Red & Black Week 2014, Day 5: Dress as Skirt

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Well, I apparently mucked up my camera settings without realizing it until after I had photographed my final two outfits for Red & Black Week…  So, for today and tomorrow, I have grainy, blurry outfit pictures for you!  Oh well, just as every outfit can’t be perfect, every photo shoot definitely can’t go completely as planned.

We’re now in the home stretch of this year’s event!  Those of you who have participated every day so far, hang in there!  😀  Those who still haven’t participated, it’s not too late.  Hope you are inspired to join in before we wrap this thing up.  Today I bring you one more work ensemble, before we head into the finale tomorrow!

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Gothic Office Wear

I wanted to do another “remix” outfit, using the dress I featured in Red & Black Week back in 2012. This time, I traded the long sleeve shrug for a short sleeve blazer. I used the same red crystal butterfly brooch, but actually worn as a brooch this time! I topped the look off with my favorite chiffon scarf, tied in a bow. This ended up almost completely concealing the bodice of the dress, so it is pretty much just functioning as a skirt in this look. I was pleased with how this combination has a completely different vibe than the previous outfit. Dresses can be notoriously inflexible when it comes to remixing, but this one is simple enough it could be worn many different ways.

Gothic Office Wear

Work life continues to throw unexpected challenges at me. I hired a wonderful new part-time intern back in February who has been a life-saver in helping me stay caught up with my workload. I’m still steadily busy, but it’s been wonderful having a reliable and competent assistant for these past few months to keep things manageable. The only problem with a reliable, competent young employee is that most likely, they will be motivated to pursue a permanent full-time position, which I cannot offer. So, my fabulous protege did receive an excellent job offer, and will be moving on very soon. I’m simultaneously so happy for him, and worried how I will manage the expectations put upon me during the process of finding and training a replacement. It will likely take 2 months to get a new intern in place and get them up to speed on everything I need them to do, so it will certainly be stressful and busy for me. Wish me luck that I will at least find a new person who is equally helpful in the long run!

Gothic Office Wear

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  1. I love it! I always find it very strange when people mistake my dresses for skirts because I’m wearing a jumper or such like over them, but I should make use of this more. I love the ruching detail on the blazer.

    Hope training the intern isn’t too bad!

  2. The A-line shape is perfect with this lenght of the skirt, I love it!. You did a great remix of the dress 🙂

  3. I’m loving these remix posts

  4. I’m a bit obsessed with butterflies, so your beautiful brooch is the first thing I noticed. I love the whole look though.

    I feel like I should’ve posted outfit shots too, but hopefully my red and black clad dolls will do. 🙂

  5. I agree that it can be hard to wear a dress in different ways, nicely done! This is also a great way to use the dress for different seasons, i.e. wear it by itself when it’s warmer out and layer over top of it when it’s colder.

  6. I love that dress. It’s interesting to see how different it looks here. Blazers and jackets are wonderful things, aren’t they?

  7. A very smart-looking work outfit. I’m always amazed at how you manage to look both Gothic and professional at once, and manage to do so with such consistency.

  8. Oh, I’m so sorry about your workload, it must suck to part with your intern now, but I hope you’ll find another one soon! ^^

    Your otfit is really lovely, at first I thought, that you’re, in fact, wearing a skirt. 🙂

  9. Well, it looks like there’s two of us who wore a workplace outfit today, although yours looks way more professional. Very nice. And well done on the remix – they look like two completely different outfits! Good luck on finding a good assistant. 😉

  10. I love simple dresses such as that,and its such a lovely shade of red.

  11. I think my favorite way to wear dresses probably is to put some kind of jacket, blazer or cardigan over it. 🙂 I love smart looking work outfits like this one, even though we don’t have any regulations at my workplace (as long as we wear 100% black).
    And yay, I managed to make a post for this years Red & Black week! ^_^

  12. I love everything about this outfit, especially the way you styled your hair

  13. Your blurry, grainy photos are still sharper than mine 🙂
    I love that dress and the blazer is cute too! Insanity for me at work as well, and a scary new promotion … 😐

  14. A very clever idea to mix it up with the dress! Good luck with your work pursuits.

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