Old Hollywood Glamour for the New Year!

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Old Hollywood Gothic Glamour

For my 40th birthday, Mama and Papa Kitty presented me with this amazing evening gown! I had stumbled upon it on Amazon (of all places) several months prior, and had added it to my wishlist. Considering the source and the price, I didn’t expect it to be so high quality, but I thought it would be nice for a special club night now and then. When I saw it in person, I was blown away. It’s the perfect dress for a film noir, old Hollywood glamour lover like me. Since I received it in September, I’ve been saving it just for New Year’s Eve.

Old Hollywood Gothic Glamour

To bring in the new year, we spent the evening at Odyssey, an upscale restaurant at the north end of Los Angeles situated high on a mountaintop that overlooks the whole metropolis. For years, it’s been our favorite place to celebrate special occasions (we even spent the afternoon of our marriage there, enjoying lunch and champagne with my parents). The NYE event was held in a huge ballroom rather than the regular dining room, and featured a buffet filled with amazing gourmet food and luscious desserts. At midnight, we could see dozens of fireworks displays off in the distance, from countless miles around.

Old Hollywood Gothic Glamour

I have to admit, I felt absolutely perfect in this dress. Everything else about the look just fell into place perfectly as well, including my hairstyle, which is the closest I’ve come in my life to creating a vintage-inspired updo that actually looked somewhat pro.  I hated to take it down and brush it out at the end of the night  (or, more like the wee hours of the morning)!

Old Hollywood Gothic Glamour

The “jewels” include two necklaces from Target, another unexpected source of elegance. My chandelier earrings are from a random mall store, and the gloves are from Great Lookz. I had intended to wear my regular ruched satin opera gloves (the ones with fingers) but I hate to hide my wedding rings, so I opted for the fingerless version.

Old Hollywood Gothic Glamour

Mr. Kitty matched me in a classic black suit, black shirt and silver brocade tie to match my sparkling rhinestones. We were the most elegant couple of the evening, turning heads wherever we walked. A couple of nice ladies even named me “Red Carpet” for the night, a compliment which I gladly accepted.  Next time I plan to wear this dress, I’m finally going to buy myself my dream (faux) fur black mink stole that I’ve had my eye on forever!  It was the only element that was missing from this look.

Old Hollywood Glamour

How did you greet the new year?  Please do share, because I always love to hear how different people celebrate this lovely night.  It’s always so personal and unique, whether you stay in or go out.

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  1. Simply stunning! (Have you heard about the Edwardian Ball? It’s 8 Feb this year in LA and you’d right at home there.)

    • Ah, yes, I have heard of it. I always want to attend so badly, but then I start thinking about the crowds… Promoters in L.A. always over-sell special events so badly, and I can’t imagine swarming through shoulder-to-shoulder people in an elaborate outfit. We should be open-minded and give it a shot, though. It always promises to be so beautiful!

      • Hmm, I’ve not ever found it “too” crowded (although after the first year, I’ve purchased a reserved seat because I like to have a place to sit) and my costume is never as “elaborate” as some people’s! Most attendees are very respectful of the fact that people will be showing up in togs that take up more room than your average jean-and-tshirt. Just struck me as something you might enjoy 🙂

  2. Happy New Year!
    Wow, you look stunning! That is an exquisite dress. Great work with your hairstyle. It’s so hard to pull off a great vintage hair style without a lot of patience!
    I would love to celebrate New Years Eve in a ballroom dressed like that, but I always seem to celebrate at house parties where everyone dresses pretty casual. Mr. Kitty looks pretty swish too!

    • It’s tough to find a formal occasion in our casual world. Those in the Los Angeles area are either so packed with people, or so pricey… We felt thankful that this one wasn’t too bad on either count (okay, a bit packed, but the train on my dress only got stepped on twice, so I call that a victory!).

      I would imaging, with NYE falling during summer in your corner of the world, that would change the dynamic quite significantly. Warm weather definitely calls for a more casual celebration. Either way, doing something you love is all that matters on such a magical night!

      Happy new year!

  3. You two look amazing! The dress looks great and suits you so well and the dapper gentleman at your side has a great look as well… I wish I would have opportunities to look so glamorous!

    My New Years Eve was rather boring, we were at a student party with some friends and lighted some fireworks around midnight. But I had my lovely boyfriend with me which always makes the night!

    • We were definitely the only ones who were so formal at this event. Most of the ladies had cocktail dresses (and boy, we’re some of them shocking! No class…) but no other evening gowns. I was sad, as I always hope to see others who dress up, but still thankful that I was able to create a opportunity to wear a dream outfit like this!

      Your party sounds fun! Fireworks are always perfect for such a magical night. Hope you and your boyfriend had a wonderful evening, and have a wonderful year ahead together!

  4. Oh, you must have had a glamourous NYE! Your dress is fabulous and you look is really elegant and stylish. I could never pull off such an elaborate vintage hairdo…:)

    My boyfriend and I stayed at my mom’s place, we celebrated with her, just chatting and having a delicious dinner. December was very hectic and January’s started out busy as well, so we just wanted to relax, but I’d love to celebrate NYE in a fancy ballroom once…:)

    • Sometimes a relaxing evening is the most magical thing in the world! We sure do live in a BUSY world, and just taking some time to relax with loved ones is a great gift. Delicious food is definitely a bonus. 😉 Happy new year to you and your family!

