March 1 Theme: Purple

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OMG PURPLE! 😀 It’s been my favorite color for as long as I can remember. My passion for it has ebbed and flowed over the years, but no color has ever usurped it. It’s soothing, regal and incredibly versatile. Best of all, most of the various shades of purple go quite well together (unlike, say, reds), so it’s totally fun to coordinate! It’s also great for distracting employers from your black-laden Gothiness. I’d say my love for purple has finally reached full-on obsession status.

Purple Corporate Goth Blazer

This deep plum blazer is from Frederick’s. I have to say, I love many items in their business attire line, as they really know how to do structured without going stuffy. There’s no reason a corporate outfit can’t still be extremely feminine! Now, some of their stuff naturally is NOT as work-appropriate as they would like their customers to believe… For example, I also purchased the skirt to go with this blazer in my usual size and it was obscenely tight. I sent it back and exchanged it for TWO sizes larger and it was still too tight for work. That one was returned as well, and at that point I gave up on the matching set. 🙁

Corporate Gothic Blazer

I found this skirt on sale at New York and Co. last fall. It’s a nice, heavy matte satin. No stretch, so it’s a bit stiff and wrinkles after sitting all day, but that lovely berry color helps me overlook such flaws. I love it enough to even get over the fact that the skirt intended to accompany this blazer was not meant to be mine!

Purple Goth Business Attire

The best features of this blazer are definitely in the back. Those amazing pleats ensure that this outfit looks fabulous from every angle.

Purple Corporate Goth Blazer

My purple passion has certainly not gone unnoticed at the office. I have an iPad and iPhone that I carry to meetings, and both devices have purple cases. Of course, I’m often wearing purple as well… Walking into meetings with that degree of color coordination never fails to elicit comments from other attendees. As much as I don’t like calling too much attention to myself at work, it’s really a great ice-breaker and I think it detracts from the fact that I don’t tend to say a lot during meetings (I’m more the “let me take it all in and think it over and I’ll get back to you later with my brilliant ideas” type).

Purple Corporate Goth Fashion

I understand there are a few Purple-Haters out there (hard to believe, I know!). But for everyone else, start linking! 😀

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  1. You look absolutely fabulous my dear! 🙂 I will take inspiration from this look when putting together my work outfits.

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  3. I love the different hues you coordinated here, that skirt is fantastic!

    Also, I love your make up here ♥

  4. Miss Eva Morgan

    I was hoping to so off my purple goodies soon! You made my day!

  5. You look ridiculously chic in this outfit – scratch that, always! I adore your hair, glasses and make up combination which looks both soft, intellectual and like you’re down to business. :3

  6. Aww!! that blazer is lovely! At first I thought it was a bit boring but as you added the matching skirt, scarf and brooch it looked comlete. then you showed the back of it and I got ooh. the pleats and the trims makes the back interesting.

    Interesting also to read about how your personality works 🙂 I also tend to sit quiet but only until I disagree, I’m not the best diplomat. I think behavioural is a interesting subject. I use to do my own research and tests at work.

    I hope I will be able to join this theme. <3

    • It’s all about the back of this blazer, most definitely! 😉

      I wish I could speak up more when I disagree, but I’m so worried about building bad relationships at work. Some people are so sensitive and it doesn’t take much to make them not like working with you! I too am very interested in the subject of personality type – I’ve read some books on introversion that were very enlightening. Extroverts need to read those books to see that introverts actually have a LOT to offer in their own way and that it is NOT a bad thing!

      • I beleive I’m an introvert as well (not fond of chit chatting). Oh I have noticed that people have learned how I work by now. At first they behave a bit grumpy after showing my temper and opinions, then they see that I can distinguish between the person and the matter in discussion. There are people that I don’t like at work but they would never know because I’m friendly to everyone (except when I show my temper or different opinion). Some people have difficult with honesty but that is their problem 🙂

  7. Love the jacket, and I’m totally jealous of the way you can mix and match different shades <3

  8. The jacket! /faints! You’ve done purple proud 😉

  9. I love the details on that blazer! The entire outfit looks stunning. 🙂

  10. I love purple, but my closet doesn’t seem to know that xD So I haven’t something to participate with, but your outfit looks amazing on you! 😀

  11. The back of that blazer is so many kinds of awesome. Now that makes a statement as you leave the conference room! *spying the brooch* Ok, spill: where did you get that brooch? That was the first thing that caught my eye.

    Lovely, as always.

    • Uh oh – I was afraid someone would ask about the brooch. I have nooooooo idea… ;-D I’ve had it for ages, and I’m inclined to think it might have been a gift from Mama Kitty. It seems unlikely I would have picked it out for myself on account of the green stones in it, but I ended up SO loving it. Now that I have the scarf with a magenta and green floral print, they are total soulmates.

