November 1 Theme: Hosiery

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There is a very good reason why I chose Hosiery for the November theme! I’ve recently come to love Spanx opaque black stockings, after years of being loyal to Capezio’s Hold and Stretch dance tights. My last two Capezio orders were total disappointments, so I decided to try Spanx. Their products are all impeccable in quality. Pricey, but they will last for many, many wearings. Since I loved their tights so much, I’ve been branching out and trying some of their designer hosiery. Last month when I went to place an order, I stumbled upon this masterpiece.

Floral Back-Seam Fishnets

These back-seam fishnets with a stunning floral detail set me back a whopping $45!! But they are simply amazing. The fishnet weave is delicate, sleek and form-fitting, just how I like them. The floral detail in the back is classy, feminine and unique. We spend so much time focusing on how every detail looks from the front, so it’s nice to give a little attention to the rear view once in a while.

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  1. Love love love those fishnets! Are they really Spanx? I didn’t imagine that brand having such amazing designs. Not cheap, but I’m all for splurging on quality pices. Especially if you feel great, look fabulous, and know they’ll last.


    I shall take photos and they WILL be up in about 2 days! 😀 great theme idea. I have so many stockings.

  3. What delicate stockings! I would totally break them with my nails first time trying them on, I’m so clumsy with my legwear xD

  4. Those fishnets are just adorable! So very classy! I would be afraid to purchase such, they would probably rip somewhere instantly. 😡

  5. My heart be still! Those are a-mazing!!!

  6. Those tights are amazing! I wish I could find something like that here. I always end up buying regular black ones. 😛

  7. Man, those are very fancy hose there. I’d be so afraid of snagging those gorgeous fishnets!

  8. I absolutely *loved* this month’s theme!
    Your tights are amazing. They have a very vintage vibe. This picture looks like it has been taken at the beginning of the last century 🙂

  9. Why oh why these amazing tights not available in Germany?! They look amazing on your legs and the lace pattern really is something I’ve never seen this way before!

  10. Wow, these fishnets are simply amazing! ^^

    To be honest, if I take ‘patterned’ hosiery, I always prefer back – seam pieces, I think, they’re much more classy and elegant, than those, with details all around. ^^

  11. Oh man, those are great! I had no idea Spanx made anything like that! Amazing.

  12. What awesome fishnets! Yep, sometimes it’s worth a splurge. Love this month’s theme 🙂

  13. Super lovely! They suit you perfectly! I can’t stop looking at Spanx’s website now. I thought they just did girdles and such, but their tights are awesome!

  14. Awesome theme for November! Wish I could participate, but most of my hosiery collection is left in my flat, while I’m at home… Arrrgh. Still I’m going to see what everyone else have prepared for this:)

  15. Great theme this month! Very lovely fishnets, too. At that price, though, I’d be too afraid to wear them for fear I’d rip them!

  16. These aren’t the Spanx that come all the way up the torso, are they? Because I love those more than is probably healthy. They don’t cut me in half.

  17. Wow, those fishnets are gorgeous!

  18. Those stockings looks amazing! So true, we often forget about our back view. The lace pattern sure adds some interesting details to the outfit. I think they are worth the money 🙂

  19. Those tights are quite lovely ^_^ I’m a little late but I just got my post up!

  20. Those are some gorgeous fishnets! Although I, personally. prefer not to give any attention whatsoever to MY rear view… ;o)

  21. Lovely tights. I’m sad I missed the theme this month. 🙁

  22. Those stockings are amazing! I totally need to get some new awesome stockings, their so great. Stockings can totally change the entire feel of an outfit!

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