January Theme: New Year’s Eve

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Happy 2013, everyone! I don’t know how well it will work out doing the theme late this month, but let’s give it a shot! Mr. Kitty and I spent New Year’s Eve down in San Diego with some dear friends, so I was not able to take photos of my outfit or get a post prepared by midnight January 1, my normal Monthly Theme day. In fact, I almost didn’t even get the post done by January 5, due to having come down with the plague on January 2. I’m really starting the new year right, aren’t I? 😉 So I’m writing this month’s theme post while under the influence of DayQuil.

I must admit I had a major wardrobe crisis for NYE this year. For the entire year of 2012 we had it set in our minds to go to a certain formal event with a gourmet buffet, champagne and dancing for NYE 2013. I even had an evening gown picked out for this occasion 365 days in advance! When it came time to make our reservations for this event, we found a shocking amount of hidden costs and shady bureaucracy involved in the process, so on December 29 we abandoned that plan and decided to just go out to dinner with another couple then over to their place for drinks. As much as I don’t mind being a bit overdressed, the idea of wearing a floor-length satin gown under the circumstances would have been too absurd even for me. So at the last moment I was scrambling for something special enough for such a glamorous holiday but still comfortable for the environment we’d be spending it in.

I ended up choosing this fabulous velvet overdress by Stop Staring!, paired with a lace skirt from Forever 21. To make it even more festive, I added a couple of “arm parties” and a self-made headband with ostrich feathers. Yes, I wore plumes, and it seemed perfectly appropriate for the night. This turned out to be something I would normally wear out to a club. Next NYE, that evening gown might finally make its debut, but either way, this year was a good opportunity to focus on celebrating some of the most special people in our lives. It’s not what you wear, or where you go, but WHO you spend your time with that matters most.

I hope all of my readers had as much fun on NYE as I did! Be sure to link up your NYE post below and share your special memories.

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  1. Wow! You look amazing! I love it! Happy New Years!

  2. Oh my, you look gorgeous! I adore the velvet. Mixed with the lace skirt it just looks so elegant – but aren’t you always? :3

  3. Wow, very interesting outfit, so classy and fun in the same time…I guess, it’s the headband and all those bracelets, that make it pop…^^

  4. I love how you paired velvet with lace. The cut of the velvet overdress a little bit resembles the victorian bustles (at least from the front), which I definitely consider as a good thing. You look very festive, yet elegant at the same time… and I adore the biggest black bracelet.

  5. Just… wow! It’s amazing that you buy items from “normal” stores and still are able to pull out amazing goth outfits like this one. I love everything about it, including the jewelry. I wish I was as good as you in matching clothes, you really have a great sense of style.

  6. Holy cow! That overdress is utterly fantastic! You look wonderful!

  7. Looking gorgeous, there, Miss Kitty! I love the Victorian-esque silhouette of the velvet overcoat.

  8. That is a real shame about your formal plans, but as you said it’s not what you do it’s who you spend it with! Truer words my friend!

    You look amazing, I can’t get over that your velvet dress is Stop Staring! I should check them out more regularly. You look wonderful and happy new year!

    I hope you feel better, seems like the plague is everywhere!!!

  9. Perfect outfit! I totally admire this overdress and I’m in love with your headpiece 🙂

  10. Wow you look stunning! Velvet, lace and feathers… perfect combination 🙂

  11. Happy new year! Lovely outfit as always! 😀 It looks very modern Victorian with the lace, headband and everything. 🙂

  12. I like what you did with your hair – the tight up-do and headband make you look very 1920s. To me the whole ensemble is half Victoriana and half ’20s flapper. I really like the chunky foliate cuff.

  13. Madame Mari Mortem

    I adore your all black outfits; simply spectacular!

    I am glad that in the end you enjoyed your new years! So cheers and may the new year be prosperous!

    • Madame Mari Mortem

      Also, I am completely sorry I double posted my post; I hit tried to hit it once but my mouse stuck… I was hoping this wouldn’t happen, ugh. Time for a new mouse hehe.

