A Very Special Shrug

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Today I am so excited to debut a very special custom-made shrug. This creation was made by Pixel Pixie, the incredibly talented seamstress behind the blog Cuz I Said Sew. I’ve been looking forward to building a dreamy outfit around this shrug since I received it nearly two months ago… Life finally got out of the way for a moment, and I could not be happier with the end result!

I paired the shrug with a Gallery Serpentine overbust corset in black brocade. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the shrug in person, and turned out the be the perfect companion for it. The neckline/collar of the shrug gives me a vintage vibe, so I decided to tackle some victory rolls for a change of pace. The last time I did my hair like this was about 4 years ago – my first attempt turned out brilliant but all subsequent efforts failed miserably. Victory rolls in 3-foot long hair are incredibly challenging, so I put the whole thing out of my head for ages. Lately I’ve been feeling the urge to give them another shot. With a little practice and a TON of hairspray, they turned out satisfactory. I felt the hair style called for an understated, vintage makeup look consisting of thin eyebrows, black liquid eyeliner and red lips.

You can read more about the process of sewing this beautiful piece in Pixel Pixie’s post. She writes on her blog that she happy to do custom work, repairs or alterations, so if you have something special in mind be sure to contact her!

She also happens to be hosting a fun “Guess My Halloween Costume” giveaway over on her blog. It’s running from October 24-30, with new clues being given each day. Be sure to check out her blog and join in!

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  1. The shrug is lovely! I think you did the perfect match with the Gallery Serpentine corset. It’s very difficult to do victory rolls (in my opinion) and you made them perfect!
    Did you use this outfit for a special occasion?

  2. Oh, what a simple jet wonderful piece. I love the laces and the collar idea. The corset looks perfect on you. I had few misfortunes with choosing overbust corsets. They all seemed to short. Is this one longer version??? Cos it seems to cover all your hips and even a little bit lover.

    • Yes, this corset is fairly long on bottom. It is contoured so it is extremely comfortable and flattering on the hips, but comfortable to sit down in because of the way it goes up where it would otherwise press into your thighs. I wish is was a bit more contoured on top, but otherwise it’s perfect!

  3. I love this shrug! It has lace and bow, which are the two things I love the most in an item of clothing.
    Your victory rolls look very good; if I may ask you a question, how did you do them with your long hair? I have very long hair too and I thought I could never do victory rolls šŸ™‚

    • Those are two of my favorite things, too! šŸ™‚

      For these victory rolls, I followed this video tutorial pretty much exactly, except I had to use a lot more hairspray. My hair is much longer than hers, but I started out the same way she did and just wound the length of my hair around my fingers (much more winding than she had to do). My hair is very fine and slippery so I had to dirty it up with a good coat of hairspray first, and then another mist of spray to keep it tacky while I worked with it. Then another major blast of spray at the end, because it was a VERY windy day.

  4. It’s BEAUTIFUL, there’s not enough Robert Smith gifs in the world to describe your outfit. xo

  5. Amazing shrug! I follow her blog already; she’s so talented. šŸ™‚

    • She is! I wish I could just whip out amazing clothes in an afternoon. Someday I will expand my sewing skills beyond just simple alterations!! I can shorten a pair of pants or take the sides in on a dress (as long as there are no zippers in the way!) but that’s about it.

  6. Very pretty and I love your hair! I tried doing a victory roll a while ago but it didn’t go very well.

    • Victory rolls take a lot of practice! Keep trying, and watch different YouTube videos to learn different techniques. Everyone does them slightly differently, and one way might work better than another depending on your hair type.

  7. Oh God! I love the perfect balance between the ribon and the heart shape on the corset! This kind of game with the figure is totally my cup of tea. And Gallery Serpentine corsets are just like Oh-la-la! Very lovely dear šŸ™‚

  8. Oh how pretty is that! I think many shrugs have beautiful sleeves but then the neckline is often strange (or sometimes simply ugly) but yours looks amazing! The bow is so good-looking there and it compliments the lace by being a bit shiny.

  9. love that shrug – it looks stunning! <3

  10. I know I always say that you look fantastic (because you always do), but you look even more fantastic than usual. The victory rolls suit you incredibly well. I was very happy to make this for you, even more happy that you like it and it looks good on you.

  11. What a beautiful shrug! And yes, it looks amazing with that corset! GORGEOUS!

    Good job on the victory rolls. I’m finding it pretty darned challenging to do victory rolls since my hair is getting longer. I guess that’s why I haven’t been doing them lately … well, that and I’m in the library constantly and have been opting for simple ponytails. I find victory rolls easier to do when my hair is SLIGHTLY wet and with a bit of pomade. It keeps them in place and nice and soft.

    • I kept mine tacky with hairspray while I was working, otherwise my silky-fine hair just slips out of my fingers. I’ll try it a bit damp next time, and with some setting lotion I found in the back of the cabinet last night (probably from the first time I attempted this).

  12. Oh wow, the shrug is beautiful and and looks wonderful with your corset. The bow collar is just perfect! Your hair looks amazing!

  13. Ohhhhh that is so pretty.

  14. I love the Shrug, it’s dark and still glamorous, and fits amazingly with that gorgeus victorian rolls, i congratulate you for managing to do them in such long hair, i just can’t >.<

    Loved the corset, it's a longer version, that in my opinion always make the outfit have an inner elegance, it's beautifull.

  15. Very classy look! I love that shrug.

    For the future, there’s a really easy way to make victory rolls for long hair (or any hair, really). I ran into trouble the first time I attempted victory rolls because my hair is four and a half feet long. Then I found this tutorial:

  16. Wow. I love this shrug. And I usually hate shrugs this short. It’s perfect with a corset- showing off enough skin while still being somewhat of a cover-up.

  17. This is completely off the topic of the post, but I have now started using your blog as a counter-argument for people telling me “you shouldn’t get tattoos because they look trashy and you’ll regret it when you’re older.”

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