A Change of Pace, and a Special Offer

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Chandelier Tights

Today’s outfit is a bit different for me, but I love to occasionally try something different. Asockalypse sent me these fun chandelier print tights, and I enjoyed coming up with an outfit to suit this unique accessory. Asockalypse carries many styles of unconventional hosiery that I thought would appeal to many of my readers. I felt these particular tights had a delicate elegance that was vaguely reminiscent of the skeleton print clothing that is so popular now, but in a more sophisticated vein.

Chandelier Tights

I really wanted to wear these tights with a long skirt featuring a high side slit to showcase the beautiful design, but the only one I have has the slit on the wrong side (plus I just wore it in the grand finale of Red & Black Week!). So instead, I got creative and just wore this sheer tulip skirt off-centered. It doesn’t have any side seams, so really it could be worn any direction. Now I’m excited to see what else I can do with it. I’m pretty sure it’s destined to become one of my most versatile pieces.

Gothic Accessories

I was in the mood for abundant accessories today, so we had a little arm party. And a neck party, and an ear party. There were plenty of rings, too, although you can’t see them. There is simply no such thing as “too many accessories” in my world!

Chandelier Tights

Asockalypse is offering my readers a 10% discount on all purchases until the end of June 2013. Go check out their cool stuff and use the code KITTYNOIR in the coupon box at checkout.

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  1. At first I thought the tights had a skeleton print XD
    This is a really nice outfit, I especially like that white top: it’s extremely pretty and it looks very good with those accessories ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ha, Asockalypse is a fantastic name. Those tights are too die for.

  3. Like Shannon said, it does look a little bit like a ribcage on your legs – which is just as awesome as a chandelier, really!

    An arm party, a neck party and an earring party – LOL! And the ruched top is perfect with that outfit! :o)

  4. Yeah I though ‘Skeleton print’ at first as well. I adore this print, I love ribcages and chandeliers so much! Extra love for the mass of accessories as well, I love the double beaded necklace you have here. Well, pretty much love the entire outfit! x

    • Thanks! I made the beaded necklace; I used to go to bead shows where you can buy tons of glass and stone beads super cheap. This necklace probably cost me less than $5 to make. I have the same beads in red and planned to do the same thing with them, but keep forgetting whenever I have a rare bit of project time!!

  5. Wow I wish I could rock the colour white as a goth like you do ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Thanks so much for working with us, Miss Kitty – You are rocking the chandelier tights! I never realized how much the design mimicked a ribcage before – I love these even more seeing them on you!

  7. I love the term “arm parties”, I giggle to myself when I’m layering on the accessories!
    The stockings are wonderful and I love the way you styled them! Isn’t it great finding more use and versatility out of a garment, love it!

  8. I love those stockings and the top too.

  9. Those are definitely some awesome tights! I love the overall outfit you made to go with them.

  10. ohhh I love it…its lovely

  11. I adore that top–it’s elegant, and as you said, it’s perfect for showing off black accessories.

  12. Oh my, those tights really are something else! They’re lovely and I think you made a great outfit with them ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Those tights are amazing!

  14. Those tights are so cool!

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