It’s On! 4th Annual Red & Black Week Coming Soon!

June 1-7, 2014

Back by popular demand, Red & Black Week is coming Sunday, June 1.

There will be SIX days of Linky posts (Sunday – Friday). You can participate one day or all six days. On the seventh day I will post a recap of everyone who participated.

Once again, we’ll be doing the “Red, Black & White” sub-theme on Tuesday, June 3.  This was inspired by CorpGoth’s fabulous use of that combination during the 2nd Annual Red & Black Week, and became an official part of the event (and was a big hit!) last year.

Now, go and get those Red & Black posts ready.  It’s just under 3 weeks till we begin!

Curious to see how this event works?  Check out posts and participants from previous years and get inspired.


What is “Mr. Linky?”
Mr. Linky is a linking system that will be visible at the bottom of each of my posts during Red & Black Week. There will be a form where you can enter your name and blog post URL, then choose a photo from your post. Then your post will automatically be attached to my post so all of my readers can see it.

Do I have to post for all 6 days in order to participate?
No! You can post any one day of the week, or more if you wish!

Do my posts have to be outfits/fashion-related?
No!  Post any topic you like, as long as it relates to the theme of Red & Black.  In previous years, we’ve had cars, flowers, food, art, music videos, poetry, album covers, etc.  Be creative!

Can I only use red and black?
No! 🙂 Feel free to incorporate any additional colors, as long as each post also contains both red and black.

When I include the Red & Black icon in my post, does it have to be at the top?Does it have to be bright red, or does burgundy count?
ANY shade of red counts, from fire engine red to deep crimson, burgundy or wine! Just keep it in the red family, and don’t get too close to orange, pink or purple.

No. You can put the icon anywhere in your post, but it has to be somewhere in your post. It’s only polite to give your hostess credit for the event. Of course, I would love it if it was up top, front and center, but that’s not necessary. Put it wherever you think it looks best for your post.

Do I have to have a blog in order to participate?
Nope!  You can post a photo on Facebook (just make sure its privacy is set to “Everyone”) and then put a link to your Facebook photo in the Mr. Linky.  Feel free to contact me if you need help with how to do this.

To participate in Red and Black Week:

Each day (June 1-6), I will post my Red & Black outfit as well as a sign-up form (known as Mr. Linky). Add the icon to your Red & Black post for that day (it can be something you posted previously, as long as you go back and add the icon to the post). Then, come back to my blog and add a link to your post (direct link to your Red & Black post, not your blog’s home page) using the Mr. Linky sign-up form on my post.

Each day of the event, my post will launch at 12:00 am Pacific time.

Your posts don’t have to be about fashion, but they do have to be “dark” and they must incorporate a red and black theme. Non-Goth blogs are welcome to participate, as long as the posts evoke an appropriately dark and/or classy aesthetic.

You don’t have to participate every day of the event; feel free to just post once, twice or whatever you like!

Posts that are linked up without including the icon will be removed, because it’s my blog and I said so. 🙂

NO ADULT CONTENT will be allowed in the Mr. Linky.  Save the lingerie for your Significant Other.  🙂

Please share this invitation with any bloggers you know who might be interested in participating!

Questions? E-mail me using the Contact Me page.

HTML for the icon:
<a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>

All images and text © Sophistique Noir Gothic Fashion Blog. Do not use any photos or text from this blog without providing a credit to me and a link back to the original post.


  1. YAY! Looking forward to seeing everyone’s links. And maybe linking in it as well, if I can find the time! 🙂

  2. NOW I’m motivated to finish sewing my red&black playsuit! 😀

  3. Woo-hoo! I’m in this year…I’ll figure out something semi cool to do!

  4. YAY ! Now I’m motivated to prepare some posts 🙂

  5. Whoop! Lots of preparation is in order, though, as I don’t have a clue what I’ll be posting for 2/3rds of the week. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to take part again!

  6. lol but I exhausted all of my red/black/white ideas last year!

  7. Yay I just missed out last year so looking forward to participating this year 🙂

  8. Arvella Oliver

    Your black and red styles are my favorites. I usually substitute purple for red, because red is a difficult color for me, but your style is always the inspiriation.

    • That’s wonderful to hear! Honestly, I prefer purple myself, too. The only reason it’s not Purple and Black Week us because it all started when I challenged myself to start getting more use out of the unworn red things in my closet. 😉

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