February Theme: Outerwear

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February’s theme, suggested by blogger Swgarasu, is outerwear. We did this theme once before, back in December 2011, where I featured a lovely lace trenchcoat from Bebe.  Today, I am sharing a beloved Arden B find – my wool pea coat with PVC trim.

Gothic Wool and PVC Jacket

Mr. Kitty calls this my Sexy Spy coat.  lol.  Both this coat and my lace trench are about 3-4 years old.  I miss the days when higher-end mall stores like Bebe and Arden B carried so many edgy, Goth-friendly items.  Someday, I’m sure they will again…  But for now, it’s all about the rebirth of Grunge, and every trendy person in Southern California is spending a ton of money to dress up like they are homeless or something.  It’s pretty gross.  From what I see in the mall, there is absolutely no beauty or sophistication in popular fashion at the moment, and it makes me sad.  But I’m glad I was able to score a coat like this back in better times!

Gothic Wool and PVC Coat

Now it’s your turn!  Break out your coats, jackets, sweaters, shrugs, capes, cloaks, etc and show us how you bundle up for the great outdoors when the air is frigid.

For those of you currently experiencing summer, feel free to showcase lightweight wraps, beachy cover-ups, blazers, etc.  The more variety, the better, so get creative!

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  1. That *does* look like a sexy spy coat, and goes very well with those heels.

  2. That coat is really cute, I think I have the same buttons! I know what you mean about trends lately- I am still kicking myself over not buying a darling red trench with a really full bottom- almost looked like a dress- from H&M when I saw it- of course a couple of months later they didn’t have my size, and then next season they changed styles. I love a good coat though, I’m so glad you decided to revisit the theme- I can’t wait to see what everyone posts!

  3. I love this coat. Sophisticated and sexy with edge. 🙂

  4. That coat is just fabulous, and you wear it extremely well.

  5. Gorgeous coat! I don’t mind the grunge trend too much, but I’m hoping for another goth revival. 😉

  6. That coat is so nice! I understand Mr Kittys name of it, it’s a spy coat with an edge.
    LA is so much forward in the fashion, Sweden is at least a year behind. I haven’t seen that much grunge style yet in the stores so I propably don’t have much to look forward to next season.

  7. This is my first time participating and I was really excited!

    I am very sorry but I accidentally linked to my main blog instead of the post, so I redid it linking it to the post, so if you want to remove the first one that is ok. Sorry if that caused any bother!

    I love your style, I really wish I had half the beautiful items you have! 🙂

  8. Lovely coat! I feel exactly the same as you. Unless you want a distressed anorak/parka, something tribal printed or shapeless, you are out of luck!
    If you’d like to wear your coat more, come visit the Northwest, we’re having snow tomorrow!

  9. That is a lovely coat. I really struggle with coats and never find something that is both warm and waterproof (it rains a lot here) and also looks nice. I’ve got a blue parker at the moment and its pretty boring.

  10. Amazing coat! I completely and 100% agree about the grunge trend, nothing in fashion right now nothing is exciting me. I lived through the grunge thing (from the thrift stores!) and I don’t need to ever see it again. Hehehee 🙂

  11. I see the shops are same all around the world :D. I also got all my coats and jackets 3-4 yaers ago. I like your coat – that combination of elegant and sexy elements.

  12. I think Mr. Kitty totally rocked it with the name of your coat, hahah. It is true you can find lots of grunge clothes on the shops now, but at least here in Europe, you can also find unexpensive black clothing this winter, and some of the pieces have lovely cuts 🙂 But I guess the retails stores vary their stock depending on local fashion streams.

  13. It’s a lovely coat, it’s a sexy spy outfit indeed.

  14. I love that coat! 😀 It’s pieces like that which make me very envious of women who can buy off the rack.

    “Sexy Spy” is the perfect description. The wide belt is fantastic.

  15. Indeed, this is totally a sexy spy coat! But your shoes, I somehow can’t imagine using them during winter time, at least in my climate zone 🙂

  16. ‘Sexy Spy coat’, very apropos! 🙂

    Well, dunno about the grunge trend…probably it’s a generational thing, but I think some of the prints and items themselves are quite nice. But on the other hand, grunge is indeed, everywhere and it’s crowding out everything else…I miss diversity too.

  17. I love thrifting, but grunge is not my thing. I see goth revival here everywhere, major stylists are someway “stealing” gothic looks, total black, black lace dresses and shirt, dark make up, black nail polish.

  18. Great coat! I would love something like that to wear to work in the winter. It looks put together but has that little bit of an edge to it!

  19. That is a great coat! I love the trim. I’m not liking the current state of fashion, either. Bleh.

  20. I would have loved to participate but all I have to offer for outerwear at the moment is a down-filled parka and clompy Sorels. Both in black obviously, but not nearly as attractive as your coat and boots. Still, they are awfully warm. 😉

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