Grey Leopard with Red

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Corp Goth - Grey Leopard with Red

I found this tunic top at Speigle a while back while on the hunt for more tunic-length items to wear on casual Fridays. Since most women’s pants are NOT made to accommodate my slim figure AND curvy hips, I’m not comfortable at work with how snug most pants fit around my midsection. It’s awesome on the weekend, but I don’t need colleagues seeing me in butt-hugging clothes. I find that just… gross. Two possible solutions – buy baggier pants that would fit better in the hips but be too large in the waist and baggy in the legs (yuck – NO), or just wear longer tops over them.

Corp Goth - Grey Leopard with Red

Granted, this is not a true “casual” outfit, but for me just wearing pants is casual enough. These pants came from Macy’s and have jeans styling but are a soft poly blend fabric. The top is a silky rayon that is totally cat hair resistant. The drapey sweater came from Ross. Belt is from eBay. These shoes are so incredibly uncomfortable; I need to find some way to line the top of the part that goes over the toes so it doesn’t dig into my feet. I wasn’t able to wear them all day, so I had black heels on most of the time.

Corp Goth - Grey Leopard with Red

I often like to pay tribute to my gorgeous silver and white kitties by wearing grey animal print. I really loved how exotic the print is on this top, with its realistic variations. So many leopard print items have just the same boring spots all over, all the same size. Being a huge fan of the beauty and majesty of exotic cats, I love that this print is more true to life.

Corp Goth - Grey Leopard with Red

And here is little miss Persephone, the newest addition to our family. She’s 7 months old and still in her Crazy Kitten phase, but is gradually becoming more and more affectionate. Not sure whether she has any Maine Coon in her, but that will become more obvious as she matures and we can see her true personality. She does have incredibly silky long fur, but judging by her facial structure I’d say she’s more likely Norwegian Forest Cat, which is a close second in my book. She’ll never be huge like either of those breeds, though. She’s a TEENY little thing!  Or maybe she’s normal sized (hard to tell by the photo, since I’m teeny, too!).  Our perspective may be skewed by the Maine Coons we’ve had in our lives!

Corp Goth - Grey Leopard with Red

What is your favorite breed (or mix) of kitty?

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  1. The love of my life was a giant black cat. He was a mutt. But he was beautiful.

    Honestly, I can’t say I have a favorite breed. I generally just want them all! I’ve only ever had one pure bred; she was a Himalayan. Very beautiful, but also very weird.
    We currently have two mutts – Shelly has just enough Maine Coon to have toe tufts. Malice is a tabby kitten. My husband thinks she might have a touch of Savannah cat, but given that those cats are expensive and hard to come by, I have a hard time believing that those bloodlines would find their way to a shelter in Prince George County!

    I’m glad Persephone chose to pose for us! She’s adorable. And she does go rather well with that top.

  2. I like ats with long ad fluffy fur like Persians, Birmans, Himalayans, British Longhairs, Ragdolls…all the fuzzy ones. Maine Coons are also beautiful. 🙂
    Persephone is a stunning little lady, my boys never pose like that in my arms.

  3. I would say the breed I have now, the Burmese, is my favourite. They are very affectionate and intelligent, and it is somewhat amusing to see them walk on a leash and fetch things.
    Whilst long haired cats are very beautiful (I had a PersianXHimalayan once), their fur is unfortunately very high maintenance and I don’t really have the time for that. It wouldn’t be fair on them!

  4. Beautiful outfit, Ms. Kitty! I love the print on your tunic and I’m not generally a fan of animal prints. I think I like yours because it does look more realistic, as you pointed out. :o)

    I love kitties, but unfortunately I’m allergic. Eyes and throat swelling shut allergic. And yet I still NEED to pet them when they’re around. And then pay for it later. ;o)

  5. Kitty! So very pretty…

    I’ve got a nice long-haired black kitty at home. Absolutely no clue about any breeding, because she was picked up by the shelter as an adult. But at least she matches my wardrobe!

  6. As anyone who has blogged along side of me for any length knows, I LOVE animal print. The crazier, the better. However, I will admit that realistic animal prints for work tend to add a bit of sass and spice to an outfit without being OTT. I’m a big fan of grey animal prints with a red belt as you might recall from my own past posts, so I absolutely adore this outfit. 🙂 Birds of a feather and all that jazz.

    As for kitties … the best kitties are those who need to be adopted, regardless of breed. Pound kitties like Moo are my favorite because she needed a forever home and I needed a purr machine to love.

  7. I need more clothes that are cat hair resistant! Neither of my cats are any type of breed, they are just good old tabbies.

  8. I really like your hairstyle in these photos, it makes you look even younger. The top is lovely, with that realistic print.
    I bought small stickers in suede to glue just under the edge of the heels on a pair of mary janes that behaved like your shoes, and I can say that I have had these for several years now and they are very comfortable. I bought those stickers at a shoe store.
    Persephone is gorgeous. I can see it in her eyes on the photo that she is on the run :). I think siamese cats are beautiful but they talk/yell too much. I had a half siamese once so I know what I’m talking about, she walk around in the early mornings and screamed until we went up to chat with her -_- .

  9. Awww Persephone is so cute! I love my all my kitties, none are pure breeds, but I am partial to silver and black tabbies. They are also the NAUGHTIEST cats I ever know, always into mischief! I like Tuxedos too, my girl is so sleek and she is the only one that doesn’t get hair on everything! Great outfit for casual Friday!

  10. I have been owned by an applehead Burmese, a big boxy flame point Siamese, a white gutter kitty with blue eyes, a grey tiger tabby who looked like a harbor seal, a raggedy flame-point Maine Coon with blue eyes, a bright orange Maine Coon who was exceptionally beautiful but very crabby, and a flame point Javanese, whose eyes are crossed. All but the Burmese just showed up.

  11. I love the belt and how it creates a pop of red against the top. It is a pity the shoes are uncomfortable because they are so cute and look great.

    Persephone is adorable. She looks a lot like my little girl, Mousie. I don’t have a favourite breed. All the cats that have owned me have been moggies, and most have been ex-strays who know a sucker when they see one! My boy, Griffin, may be part Maine Coon. He is a very large, very fluffy tabby who leaves hair EVERYWHERE!

    • Actually I stand corrected. A Manx adopted me, and my vet and I were pretty sure he was a purebred. I called him Drax because he had the longest fangs I’d ever seen on a cat. He was about 10 when he turned up and I had him for three years before he succumbed to kidney disease.

  12. Favorite? All of them, but especially rescues (right now I’m particularly fond of the two sitting on me!). 🙂

  13. This grey animal print and black and red combo looks glamourous and classic in you!
    As for kitties I have a fondness for Siamese, my hubby has a gondness for Maine Coons like you.

  14. I would love to have a Bengal cat someday. All of our cats have been mixes – I used to have a beautiful long haired calico- but I prefer shorthairs, and tuxedos are my favorites. The cat I miss the most is one that I picked out – he didn’t like me for years but loved my husband. The husband picked him up wrong, held him wrong, petted his fur backwards – and the cat loved it. Eventually our whole family became his property, and he used to parade around the neighborhood with us. He was a brave, wonderful character.

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