Striking Plum

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Plum Sweater

When I donned this outfit, I thought I went with a cop-out that would look fairly ho-hum. That’s what happens when you don’t select an outfit the night before and try to pull it together at 5:30 am… After all, I’ve already worn the black version of this sweater on my blog, and I wear this belt and skirt all the time (probably even together at some point).

Plum Sweater & Black Maxi Skirt

To my surprise, I found that I felt rather elegant and almost statuesque (if a 5’3” girl can ever be statuesque). In looking at the pictures, I find it quite striking! I think it’s because of the fabulous, rich color of this sweater from New York and Co. I guess it’s a good reminder that even a simple remix of pieces can make the same old things interesting, especially with the right pop of color. Or maybe it’s that new bracelet, making all the old pieces seem as if they have new life. What, you didn’t notice the new bracelet? 😉

Plum Sweater

Do you have pieces that you wear over and over and over again? How do you keep the look fresh each time? Or does it matter, if it’s a formula that really works for you?

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  1. Lovely corporate look! I tend to use the same clothes over and over again 😛 I try to alter them with jewellery and tights.

    • Tights are a great way to change the look of an outfit! I seem to forget that there is anything other than black tight or flesh-tone stockings. I need to get adventurous with other styles!

  2. Gorgeous! I think jewelry and a ‘pop’ of color here and there to old favorites definitely make it look and free fresh. I like to wear different jewelry/sweater/legging/shoe combos with dresses or even a head scarf and styling my hair different makes an outfit fresh.

  3. I truly love that color on you. Purples and plums do something wonderful to your whole complexion. It brightens you up … key to these dreary winter days!

    I’ve been wearing cardigans and slacks or cardigans and skirts for weeks on end! They’re a bit professional, comfortable and WARM. After losing all that weight I am truly freezing this winter!

  4. I seem to wear the same thing, button up shirts tucked into pencil skirts or circle/swing dresses with cardigans. I think I will start changing up the items and see how they work! Lovely color by the way!

    • I have two distinct work styles, as well. Business-y blouses with pencil skirts or romantic tops with maxi skirts. It’s hard to mix it up when you get up early and have to rush to get ready for work – I do best when I plan my week’s outfits on Sunday but sometimes the weekends just fly by too fast!

  5. I thought you were much taller than 5’3″! I’m the same height but I look much shorter, probably because I weigh more than you.

  6. I kind of like playing with the same pieces for both, job and personal life; I tend to do so specially on Fridays, when I can go out once I leave the school.

    My personal choice on those cases is usually some mini black dress that I can easily transform by changing shoes, jewelry or even stocking. I prefer mini black dresses for their huge neutrality: it’s so easy to tone them down as well as goth them up! What do you think about it? 🙂

    • Little black dresses are truly the ideal wardrobe staple. I can never get enough of them! They definitely are open to endless variety with the right accessories and shoes. I need more cute sweaters to wear over my black dresses so I can use them more in the winter!

  7. You look so wonderfully lovely! I tend to get stuck in ruts of pairing clothes with only specific types of other clothes that really gets me down. But I think in everyone’s wardrobes there are pieces of clothes that they haven’t tried together before but would look fabulous. You just have to look for them. :3

    • I think we all have occasional ruts, and occasional bursts of inspiration. Being a fashion blogger just makes those ruts more stressful. ;-D You are right – it’s all about looking for new and unexpected pairings in your closet!

  8. Just coming out of lurkdom to say: you’re only 5’3″? Really? You do seem so beautifully statuesque, I would have guessed about six inches taller. I’m usually surprised when I learn how tall bloggers are.

  9. Wow, indeed, such a rich color! And your hair is also very elegant. ^^
    I usually wear my favorite pieces all the time, ad infinitum…but mostly, they’re black pieces, so I can combine them with almost everything, all the colors in my wardrobe, and different accessories and jewellery every time. 🙂

  10. You’re 5’3″! I thought you were taller. 🙂 you always look so elegant. This plum color suits you very well.

  11. You’re 5’3? You look at least 5’7 in this pic. I love the whole ensemble! It is something I think I could get away with at work.

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