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Many of the lovely bloggers in our little community have been facing some incredible challenges lately, myself included…. I just wanted to take a moment to say my heart is with all of you who are grieving, holding vigil, recovering or otherwise suffering. 2013 seems to be an unlucky year, indeed. I’m thankful that we have a creative outlet like blogging – it really is therapeutic to lose yourself in something you enjoy, and the social aspect of a supportive online group is a bonus.

Old School Gothic Fashion

Mr. Kitty and I have not been out dancing in ages… But in looking through my stash of unused outfit photos for something interesting to post, I came across these. I completely forgot about this one, which is a shame because I really loved the combination. Much more than I enjoyed the club I wore it to… 😉 The club was supposed to be a Dark 80s theme but the “dark” aspect was fairly subjective, I guess. I did dance to one Joy Division song, then we stood around for an hour saying to each other, “how could this be called ‘dark’??” and then we left. What the heck is it about Tainted Love, anyway? If I hear that song one more time, I swear I will scream. It actually was the final straw this particular night. Nothing makes Ms. Kitty exit a room faster than Tainted Love. Except maybe anything by Bjork, but that’s a different story!

Old School Goth

So, enough about the music I don’t like. At least it will give us something to talk about in the comments. 😉 This outfit combines a corset from Gallery Serpentine, a velvet top and skirt set from Express, and a lace over skirt that I modified from a cheap peignoir.

Old School Goth Fashion

Oh, and loads of fake hair.

Old School Goth Hairstyle

What are your favorite dark 80s songs?

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  1. that’s a lovely outfit 🙂 I’m really fond of old school style! Suits you very well.

  2. If I want to dance like crazy, I would definitely choose Blue Monday by New Order. Fun story about Tainted love, 🙂 .
    This outfit is so amazing. But what I like most is your hair With lots of loose strands and your sharp makeup.

  3. Ahhhhhh! *flaps hands and runs around in circles* I *ADORE* everything about this outfit.

    My life has also recently fallen apart. And I thought 2012 was as bad a year as I could have. :/

  4. Awww, I love “Tainted Love” esp. the “Where Did Our Love Go?” mix. But then, I haven’t gone to an actual nightclub in about a decade, so I only dance to it in my living room 🙂 Best dark ’80s song to dance to tho? Perhaps “Dazzle” by Siouxie. But there are so very many good ones to choose from.

    I do adore this outfit, excellent remake for that skirt.

  5. gorgeous! absolutely love it!

  6. I like Tainted Love, I sing along every time I hear it on the radio, but at a dark party? I don’t think so…:/
    It’s been a whole while since I’ve been to any alternative clubs or parties, and it’s been weeks since I’ve danced at all…

    Anyway, you looked fabulous, I love your hairdo and those extensions. 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s it that I think it’s a bad song, just not appropriate for that mood.

      It’s been far tooling since I’ve been out dancing, too. Probably will be a while longer yet. 🙁

  7. Oh dammit- slightly unrelated- but Peter Murphy is touring – guess he was here LAST WEEK but of course I find out today. So heads up- he is coming your way….

  8. Now THAT, THAT is a quintessential Ms. Kitty look! HURRAH! I miss seeing you in these kinds of outfits because you always look so dreamy and gorgeous.

    Yeah, 2013 (especially this summer) has been HORRIBLE. Terrible. And the suckage is continuing. 🙁 I really need to get back to some more outfit posts. As for 80s stuff, do you have the space or time for my list. 😉 Perhaps one day over cocktails we will discuss this.

  9. I have a growing up connection with tainted love :$ haha so I quite like it. Then again it’s definitely not a dark song. 😀
    This has got to be THE perfect outfit, it’s absolutely elegant and sombre in a classic way. And the make up is gorgeous!
    Hope all turns up to a better light your way!

    • Thank you for such a nice compliment! 🙂 I’ve been getting back into black lipstick – there was a phase when I thought it wouldn’t work on older women but it sure can if done well.

      • You are welcome.

        It’s funny. I tried to avoid black lipstick on my baby-bat days fearing it would make me look like I was “trying to hard”. Now I think black lips make a really dark-classy, mature look. With so many formulas out there, I ended up a black lip fan! 😛

  10. Amazing outfit, so perfect for dark 80’s!

  11. That outfit is simply breathtaking! And the makeup is fabulous! 😀 I love glossy black lips. ^_^

  12. The first time I went to a club was also my last– so I’m still rather envious that you can actually go to a “dark” club… even though the music wasn’t very dark, heh.

    I think my favorite part about this outfit is the layered jewelry– I love layering strands of black beads… makes me feel gothy 1920’s!

  13. Elizabeth Bethezda

    So pretty! Someone pinned this yesterday and that’s where I saw it first. LOVE! The skirt is my favorite part of this outfit.

  14. Nice outfit! I love the corset with the lace skirt :).

  15. I think my favorite dark 80’s song would be Tainted Love. Kidding!

    There are some hit or miss 80’s nights in my area of southern California. I remember once I was scolded by an 80’s DJ because I requested an INXS song. He looked at my girlfriend (at the time) and I and said “this isn’t a goth club!”. We kinda did a WTF? moment.

    I think my favorite dark 80’s song of the moment is Revenge by Ministry. Not too inventive, I know, but I love that song. I also love Send Me An Angel by Real Life, mostly for the music video…..the costumes are so incredible!

  16. aw i should take my goodman dancing one day. he’s a terrible terrible dancer. the killing moon by echo & the bunnymen is my current fav 80s song. but telekon by gary numan (actually ALLL the gary numan!) is my close second.

  17. Sometiiiiiiimes I feel I’ve got to…. run away 😀
    This outift is really magic ! And it’s beautiful what you’ve done with a peignoir, to turn it into a skirt ! =)

  18. I’m a massive fan of 80s goth so anything by Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Souxsie & the Banshees, Fields of the Nephilim etc I also have soft spot for The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen.

  19. Poo I forgot to finish my post – I was also going to say I’m not such a Tainted Love fan but love Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.

  20. A lovely outfit, it suits you!

  21. As usual another fab outfit. This ensemble is gorgeous in you!

  22. Eek you look so cool! 🙂 Urgh, the more I look at your Pleaser shoes, the more I want a pair of the ‘Dolly’ Mary-Janes … My favourite 80s songs are those by Sisters of Mercy and The Cure. The Cure is a good one because even the more ‘indie rock’ clubs tend to play a song or two.

  23. This outfit is simply perfect! I really don’t like the song tainted love, mostly because my boyfriend’s dad is incredibly fond of the song and I’ve heard it one too many times XD

  24. Love the outfit, I especially love the cross pattern on the corset.

  25. Stay with Me by Shakespeare’s Sister.

    What a beautiful beautiful outfit. Thank you for being here – I wanted to go back to being a goth after many years away but thought my time had passed.

    I now look forward to rediscovering my Inner Goth!

    A UK Goth. 🙂

  26. Oh Rats! Stay with Me was 1992!

    Forbidden Colours by David Silvian.

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