Red & Black Week 2013, Day 2: Formal Wear and… Bangs??

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Day 2 is here!

It’s a bit early in the week to reveal an evening gown, but I have something even better planned for the grand finale. 😉

Last year I featured a red evening gown with black accessories. This year’s gown isn’t as fancy, but is a bit more vampy in red and black, with my very favorite red necklace!

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Gothic Red & Black Evening Gown

I bought this gown in the prom section of a mall store a while back for a formal Goth event. Prom time is a great opportunity to stock up in affordable formal attire. Sure, most prom dresses are hideous, but there is usually a handful out there that are actually elegant and sophisticated. And since the prices are right, I don’t feel bad wearing a dress like this out to a nightclub. Some of my club outfits actually cost more than this dress.

Gothic V Bangs

I had bangs all through high school and college and I’ve been toying with the idea of returning to them. I couldn’t seem to commit so I decided to buy a fake set! They were a mile too long, so in a moment of whimsy I had Mr. Kitty trim them into a vampy v shape. I have to say I felt a bit costumey wearing these bangs, maybe just because it’s such a drastically different look on me. I do plan to try them out again sometime… Maybe I’ll enjoy them more when I’m a little bit used to them.

Gothic Red & Black Evening Gown

The necklace was a gift from Mr. Kitty for my 33rd birthday. I only remember the year because it was my first birthday after we met. I had spied this beautiful piece in a high-end Goth shop on Melrose at some point and he snuck back to buy it for me. That’s when I realized how amazingly thoughtful he is!

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  1. You look amazing in bangs! 🙂 Fake bangs are an excellent way of changing your hair without having to actually cut it! I got my own set last week but I haven’t trimmed it yet and it’s so long so I haven’t been able to use it properly yet.
    That gown is gorgeous and the combination with the jewelry is just splendid! :3

  2. That necklace really is beautiful ^o^

  3. Wow, those bags look really good on you. If no one would told, I could swear they are real:D But they suits you well 🙂

  4. Love the gown! It’s elegant in its simplicity. Some prom dresses have way too much going on. 😛 The bangs don’t look costumey or fake. Actually, the V shape bangs coordinate perfectly with the similar V shapes on the dress. 🙂

  5. You look very elegant today 🙂 love the boa 🙂

  6. Oooh, those fabulous black-red lips once again! And your bangs look like they were real!

  7. I see great minds think alike: the sales right after the holiday season (Jan-Feb) also yield gorgeous formal wear pieces. This is the time for plushy velvet and other “heavier” fabrics. I find Macy’s and Lord & Taylor to be the best for this kind of sale.

    There’s a vampiness to this dress that I like, perhaps it’s the angles of the bodice? Or maybe it’s the beautiful way you’ve styled it? I have to say, those bangs are beautiful and truly took me by surprise! I wasn’t expecting to ever see you with bangs … probably because your hair is so perfect for your frame and alabaster face. But, once again, you look gorgeous no matter what you do. 🙂

  8. I agree – the bangs are great fun and really look real!

    I like this dress on you – you look like a lovely doll!

  9. I love the bangs! They look great on you. Beautiful necklace too, very thoughtful of your sweetie.

  10. Oh I really like this style <3 You look gorgeous <3

  11. The bangs very much suit you! They also look very natural, which isn’t often the case for clip in fringes. I absolutely love the necklace, though – it was very sweet of your husband to do that. 🙂

  12. Oooh, I like this dress better than last year’s, and the boa is the perfect touch.

    I wouldn’t have known those bangs were fake if you hadn’t said so. It’s a cute look too.

  13. Those bangs look lovely you! Veeery elegant.
    I never though to look at prom wear, because the generally pink satin hideousness of it all… but you’ve convinced me to give it a shot! 😀

  14. Bang-tastic! Yes, I said bang-tastic…I’m cheesy like that *Wink* I think you look fabulous with a clip-on bang, it looks very real and I was also taken back, it was a good “Oh wow!”.

    The total ensemble is stunning!

  15. This looks really glamorous with the boa. That red jewellery on your ear is amazing like blood drops. ♥
    I love the look of v bangs on you, fake or not they are flattering!

  16. Daughter of jaded era

    ‘vampy’ is the exactly right word to discribe your outfit, it is magnificent! 😀 You could totally be a character of some vampire-movie situated into some huge metropolis and with a lot of suspension. ^^ I also like how small details like the necklace tells a story from your life.

  17. Lovely bangs ;3
    And a lovely dress,what a wonder,a prom dress.

  18. My second post is about little red details ^^

  19. I think the bangs look great on you. and wow… I can’t believe that’s a prom dress!

  20. Love this dress. And the V shaped bangs look great!

  21. I often struggle with the bangs/no bangs dilemmna (by the way, i defend that spelling to the death!). I have settled on the side-swept bang, but I have very fond, very high-forehead memories of the days with no bangs. My husband is strongly in the NO-bangs camp.I chose no bangs for my wedding pics and I’m glad I did, but my face screams “BANGS, are you serious, put some BANGS ON THIS GIANT FOREHEAD!!!”.
    Your vamp bangs work.

  22. You look fabulous!! I love the bangs on you, the v – shape might be a bit too cosumey indeed, but I think, any shape would fit your face perfectly.

    I’m also struggling with the question, by the way, I want to grow my hair out, but still, sometimes I’m tempted to cut bangs again…:)

  23. Hey! You did exactly what I have been thinking of doing. Buying fake bangs and cut them in V shape. It suits you. It doesn’t look costumey at all. In fact I scrolled by a few pictures before I realized it wasn’t your natural hair. Absolutely lovely and the dress is fantastic.

  24. That’s a gorgeous gown and you look very good with bangs.

  25. So elegant ! I love your necklace.

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