  12. Purple’s one of my favorite colors (besides black)!

  13. Madame Mari Mortem

    That jacket is darling! Egads, I want it so!
    I fully concur on the obsession aspect that purple entails… it does magical things to many of us ladies!

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  15. Your outfit is amazing! I love the mixture of purples and I agree that the pleats make that jacket so special. They give it such a nice shape. Who wants a boxy jacket?

    I can’t believe there are purple haters out there. I have noticed, however, that people who like purple LOVE it! It’s an obsession more than with people who have other favorite colors. Funny.

    • In my blogging adventures, I’ve actually seen a couple of people state that they do “hate” purple. *sigh* 😉

      You are so right. Purple must be a very powerful color, indeed! I know one person with a huge green obsession, but that’s a very rare case.

  16. Every word you said about purple, I could have said myself! I have a purple fetish, and at least 1/3 of my wardrobe is different shades of the color 🙂 I wish I had known about this challenge earlier, I would have loved to join!

    • Sorry for the short notice on this one. My job has been so crazy and I’m barely able to do any pre-planning on personal stuff right now. :/ I’ll try to give more notice next time!

  17. Love the outfit. The blazer is amazing. :).

  18. So true about different shades of purple coordinating – makes it easier than other colors. More purple! It’s never wrong.

  19. I simply adore that blazer, the pleat detail at the back is wonderful. The whole ensemble works really well together, I’m in awe.

  20. I was wearing purple just yesterday! Glad I took an outfit picture!

    Also, purple is the color of a lot of causes I support (against domestic violence, homophobia, animal abuse, etc.)

  21. Luv your style and piccies!

  22. Wow! Sorry, I’m super late to the game–I just heard of this now! So fun! I’m joining every month! You are so amazingly fabulous and that jacket is just incredible.

  23. Madame Mari Mortem

    I commented already, but just going through everyone’s take on purple is amazingly fun! Thanks a ton for making a wonderful theme this month, Ms. Kitty! I am oogling over everyone’s posts lol. And some are quite beautiful, not just image wise but message wise!

  24. I love that blazer! I imagine it would be hard to not wear it every day! Such a lovely rich colour too!

  25. You look gorgeous, and that jacket is absolutely awesome! I dared to participate for the first time… I apologize for being so late, but simply couldn’t resist this theme 🙂 Purple is such a statement color, and perhaps it is more “neutral” in a way that it doesn’t hold such aggressive associations than e.g. bright red is claimed to hold. Anyhow, such a great choise for a theme, thank you!

  26. The pleats on this blazer… I love them!

  27. I love that jacket, and the brooch really brings the whole outfit together.

  28. It was a long time I put the last entery for the monthly theme.. I have to do it more often !

  29. You have a special genius for mixing all those different hues together and making it look fantastic! I don’t mind mixing it up in my home decor, but I sure couldn’t pull it off with my attire like you can! 😀

  30. Girl With A Sword

    Amazing outfit! The jacket is especially gorgeous.
    Purple is really the best color. It’s been my favorite for as long as I can remember.

  31. I love your jacket! You look so gorgeous with this outfit, I’m jealous ^^

  32. Lovely outfit and that blazer is just perfect. The pleats are divine. I didn’t even know Frederick’s had anything but lingerie. You learn something everyday. 🙂

  33. I think the “edgy librarian” look is fantastic on you! And thanks for enlightening me about Fredericks work wear! I had no idea! I love the blazer so much I think I’ll be shopping their site soon! : )

    Since my hair is currently purple and blue I could have just blogged about it – but I failed! Can’t wait to see what the theme is next month, I want to get back into the posts with you!

  34. It’s true that one of the best things about purple is that different shades usually go together. I love wearing more than one kind of purple – I’m happiest in my all-purple or almost-all-purple outfits.

    I love that blazer, and purple really suits you. Managed to sneak a post in before the linky closed, yay!

  35. what a wonderful look! I love the colours!! =)

  36. I love your scarf and broch!! soo lovely

  37. gorgeous as always, but i especially love the mix of purples! the pleats are so classic and flattering, and sparkle pin. love it all!

    i happened across this post in my reader feed: and it reminded me to come back and comment on your lovely outfit! his is another take on corporate purple

  38. That outfit is marvelous!! I’m very jealous of it. It’s bound to make you feel like a million bucks! Purple has always been my favorite color, too, although I have other “favorites-of-the-moment” sometimes. Lately I’ve been oddly drawn to Caribbean blues and deep teals. Can’t believe I forgot about doing the theme this month. Grrr….

  39. I love the combination of textures and purple shades, looks very elegant yet feminine 🙂

  40. I agree with all the above. The combination is fabulous — something about the shiny satin with the matte texture of the jacket. And I love the purple pleats!

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