December 1 Theme: Maxi Skirts

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December is upon us, and it’s time for another One-Day Monthly Theme! On my side of the globe, most people are experiencing something resembling winter. I say most people, but those of us in Southern California are excluded. It’s been hot here. Not just unseasonably warm; downright sweaty hot!! My point in choosing Maxi Skirts as the December theme was that in winter, they provide endless warmth-capturing layering opportunities. But I haven’t needed them for that purpose this year. Not so far. Still, I wear super-long skirts year-round, so a little hot weather won’t stop me.

Goth in Lace and Corset

For the car shows, I’ve been trying to dress in my ideal style rather than trying to be super practical and going with casual outdoorsy wear. Especially considering the shows we go to focus on custom cars (those that are not only old, but stylized by the owners as to be one-of-a-kind). This kind of car culture appeals much more to us than just a bunch of stock classic cars that all look the same. Customs speak to our artsy aesthetic preferences and our need to be around individuals who are free-thinkers. We feel at home at shows like this (except for the inevitable moment where some guy approaches me and asks me to pose in front of his hearse, resulting in a polite declination from me that usually escalates into a full-on rant about stereotypes that I later deliver to my companions).

The main feature of today’s outfit is a ruched fishtail skirt from Newport News. I’ve had it for several years and it remains on of my absolute favorite clothing items. It’s form-fitting and flattering and comfortable, and the perfect element for instant glamor. For a full day outside and on my feet, the only corset I really feel comfortable in is this classic underbust from Gallery Serpentine. I know, you’ve seen it many times on this blog, and you’ll see it many more. 🙂

Gothic Maxi Skirt

The stretch lace top with bell sleeves, mock turtleneck and keyhole opening was also from Newport News several years back. One of my friends teased me that I might end up with a lace-pattern sunburn at the end of the day… I laughed her comment off because I’ve always heard the one about the fishnet sunburn and in my experience, it’s a complete fallacy. Fishnets are too fine a mesh to actually leave a pattern on the skin – the sun seeps right around the threads and you actually end up with a nice, even burn. Well, it turned out that parts of this lace were plenty dense to block most of the sun, so sure enough my upper back looked like a strange alien skin when I got in the shower that evening. Fabulous.

Gothic Makeup

This hair style is created with two clip-on synthetic hairpieces and three black rose clips. I went with my standard makeup and a pair of fabulous chandelier earrings with no other jewelry. I thought these babies should stand on their own without any competition. They’ve been in my earring drawer forever and I never seem to wear them because I usually am obsessed with bold necklaces, and adding bold earrings would be too much even for me.

Gothic Club Outfit

So, hopefully some of you out there are actually experiencing some good “layering” weather. Bring on the maxi skirts!

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  1. Your outfit it so beautiful 😀 I love maxiskirts so I look forward to se all participants!

  2. I adore this outfit, particular that corset.
    Kitty, you have such a mature and sohpisticated style, you and this blog are one of my inspirations. I myself am wearing a maxi today, although I haven’t blogged it.
    xxx Lilly

  3. I’m completely in awe of that outfit! Kind of want to find myself a fishtail skirt now…

  4. That’s a fabulous outift and your hairdo is awesome! I think, I’m going to look for some clip on hairpieces now…:P

    I had a ‘lace sunburn’ once too; I wore a top with long, lace sleeves and my arms got the sunburn. The pattern of the lace was rather big, so you could see the details in the sunburn when I wore short sleeved tops…I still can’t decide if it looked ‘special’ and nice or just terrible…^^

    • I would be lost without fake hair. It is so much fun! My super-long real hair is pretty limiting in terms of styling (unless I have hours, which I never do) so these give me infinite variety with very little effort. Plus I can achieve BIG hair when I want to!! 😀

  5. Wonderfully elegant! Your skirt is such a wonder item to have, I would definitely scoop up a skirt like that to add to my collection in a heart beat!

