Decadent Designs Neck Corset

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My second acquisition from Decadent Designs is this amazing lace neck corset. The older I get, the more dramatically elegant I seek to be, and this masterpiece made a huge impact! I have never received so many compliments on a particular item in one night as I did when I wore this baby out to the club.

Decadent Designs Neck Corset

The club we attended was a combination Depeche Mode / VNV Nation night, which was pretty much mecca to me! I was in a state of dance floor euphoria for most of the evening. I had an opportunity to dance to VNV’s Nova, which transported me into a world where nothing existed except me moving to the incredibly beautiful sounds that surrounded me, while Mr. Kitty looked on (it was too slow for him to feel comfortable dancing to). Space and Time was also played; dancing to that one always raises me up to what is quite probably the greatest sense of joy humanly possible. It was a magical night, and my legs are totally sore today. 😉

Decadent Designs Neck Corset

I was a bit concerned that the neck corset might be uncomfortable or restrictive for dancing, but I was delighted to find that it was pleasant to wear and didn’t inhibit me on the dance floor one bit. The lace is high-quality but soft to the touch, and it has plastic boning to comfortably hold its shape. I did not lace it tight, so it didn’t constrict my neck at all and I had full range of motion but with effortlessly amazing poise and posture.

Decadent Designs Neck Corset

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In case you missed it, be sure to check out the puff-sleeve peplum blouse I recently featured by Decadent Designs!

What are your favorite songs to dance to? And how do they make you feel?

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  1. That neck corset is to die for!
    It’s pure elegance!

    I also love the roses in your hair and the make up! ♥

  2. Omg, that neck corset is gorgeous! And so is the other corset by the way. I also *love* the lace skirt and the red roses on your hair… this is definitely a flawless outfit. It may be dramatic but that is why I love it!

  3. Not only the neck corset, but your whole outfit is amazing. And your hair, of course; the deep color of the roses perfects the look. ^^

  4. That is very, very pretty 🙂

  5. You have the perfect neck for a neck corset! What a wonderful outfit for gliding across the dance floor 🙂 That is so wonderful that you got to dance the night away…..

    I love dancing to Charlotte Sometimes, I still get the chills every time I’m swaying to the music. There are a whole plethora of older ebm/synthpop songs that remind me of early 00′ and our now defunct goth club. I miss those days of just losing myself on the dance floor every Friday.

  6. Lovely! Beautiful! Elegant!

  7. That neck corset is absolutely gorgeous – certainly the most beautiful I’ve ever seen! Somehow neck corsets really do fascinate me, but I’ve never really seen such that would seem to be of high quality. That one looks elegant and well-made, unlike the ones I’ve seen which have been rather strange or even deformed.

  8. Oh glob. That is a stunning neck corset. Excellent buy!

  9. You knock the dramatically elegant look right out of the ballpark! 😀

  10. You always put together your outfits in a higher level each time, this is amazing. I’m not surprised at all that you got so many compliments. The neck corset is gorgeous and your hairstyle is so beautiful. How do you manage to get such glow in your hair?

  11. This neck corset is SO beautiful, I never knew anyone personally who had one so I could ask if it was comfortable, I am glad I stumbled across your site ^^

    What are your favorite songs to dance to? And how do they make you feel?
    I like dancing to vnv nation songs, also to apoptygma songs and such

  12. I’m not sure what to be amazed by first, that *amazing* neck corset, your makeup, your hair, the corset, the skirt, or those almost Deco-ish earrings. Every bit’s so perfect! ♥

    Out of curiosity, I wonder if there’s a “Dancing (Goth or Otherwise) For Club Virgins What Do Not Want To Look Like Idiots At A Club” post anywhere, because whenever you post about a fun night out dancing, I suddenly want to go out myself! Now I have to look….

  13. Gosh you always look so perfect and poised!
    I love reading your blog, its such good inspiration. Thank you for being an awesome blogger 🙂

  14. Kaiden-chase wolf withers

    i find the items stunning i have alot of gothic friends that would love these outfits im going post a link to here on my blog over at wordpress 🙂

  15. I adore everything about this outfit. It is essentially my perfect corset co-ord. Roses, masses of black, berry reds and the pieces= stunning! x

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