  5. Gorgeous! I actually think I would prefer the fingerless gloves to the other ones. I was quite boring on new year – I spent it with one or two friends, drinking and babysitting my dog.

  6. Wow – you look stunning! No wonder the two of you turned heads that night!! :o)

    I have a beautiful vintage silver fox stole (the ones with the black fur and silver tips) that I’d love to give you to wear with that dress next time! The poor thing used to sit on the bookcase in my (former) attic studio, but now that the new studio will be out in the garage, I’m afraid the critters will get to it. You’d have to wait until he comes out of storage though (hopefully April, although I suspect not!)

    New Year’s Eve … nothing on TV, so in bed by 10:30. I did make some mulled wine though, so that was nice. ;o)

    • Wow – that’s an offer I sure wouldn’t be able to refuse!! I’d love to see that beauty when he resurfaces! I’d be happy to pay a fair price, of course, and give him a home where he could be spoiled and pampered! 😉

      Mmm, I’ve been wanting to try mulled wine. It sounds so comforting and cozy. I just made my first hot toddy a few weeks back, after deciding that this winter shall be the winter of comfort beverages. Would you be willing to share your recipe for mulled wine? They seem to vary so greatly.

      • Oh gosh, Ms. Kitty … I’m not very good at measuring things and I think I do it differently every year! This year I sliced up a lemon and an orange, added about six cloves, a cinnamon stick, some sugar (guessing about 1/4 cup?) and threw it all into a pot with two bottles of cheap Chianti. I use whatever red wine is on sale at the time. ;o) Then I just refrigerate whatever is leftover in a Mason jar, so I can microwave a cup every night until I run out. Yum!

        I’ve never made a hot toddy – did you like it? My father used to swear by them for getting rid of a cold. LOL

        If you want a preview of Mr. Fox, you can check him out on top of the bookcase … and he would be a gift. No money involved. 🙂


        • Well, that’s enough of a starter recipe for me! 🙂 I’ll have to try it this weekend. Yes, I lived the Hot Toddy – I didn’t have a cold, but decided to call it a preventive measure. 😉 okay, that sounds like just an excuse to drink…. So it was! 😀

          Mr. Fox is so lovely! Thank you a thousand times for such a kind offer!!

  7. You look amazing! No wonder you got named Red Carpet, you look like a movie star <3

    We celebrated New Year by going to a Twin Peaks-themed B-day party. It was great fun, and I got to play Audrey in my new halterneck evening dress. Changing the year with loved ones has always been my favourite method of celebrating 🙂

    • Thank you! Your celebration sounds like so much fun. I totally agree – there’s nothing better than being surrounded with loved ones on NYE. Will you be sharing photos of your dress on your blog? It sounds lovely!

      • I’m actually working on a pattern + tutorial on how to make a halterneck gown, so it may end up on “the other blog” sooner or later ^^ I’m planning to wear the dress to Mom and Dad’s 70th B-day in the summer, so a post on my lifestyle blog may eventually follow. Hopefully, I’ve been a touch lazy about it lately…

  8. Such a elegant couple! You do look like a old time Hollywood star.

    I celebrated new years eve with my family at my parents house. I went home at 11 pm to watch the fireworks from my home. Since I always celebrate new years eve at my parents I’ve never seen the fireworks from my balcony before but I’ve always wondered what it would look like. I live on the 7th floor in a house on a hill and this year I decided it was time to see if the view on new years eve was as spectacular as I imagined it to be. It was! The view is great on any day but on new years eve it was absolutely spectacular.

    • It’s wonderful that you and your parents have a tradition for ringing in the new year together. And now wonderful that you changed up the routine this year to check out that view? I can only imagine how incredible it was. What a magical way to greet 2014. Happy new year!

  9. You look like a raven haired Breathless Mahoney. Very nice indeed!

    A old college friend that I hadn’t seen in five years came over for drinks. He met my husband, I met his wife. We live up on a hill that overlooks Orange County and at midnight all the fireworks, especially those of Disneyland, startled us.

    • As, thanks! I’ve actually never seen the Dick Tracy movie – now I’ll have to check it out!

      Ooh, I can only imagine e Disneyland fireworks on NYE. They must have been impressive, and definitely loud! Sounds like you had a lovely evening with old friends and new. That’s a perfect beginning to the year!

  10. You both look perfect!!

  11. That dress is soo amazing!! It look high quality and fits you like a glove. No wonder you were the most well dressed couple at the restaurant!
    Thats a very nice way to celebrate a New Years eve and an excellent reason to dress up.
    We had kids at home so we toasted in alcoholfree cider and Johan made an animalfriendly (silent) firework at home. There were plenty of other in the neighbourhood shooting fireworks so we got that too.

  12. amazing dress! and the accessories are stunning, and from target?? bonus! another smart stylish blogger i follow[ed] posted pics and videos from the sanfran edwardian ball. it looks like an incredible time and you can be in the crowd or watch from afar


  13. Absolutely stunning! I think everything about this is perfect! Also LOVE your hair- it’s incredible!

  14. Beautiful dress! Also, did you say 40th birthday?! You’re stunning! Awesome style, I’m glad I found this blog 🙂 xxx


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