Business with a Bit of Sparkle

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Corporate Goth Sequin Scarf

Momma Kitty gave me this sequined scarf for Christmas one year. While it is deliciously sparkly and gorgeous, oh boy, does it itch! Beyond itching, it’s more of a scratchy, slicing feeling. It definitely cannot come into contact with even the tiniest bit of my sensitive skin while being worn. However, it pairs perfectly with a mock turtle neck shell that sets off the shine with just a hint of white. Tucking the scarf under a blazer toned down the flamboyance enough to make it suitable for the office.

Corporate Goth Sequin Scarf

I truly enjoyed the sleek sophistication of this outfit. So many of my looks have focused on a vintage vibe lately, it’s nice to achieve a modern, professional elegance once in a while. I also really loved my hair pulled straight back like this, with a floofy hairpiece covering the boring bun for a change.

Corporate Goth Suit Sequin Scarf

Have you ever worn sequins to work? How did you pull it off?

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  1. Yeah, I have a long record of sensitive skin reactions to fabrics myself… My skin normally reacts to some types of wool, which can be a bit messy, since the allergy does not appear as soon as I try clothing, but several hours later and when I buy a jumper I have to rely everything will be ok… Really frustrating.

    On the other hand, I think you look lovely on your attire. Very classy and professional 🙂

  2. I used to have a really lovely pair of black sequined pumps I would pair with a black suit. They had a bit of sparkle, but they weren’t so over-the-top that I couldn’t wear them at the office. They were also so comfortable that I eventually wore them to death.

  3. I’ve got a black sequined top that I wear quite a bit with either a black skirt or jeans. I’ve also got an amazing pair of bright pink sequined shoes but haven’t been brave enough to wear them out yet.

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