    • This skirt was BRIEFLY part of the Spiegel Shape FX line about 4 years ago. I imagine it didn’t sell too well amongst their usual target audience… If they had marketed it to goths I think they would’ve sold millions. 😉

  6. WOW – you never cease to impress and amaze me! GORGEOUS!!!!! This outfit may just be my all time favorite you’ve posted! LOVE the fishtail skirt – so classic glam – and the lace and corset are just ideal goth lovliness! You look beautiful from tip to toe! May I also say your figure is divine in this outfit! Va-Va-VOOM!

    My contribution to this months theme is way more dressed down than yours! eep!

    • This skirt and corset are a powerful figure-enhancing formula. 😉 one of my very favorite combos from my wardrobe!

      I loved your contribution! Not every day can be all dressed up, and I love how you can work a casual look just as well as you do elegant!

  7. Lovely outfit as usual! You are always so creative in your outfit compositions. 🙂 And that hairdo is just WOW! O_O

  8. I’ve seen this skirt before and I love to see it again. It enhances the feminine figure in a very flattering way. Your outfits are always so well composed. The turtleneck is perfect with the fabulous earrings.

  9. Fabulous from head to toe as always! 🙂

  10. I love this look! The skirt is amazing, especially with the corset. And the top is great too (sorry to hear about the alien sunburn–that would be a great band name, don’t you think?). The chandelier earrings are perfect with an updo and high-necked blouse. And they don’t have to fight for attention like they would if you had a necklace on.

    • Lol! Not sure if that would be a Goth band, or something more metal… ;-D I should’ve probably saved these earrings for an Earring Theme, but I guess that’s just a good reason to find another fabulous pair… 😉

  11. You look so elegant! Never is a million years could I look this polished, and you make it look effortless!

  12. You look fabulous as always! It has been unseasonably warm here as well – even for Texas. So disappointing! I look forward to the 3 months of the year I can enjoy decent weather, and this will be the second year in a row that it stays hot.

  13. You look so beautiful! Though I don’t know what to think about the term ‘maxi skirt’ since it’s relatively new term in today’s fashion and I don’t think it fits to describe a gothic style. I mean half of gothic subgenres use huge skirts and I just think maxi is a banal word. 😀

  14. Elegant as always. I love your outit. 🙂

  15. You look absolutely beautiful! I love your hair like that! And your face is made for a longer, chunkier earring. I’m sad to say that I won’t be participating this month — I’m been trying to get a dissertation chapter into my advisor and I’ve been working on a week’s worth of posts for my blogging event, Gothidays 2012. Sorry sweetie! Next month.

    • No worries! I totally understand. Running a blog event takes a LOT more time than most might expect. A true labor of love! Not sure I’ll be able to get anything posted for Gothidays, as I really, REALLY can’t find anything nice to say about the season so it’s better to say nothing at all. 😉 We really don’t do anything but what is expected. I go all out for NYE but I won’t have that outfit post ready until after Jan. 1.

      I could do a post on egg nog… That’s the one thing I do love. 😉

  16. Madame Mari Mortem

    Wonderful! This will be the first time I participate in your monthly theme; I hope I didn’t screw anything up, heheh.

    I have a skirt nearly identical that is also one of my favorites; I bought it years ago at a store called Sirens. That is one dang pretty too, but it’s too bad about the tan… at least it’ll fade with time.

  17. I really love that lace top!

  18. Gorgeous as usual! And the skirt looks a bit 50’s-ish. I’d love to see it in a dark Hollywood style set:)

  19. I absolutely LOVE this outfit, it looks so classy! As does all your outfits – you’ve been one of my inspirations the last year<3 this just reminds me that I have to check out reasonably priced fishtail skirts (must find one that can be shipped to Denmark)… but you look stunning as always – your man is lucky

    hugs Sara

  20. Wow, you look stunning! That outfit gives you the most amazing hourglass silhouette. I think a fishtail skirt is going on my shopping list… 😀

  21. I love your mature gothic/romantic look. I am looking for a way to express my inner darkness with a style that is age-appropriate. You are such an inspiration!

  22. Caroline Carnivorous

    Now THIS I like! <3

  23. I love the outfit, especially the skirt. Reminds me that I must get my hobble skirt out and see if it still fits!

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