September 1 Theme: Special Occasions

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I’ve been out of the Monthly Theme business ever since Red & Black Week back in June. I’ve missed all of the sharing that goes on for these themes!  So take a moment to make the blog world a brighter place and let’s all celebrate Special Occasions together today!

So, sometimes I create a lovely outfit, take an excellent batch of photos, and then somehow misplace them and they never get posted. 🙁 Back in March, Mr. Kitty and I celebrated our seven-year anniversary! This was our “when we met” anniversary – our fourth wedding anniversary will be on my birthday later this month. Which will also be my Fabulous Fortieth, and I am so excited! But we’ll talk more about that when the time comes. 😉

Glamorous Gothic Evening Outfit

I scored this taffeta-esque evening gown at Ross for $11. Yes, eleven dollars. Okay, so it’s not Jessica McClintock quality, but it’ll do for a dinner in a town where most people wear baseball caps and flip-flops to the nicest restaurant in the area! I don’t usually go for the one-shoulder thing, but this one felt classy to me with the elegant folds over the bodice. Paired with a vintage veiled cocktail hat, ruched satin gloves and rhinestone jewelry (including the necklace Mr. Kitty got me for Valentine’s Day this year), I felt like a star from the 40s. You all know how much I love that feeling!

Mr. & Mrs. Kitty

Isn’t Mr. Kitty amazingly handsome in a tie? I’m sure super glad I married him.

Glamour Goth Fashion

Mr. Kitty didn’t seem to feel slighted at all when I told him I spent only$11 on a dress for our special night. He even liked the one-shoulder thing, which he usually hates even more than I do. Still, I find myself fantasizing what this gown would look like without it… Who knows what you will see next time I wear it! 😉

Mr. & Mrs. Kitty

Style Crone - Hat AttackI’m also participating in Style Crone’s Hat Attack today, with this vintage veiled cocktail hat I found on eBay.  I bought a few of these more than 10 years ago, before vintage really got popular, so I scored some great deals.  It’s amazing that there are only a couple of tiny flaws on the delicate veils after all the years of loving use they must have seen.  I’m so happy that Style Crone is doing this new monthly theme.  I’ve long adored her blog and she’s most definitely one of my fashion icons – a gorgeous, mature woman with a never-ending sense of style and an incredible collection of hats!


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  1. d’aww. you both look fabulous! and happy (almost) birthday! I only hope I’m as fabulous when I’m 40!

  2. In the poison garden

    Omigosh!! that last photo of you both is STUNNING ( I feel it warranted caps) great post, I can’t wait to see what fabulous things you come up with for your birthday/anniversary

  3. You do look like a 40s diva! This outfit is awesome. I like the dress as it is, with its single shoulder, but I agree that it might look even better without it.
    The two of you make a wonderful couple 🙂 congratulations on your anniversary!

  4. You look fabulous, both of you, you make and exquisite couple! ^^
    I also dislike the one-shoulder thing, but this dress is really elegant; You do like a star from the 40s! 😉

    I wish there were more occasions to dress up, but it’s been so long since I’ve been to such an event that I wouldn’t even know what to wear…I linked an old outfit post, everyone’s seen it already, but that outfit it probably the most dressy I’ve worn in the past year…:p

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary! You look stunning, as always.

  6. What a beautiful & elegant dress ! And you look so lovely with your husband ! Happy birthday 😉

  7. Congratulations on your anniversary and happy birthday! 🙂 I definitely want to look like you when I turn 40. 😀

  8. You look so elegant! I’m also not a fan of those on shoulders things. You have very beautiful shoulders so I say rip that thing of 😉

  9. Fantastic dress, wonderful bargain. Amazing hat. Beautiful photos =]

    Happy Anniversary to you both! You look so happy together =]

    By the way, I got the package from you this week =] I’m going to put together an outfit post with one of the tops soon. Thank you again so much =]

  10. You guys are beautiful! If I spent any MORE than $11 on a dress my husband would be mad. Haha! On a side note, what does your little arm tattoo mean? Is it a bat?

  11. Glamorous! The outfit, the hat, and you. Congratulations on your anniversary and your approaching birthday.

    I’m very happy to have found your blog. Thank you so much for linking up with Hat Attack!

  12. You two are an adorable couple.

    Happy Birthday month!

  13. 11 dollars… What a beautiful dress! There’s a satisfaction to be had from gaining something so beautiful at such little cost 🙂

    And many congratulations. x

  14. If the best your neighbours can do is a baseball cap and flip-flops, you and Mr. Kitty must really turn heads when you go out for supper! 😀

    I love that last picture. Oh, to be 40 again. ;o)

  15. Wow. You both look amazing! black shirt and a tie is always right 🙂
    That dress is a beautiful bargain!! You look great in it. I really like the fold over the front top. The shoulderstrap looks like it would be detachable. Maybe you could alter the dress?
    It’s wonderful with people who do things with excellent style.

  16. Happy Birthday to a gorgeous woman and Happy Anniversary to a fabulous couple. You look stunning, my dear. 🙂 I’m with you on the one shoulder thing, though in this outfit the ruffled “strap” looks more like a vintage stole you’ve carelessly thrown over one shoulder — yes, like in the movies.

    Unfortunately, I won’t be participating this month. I’ve been away for my own anniversary and spent the weekend in Salem in casual clothing. 🙂 Next month.

  17. Aw, I ADORE the Golden Hollywood Age vibe on you. Plus, you look like a femme fatale, pretty much like Dietrich or any other great actress. The hat is the definitive touch here in my opinion.

    I hope you will still fascnating us with your fabulous cordinates for a long, long time.

    Best wishes, darling!

  18. I love the wrap pattern on the bodice, and I think you look great, but I agree that I think I would like it better strapless -or maybe spaghetti straps if strapless doesn’t work.

  19. You look so fabulous! Seeing both of you in a photo always puts a smile on my face, what an amazing couple in love <3

  20. Beautiful! Happy Birthday/Anniversary too!

  21. Hooray! My very favorite type of post from you! You and the Mr.!! LOVE those photos! you look awesome and especially great together! Thanks for sharing your very special occasion with us!

  22. Wait a second … I just realized that you are back to your draped velvet backgrounds. What happened to the studio “props” (even though they are WAY TOO nice to be merely props)?

    • I have been varying the backdrop according to the outfit. Sometimes I just want the clothes to shine without all of the clutter. Plus I love variety! 🙂

      You are correct – the props are mostly leftover decor from around my house. We don’t usually have 6 people at the dining table so I figure it doesn’t hurt to steal a chair, and the table came in a set of three when we really only needed two. Worked out great for me. 🙂 The other things, excluding the velvet “curtains,” were decor from my office at my last job.

      • Ah, makes sense. 🙂 I’m a little slow on the uptake these past few weeks … my mind has been a bit preoccupied, to say the least. You truly have such lovely furniture. I honestly prefer your kitties to the furniture, but I’m biased. Those fur babies are just too adorable for words. teehee

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