  14. What a lovely outfit! It has a victorian goes theatrical feel over it and I love it! I fell in love with the single bracelet on your arm it looks like something that would match my tribal style earrings perfectly 🙂 I havent got anything that match them yet.

  15. Beautiful, even if it wasn’t your original outfit! There’s somewhat of a Downton Abbey feel to your velvet overdress layered over the skirt. I don’t know if you’re a fan of the show, but I think you’d enjoy it just for the drool worthy costumes like this http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-to0J-WrPr8Y/TxTGAYoB1CI/AAAAAAAACGc/bbM6p_S5eIw/s1600/Downton+Abbey+3.jpg or this one http://awhitecarousel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/candle-downton.JPG.jpeg or this http://awhitecarousel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/safe_image.php_.jpeg.

    I did give a little chuckle in the first episode when the characters have to go in mourning for the death of a distant relative and the oldest daughter says something like “Who would want to kiss a girl in black?”

    I also love how you can get things from just about any store and put them together in such unique ways.

    • I *love* Downton Abbey, for both the story and the aesthetics. I heard that the second series recently came out on Netflix – can’t wait to find some time to watch it!!

      I’ve never had any trouble finding people who want to kiss girls in black… ;-D But I guess times have changed a bit, eh? 😉

  16. Correction, it was the Dowager who said the line. I found this gif. http://downtonabbeygifs.tumblr.com/post/21514626342/no-one-wants-to-kiss-a-girl-in-black

    She has some of the best one liners on the show.

  17. I love the lace. It looks great with that overdress.

  18. Fabulous! Everythig about that outfit is perfect. It’s very glamorous and new years like.

  19. Happy New Year, sweetheart!

    I do wish all your dreams come true this 2013 (which is, by the way, a beautiful number to me). And of course I hope to see more of your amazing posts 🙂

    Lots of love,


  20. I love the velvet overdress. Brilliant outfit!

  21. I hope your friends appreciated your outfit! It is super awesome ! I’ve never thought of putting a skirt under a dress, yours looks so seamless!

  22. That velvet dress is one of my favorite things in your wardrobe! WOW! So cool with the full length lace underskirt! Another perfect outfit! Happy New Year!

  23. Completely unrelated question that I thought you might be able to give some advice on, if I may?

    I’ve been slowly upping my goth wardrobe. We’ve also recently added an adorable little tabby boy. The trouble I’ve been having is…well, the two don’t mix that well. I’ve been having a constant stream of “No don’t eat my sash! Get those paws off my lace skirt! Stop batting at my necklace! Those are nice fishnets, don’t claw them!” You get the idea. Anything dangling is fair game, even if it’s just my long swishy skirts.

    I’m at a lost as to how to preserve my finery from this little creature. Have you had this issue with either of your two lovely balls of fur?

    • Oh, I completely understand what you are dealing with!! I am lucky that my big boys have outgrown most of that, but when they were babies they wanted to have a swat at everything. I mostly dealt with it by just not wearing dangly, swooshy things at home. I still wore long skirts, but for some reason they weren’t too interested in those… Although sometimes they want to get my attention by stretching up and putting their paws on my hip (they are TALL when they stand up on their back legs) and as they come down, the claws seem to automatically come out and can snag my skirts. I guess the only thing you can do is try to foresee certain behaviors and avoid giving them the opportunity, if possible. Also be sure that you let him know that attacking your clothing is wrong. A very firm “NO” each time will help get the point across, but it will still take time and maturity, as well as consistency so he doesn’t get confused. Last but not least, make sure he has a variety of cat toys to play with. Kittens get bored with a given toy quickly, so you’ll usually need to cycle through various things. Whenever he tries to play with a necklace, give him a firm “NO” and then immediately give him an appropriate toy and show him how he is supposed to play. Spend some time with him and get him really engaged. Then praise or even treat him when he plays with the correct thing.

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