Decadent Designs Giveaway Winner, and Kittens!

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Thank you to everyone who entered the Decadent Designs neck corset giveaway! I selected a number using and the winner is:


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Now, on to the kittens! 🙂 It’s been a while since I featured our Maine Coon twins, Perseus and Prometheus, here on the blog. They were both desperate to get involved while I was shooting this outfit, so today we have a rare photo of both of them almost being relaxed at the same time. Almost.

Victorian Corporate Goth and Maine Coon Cats

Perseus (left) and Prometheus (right)


Out little darlings had to have some dental work done yesterday due to chronic gingivitis, which apparently is common in this breed (we didn’t know, so we never brushed their teeth). The vet was sure that a few teeth would have to come out, but thankfully it didn’t turn out to be that bad. Now once they are all healed up we’ll have to embark upon a good daily oral care routine. Yes, for the cats. This sounds incredibly challenging to me. If you think it’s difficult getting a normal-sized house cat to do something it doesn’t want to do, try it with a 22-pound Maine Coon. Even keeping their fur detangled is a feat of strength that requires both Mr. Kitty and I, and we both end up exhausted and covered in cat hair. But they are worth the effort, and quickly stop complaining once the treats are in front of them.

Victorian Corporate Goth Outfit

Today’s outfit is a bit of a combination of 40s and Victorian-era inspiration. Wearing this, I discovered I’m actually growing quite fond of tucked-in blouses. I never thought the day would come when I would say that. Tucking lends a polished look to an office outfit, especially with a tailored blouse.

Victorian Corp Goth Blouse

Both the blouse and the belt are from eBay. The skirt is from Macy’s. See the brooch (and a previous episode of tucking) in another Victorian-esque office outfit here.

Victorian Corporate Gothic Outfit

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  1. Gorgeous kitties and Miss Kitty =D
    You look so wonderfully put together.

  2. So love your kittehs <3 Funny how most Maine Coons have taken residence with a girl who's almost of size with them 😀

    Love the outfit too, the vintagy white blouse looks fabulous on you, and the Mary Janes are to die for.

  3. I attempted to brush my older kitty’s teeth when she was little, but she didn’t stand for it. I can’t imagine starting it with an adult cat, especially ones as big as yours are, so I wish you luck. Instead of brushing, I give my girls the Feline Greenies dental treats after their breakfast and then they get their teeth cleaned once a year.

    And you look very nice.

    • My vet recommended the Greenies. Problem is, these guys will often swallow any dry food/treats without even a single chomp! I might need to get them something made for small dogs – they do have large mouths (for cats), so if it was a bit larger they might realize they need to chew.

  4. Yeah I am always covered in cat hair and frankly in a multiple cat household someone is always barfing! So Glam. And I have tried to put dental supps in the water but then they won’t drink. I like the outfit very much. Personally I do the tuck in, especially for work
    I feel it is more polished.

    • Lol! We’re quite lucky – these guys rarely have hairballs. I don’t know if being a long-hair breed their bodies are just conditioned to process the hair more effectively, or what. I sure do count my blessings, though!! 😉

  5. I really love this. Elegant, polished and I agree the tucked in blouse gives off a classic and strong look.
    Also that red lipstick complements the white and black so well.

    Your kitties are adorable ♥

  6. I love this outfit (but it’s not surprise, I love almost all your outfits :D). Especially the blouse seems nice on you. I like the combination of white blouse, tight skirt and red lipstick.

  7. What beautiful eyes – all three of you! 😀

    • Aww, thanks! 🙂 As babies, the kitties had blue eyes so I thought they got my eyes… 😉 But as they matured their eyes turned yellow/green. Now Mr. kitty thinks maybe the mailman is their real dad… (ok, so we do humanize our pets quite a lot… Lol)

  8. Wow! I didn’t realise Maine Coons were so huge! They are soooo handsome and you have my full admiration for grooming them regularly. What a worry about the teeth cleaning you are going to have to do! You can get a rubber toothbrush that fits on the end of your finger for cleaning pets’ teeth. Perhaps this would make the job a little easier.

    You look incredibly smart and sexy in that outfit. But then you always look amazing.

    • Maine Coons are the largest domestic breed, so their average max size is around 20 pounds… These guys’ daddy was 26 pounds!! I did find the rubber fingertip toothbrush – haven’t tried it yet as we’ve been letting their gums heal after the deep cleaning. We’ll find out this weekend (hope I won’t need any stitches… Lol).

  9. Fantastic outfit! To me it says “vampire schoolmistress.” The kitties are lovely as well. We have two cats and they are enough trouble– I can’t imagine the work involved with super sized felines!

    • Thank you! I love that description. 🙂 We’re fortunate that the kitties are fairly well-behaved, but they are indeed difficult to ignore when they want something. Like food at 4 am, when they decide to walk across me in bed and step on my throat. That’s a lot of weight on the esophagus!!

  10. omg those eyes! so green!

  11. I love the elegance of this outfit! x

  12. Perfect Style, Honey!!!

  13. wow! You look absolutely stylish. I think you have embraced the 40’s combination with victorian very well. The shirt reminds me of the Ghost and Mrs Muir 🙂
    Oh dear I can’t even imagine the struggle to brush a cats teeth. I was at the vet with our bunny last day, because of fleas. But the vet said she always check the teeth so she did, and wrapped her in a towel with only the head sticking out. Maybe an idea for you when you will brush the teeth of your kitties :).

    • Thank you! That’s a huge compliment to me – that’s just about my favorite movie ever!

      Great tip about the towel. That might do the trick if one of us holds the swaddled cat and the other does the brushing. I’ll have Mr. kitty hold them, since he’s stronger!

  14. Awesome look – makes me think Disney Villain (they were always the most stylish good looking characters!).

  15. Both you and the cats look lovely!

  16. What a lovely trio! Love the outfit. Tucking was definitely the right choice.

    Good luck with the tooth brushing! Bigger cats mean bigger mouths, which might work to your advantage. When I try to brush my little dog’s teeny-tiny teeth, it’s almost comical. My finger will barely fit; forget about a toothbrush.

    • Lol! Yeah, I’m pretty sure these kitties are twice Bean’s size. Hopefully that will work to our advantage… The rubber fingertip toothbrush probably wouldn’t fit in a normal-sized cat mouth but these guys have a lot more room in there…

  17. Oh my goodness, they are very big kitties! I didn’t realize that cats of this breed could get so large! They are so gorgeous with their silvery fur and green eyes 🙂

  18. Lovely blouse, I think I have a similar.
    I wanted to ask about kitties. Since you have a lot of black clothes do you have problems with those light hair covering them? Is it bad. My BF is in love with this breed and always tells that we must have a Maine Coon one day. Yes, they are gorgeous ( have seen them on a cat show) But the fur… I had a cat with o lot of white spots once and my clothes were covered with those tiny white hairs… I just can imagine how it is with a longer fur… This is the main reason our cat is black:D

    • Oh yes, cat hair is a constant issue. We keep those tape lint rollers everywhere – in the bedroom, all the bathrooms, closet, laundry room, kitchen, both cars, and at work. 🙂 I just remove all of the hair before leaving the house, and periodically while at home. Now the hair removal process is just part of the routine. Plus keeping the house very clean helps.

      I also try to buy clothing that is made of fabric that the hair doesn’t stick to as badly. I buy very little jersey knit or velvet because those are the worst, while satin, lace or silk are not so bad.

      Maine Coons are such an amazing breed, they are definitely worth the inconvenience of having to deal with the hair! They are the most loving and loyal cats.

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