That skirt is to die for! The whole outfit is gorgeous 🙂
    Favorite masked character is probably Tarrant from The Dark Glory War.

  19. I fell in love with that corset; it’s just perfect in every possible way.
    And what a lovely dining room you have! It looks like it was taken in a castle in the 19th century, like the set of a vampire movie :)! Maybe it’s just the darkness of the picture but it’s very evoking.

  20. The mask sets the mood for this stunning outfit. You look gorgeous, mysterious and sophisticated. It’s hard to pick one favorite masked character but Zorro and Phantom of The Opera are my two all time favorites.

  21. All that hard work hauling that equipment was totally worth it! I must say, my favorite masked characters are: Phantom Of The Opera, The Crow (cliché, I know) Jareth in the movie Labyrinth, Spiderman, Batman, Would the Ninja Turtles count too?

  22. My favourite masked character at the moment is probably Casshern from the movie. He’s not always likeable, but he’s very interesting. After that, I’d probably say The Phantom of The Opera -again, not really a nice person, but very interesting.

  23. Hahh, my favorite masked character? Ah, that’s a hard one…but it has to be Batman. I know it’s not all that creative and original, but…it has to be Batman. But there are so many. I asked my boyfriend, he was a little more original and opted for an anime character, but…aaaw, sorry, I got carried away, but I suppose, that’s a good sign…;)

    As for the outfit, the mask and the photos: They’re beautiful. The dining room hot was definitely worth the trouble and in my opinion, it does do justice to the mask, the lighting and the depth are spot on. By the way, I enjoy going on location to take outfit shots for my blog; It’s pretty time consuming and there can be a bunch of annoying factors like changing lights, bypassers, dogs…etc, but it’s fun. 🙂

  24. The dining room shot is fantastic – it looks like a scene from a movie! I like the new blog look, too. Purple. 🙂

    Good grief, lightning x … El Kabong? I haven’t thought of him in years! LOL

  25. Love your entire outfit in this post! And that mask is amazing. I also am a new reader of yours and have found so many great ideas from this blog. Thanks so much!

    My favorite masked character is probably Batman. I loved the Super Friends as a kid, and he was one of the first masked guys I ever knew and loved. So not only am I totally vanilla but I also just dated myself!

  26. I love Catwoman, Batman, Phantom Duck, The Mask (jim Carrey), Darth Vader, V for Vendetta and Zorro!

  27. My personal masked favorite is the Dread Pirate Roberts (before he becomes plain old Westley again).

  28. The repo man from REPO! the genetic opera.

  29. Anne-Marie Pedneault

    Jareth (labyrinth)

  30. Great photos! And like others have said above, the dining room shot fits the mask and your outfit perfectly. I can see a masquerade party happening there, soon! 😀

    I don’t know if they really count as masked characters, but I love mask that Salieri and Leopold wore in the movie, “Amedeus”: called the Janus mask.

  31. Zorro, wearing a mask really masks your mysterious and sexy.

  32. Ooh, gorgeous home! At least as much as one can tell from the dining room. And the outfit – beautiful!

    Masked characters… not sure, so many wonderful ones to choose from. But I do love the idea of the Venetian Carnival and the Commedia dell’arte characters. Love the Colombina masks (the half-masks) used in both.

    But of course, as has been mentioned above quite a few times already, The Phantom (Gerard Butler, oh my!) is a very lovely masked character. 😉

  33. I’m dating myself here but The Lone Ranger came to mind

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