November 1 Theme: Sweaters

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Fall is finally here, which means most of us Gothy types are pretty happy. We tend to love layering gorgeous mixes of flowing, drapey fabrics in ways that are far too heavy for stifling summer weather. Not to mention the inherent dislike of sunshine and sweat… Personally, I could not be more happy each year once Fall finally arrives. Unfortunately, here in Southern California we have to be very, very patient. November is here now and we are still having rather hot days with only a few cooler ones mixed in. It’s not unusual for temperatures to be in the 60s on Christmas day around here, but thankfully by then it’s getting much cooler and those warm days are fewer and less frequent.  I’m looking forward to that time, but meanwhile at least the evenings are soothingly cool.

Gothic Sweater Dress

In addition to enjoying cooler temps, I’ve been working hard at the gym to lose a bit of “stress weight” I put on early in 2012 (you may remember my struggles before I left my last job, that led to eating lots of chocolate), and to tone up this 40-year old body. Being more satisfied with my figure now than I was a year ago, I was excited to pull this VERY body-conscious sweater dress out of the back of the closet and take it out for a night on the town.

Fall Gothic Fashion

This dress came from Newport News several years ago. I never wore it much because it’s actually beyond ankle length on me, and being so skin tight I thought it looked strange hobbling around (and tripping a lot) in a sweater that covered my toes! I know it’s nearly impossible to sew knit without it looking terrible, so chopping it off and hemming was out of the question.  I decided to try just folding it under about 8 inches and pinning it on the seams. I thought there was no way it would work and not show, but it actually turned out perfect! I love the proportions of the dress much more now.

Gothic Sweater Dress

Many of you out there have already been enjoying glorious Fall weather much longer than those of us in Southern California, so hopefully you’ve got your sweater collection in heavy rotation now.  So, start linking! 🙂

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  1. Your sweater dress is really cute, it looks comfy, but somehow it’s so retro! ^^

    We’ve already experienced minus degrees and winter – cold over here, it’s crazy! So while I’m ineffably happy that summer is finally over, I envy you, who can enjoy Fall a bit longer! 🙂

  2. That sweater looks amazing on you. 🙂 Love the collar!

  3. Wow you look fabulous in your sweater dress. It was a good desiscion to fold the hem up. You should be proud of your appearance. When we get a little older weight tends to be added to our bodies.

  4. My God! u look so fab!! i love you dress and now i want one..haha

  5. That’s a very nice sweaterdress 😀

  6. That is a very pretty dress. I think I like the collar most of all. Newport News was one of the very first places I shopped when I started working full time after college, because I could find pieces that were work appropriate but still a little on the gothy side.

    It had been so cold here, I was excited about doing a sweater outfit to post today. Then I got up and it was 71. It’s not even cold at my office.

  7. I love your sweater dress! The shape is so flattering and you look gorgeous 🙂

  8. The dress is lovely, and suits your shape and style perfectly <3

    I'm sort of a bit jealous of the warm weather you're having… it's been cold and damp here in Finland for nearly two months now, and winter is still to bring freezing temperatures to us. I sometimes wish cool, crisp autumn could last forever.

  9. Here in Oregon it’s been in the 40’s since September. I freaking love Oregon, you should move here. :]

    And I think you have an incredibly beautiful body, and it’s even more astounding that you’ve kept it that nice for so long! :]

  10. I hate cold weather… but I hate hot weather, too.
    If only fall was a year round season, eh? Lol

    I love sweater dresses! This one is quite lovely, and I love how it accentuates all the right parts. You are beautiful, as always. 😉

  11. your figure is just amazing!! I’m speechless! And that cross of your is perfect. I love to have big accessories and I wear something simple. 🙂

  12. Way to work it! I tend to think of sweaters/sweaterdresses as kind of boring or frumpy, but not this one! Also I am crazy about your hair- it looks so cute!

  13. This dress is stunning; you look so fabulous in it! I really envy your figure and confidence =]

  14. Even with teased hair you look very elegant, yet fabulous! I envy you your style consciousness – and such killer figure at mature age, too.

  15. Okay, you’ve just inspired me to tone up my bod!

  16. And this is what I call a quintessential Ms. Kitty outfit. 🙂 I love the juxtaposition of the spiked hair with the softness of the sweater. It adds a bit of drama and sass. Very lovely, darling. 🙂

  17. That’s a gorgeous dress, you look amazing!

  18. You look amazing! I’m so lazy when it comes to exercising, so much respect to you for doing so. 🙂

  19. Whoops, missed this challenge. Always the next one though 🙂

  20. I really love this outfit. I think you could wear something like this to work as well as out. One can never go wrong with form fitting black dresses, skirts, or sweaters!

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