Fun Knee Socks!

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Goth Knee Socks

Sleeveless sweaters have forever been a mystery to me. If it’s cold enough outside to wear a sweater, isn’t it likely too cold to have bare arms?? I honestly don’t know how this dilemma is resolved in the mainstream world, where arm warmers are not a socially acceptable option. However, I was quite happy with this combination, as the socks, sweater and arm warmers all have their own ribbed patterns that play well together.

Goth Knee Socks

My black Hue fishnets give this outfit just a touch of Goth sexiness, and my oldest cross necklace is the finishing touch.

Gothic Floral Cross

I thought this was a perfect outfit for running weekend errands in the fall. Just warm enough, and loaded with interesting detail.


How do you wear sleeveless or short-sleeve sweaters?

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  1. I have a short sleeve turtleneck sweater with matching arm warmer but they’re a lot shorter, than yours, so they don’t offer any protection against the cold. I usually wear that sweater over a thinner long sleeve top. The only problem is, that the sweater is fitted, so the two layers make me look a bit bulky, but it’s pretty comfy and I love the sweater so much – it’s a cute nordic print knit sweater -, that I can’t stop wearing it in winter. 🙂

  2. Short sleeves sweaters are a mystery for me too ^^
    I have one or two of it, and I wear them with long sleeves top underneath.

  3. I don’t wear sleeveless ANYTHING anymore, because my farmer tan is REALLY over the top. It’s a sexy look.

  4. I wear short sleeve sweaters (specifically cardigans) over a cami in the summer. They’re a loose weave and made of cotton, so they’re as cool as a t-shirt but dressier.

    As for cold weather short sleeve sweaters… well, they do seem counterintuitive. What really mystifies me are sleeveless turtleneck sweaters. I guess they’re meant to be worn under a jacket?

  5. Wow, it looks great. I love the cross and the interesting knotting to the lace.
    I cant wear sleaveless, with my narrow sloppy shoulders and big arms but prefer short sleaves.
    Short sleaved sweaters are summerwear here in cold Sweden 😉

  6. I absolutely love short-sleeved sweaters, especially when I have an unpredictable classroom as I do this semester. It was super chilly here in NYC on Monday and I actually had to wear my winter coat. However, I wore a short-sleeved sweater because I *knew* that the classroom in which I’m teaching is super hot. My back and chest stayed warm during the commute … once in the classroom I was comfortable in short-sleeves. I have a whole collection of short-sleeved sweaters just for the fall and spring.

  7. Like the most of the commenters here, I also wear them with something long – sleeved, whether it is a thin (or not so thin, it depends) blouse, or some long – sleeved body lingerie, underwear, you name it. But, anyway, I don’t find them much practical, because you arms still kind of stay cold 🙂
    An you have presented one really elegant outfit!Pleasure to the eye 🙂

  8. I feel the same way about short sleeved sweaters, or short-sleeved velvet anything. (This did not stop me from buying a velvet tank top in a moment of weakness. More than once.)

    I love arm warmers, and I wear them all the time. I wore a pair with spiders on them to vote the other day. 🙂

  9. I could not pull off this look, but I love it on you! Very cute! The only thing I don’t like about it is the ruffle over your hand- I feel like it should stop clean and straight at the wrist because the pattern on the knee socks is so linear.

  10. Ahah, I never wear sleeveless sweaters for your exact same reason: if it’s cold, I can’t go around in my bare arms, and if it’s hot, I can’t wear anything woolly. That’s the reason why I never wear my favourite wool dress: it has short sleeves and I can’t figure out how yo wear it (except with a bolero, which on the other hand kind of hides the dress).
    By the way, you look stunning as always 🙂 we rarely see you in a more casual attire, but you look good in practically anything! And, by the way, I love those armwarmers ;).

  11. Love the socks! They look so cozy.

  12. As a fellow Angelina, I just roll with them. It’s not usually cold enough for me to wear a sweater (and I do so love them), so I settle for sleeveless sweaters (I even have a shoulderless sweater!). This is a great look, though—I keep arm warmers at my desk for cold typing fingers, but don’t wear them otherwise.

  13. Where did you get those cute socks? I would love a pair!

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