September 1 Theme: Someone Special

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Well, it should come as no surprise to most of my readers that I’m featuring my soulmate and husband, lovingly known in Blogland as Mr. Kitty, for today’s Someone Special theme. When GothBarbie of Military Fashion Show suggested this as a monthly theme, I knew it would be perfect for September. This is a very special month for us because we celebrate the day we got married, which happens to be the same day as my birthday! As we conclude our third year of marriage, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos taken during our 6.5 years together so far. To me these photos represent deepest love, irrepressible personality and even some pretty awesome outfits. I hope you enjoy them!

Mr. & Mrs. VictorianKittyTaken during the photo shoot for my April theme of Flowers.

Mr. & Mrs. VictorianKittyThe afternoon of our marriage. (2009)

Mr. & Mrs. VictorianKittyOn our one-day honeymoon in downtown Los Angeles. (2009)

Mr. VictorianKittyAdmiring my new love at one of the first big car shows Mr. Kitty took me to. (2007)

Mr. & Mrs. VictorianKittyIn San Diego shortly before an awesome Peter Murphy show. (2009)

Mr. VictorianKittyMr. Kitty doing what he loves most: driving his classic car.

Mr. & Mrs. VictorianKittyEnjoying togetherness at another car show. (2007)

Mr. & Mrs. VictorianKittyCelebrating our favorite holiday on New Year’s Eve. (2008/2009)

Mr. & Mrs. VictorianKittyOne of the very first photos ever taken of us. (2006)

Mr. VictorianKittyMr. Kitty proving that Kitties are Metal, with his favorite kitty Prometheus.

I’m looking forward to seeing the special ones in your lives!

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  1. It’s so amazing seeing pictures of you two together because you can really see how much you enjoy being with each other. :3

    It’s lovely to see two people so happy together.

  2. You two are so cute together!

  3. I hope a post about an author who is special to me is ok.

    You both look lovely together, and I love your dress from your wedding.

  4. It’s so strange to see you smile! You both look so happy together!
    Prometheus looks like as if thinking about leaving Mr. Kitty’s arms and jumping away to chase a rat. I guess a mouse would be to small for him…

    Thanks for this monthly theme!

  5. Love this post! You both radiate happiness in every photo!

  6. You guys make a beautiful couple – you really do look like Soul Mates! Wishing you both many happy years together …

    And look, there’s another picture of the Best. Cat. Ever. Magnificent Beast!

  7. So sweet/adorable/awesome!(!!!!)

  8. You look so happy! I love your outfit in your marriage afternoon photo.

  9. So touching and so many amazing photos! Derek and I will be married for 3 years in October *cheers*

  10. You and your husband look so cute together! You look so happy. 🙂
    And what a huge cat! =^.^=

  11. Very sweet! I also couldn’t help but blog about my hubbi!

  12. So glad of this month’s theme, I just had to get in on it! My husband and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary yesterday and it just shows how far we’ve come.

    You and yours look beautiful together by the way and how you two look is how I feel about me and Adam <3

  13. That was a lot more difficult to write than I thought.

  14. AWWWWW!!!! Everyone’s entries are so SQUISHY! 😀 My darling Ms. Kitty! I LOVE your smile. LOVE IT! And you and Mr. Kitty are super adorable together! Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday darling.

  15. Aww, you and mr Kitty are so cute! I hope someday me and my someone special can end up dressing as wonderful as you too! His hair is awesome, as well 🙂

  16. You two are gorgeous together! And you both look so happy and in love. My eyes boggled when I saw the photo of Mr Kitty and Prometheus. That is a REALLY big cat – all the more to cuddle! 😀

  17. Super cute! You’re lucky you found each other. AND he likes cats & vintage cars, what more do you need?

  18. You guys look great together. And I love the name, “Mr. Kitty”!

  19. What great photos. And what a great smile you have.

  20. We rarely get to see you smile with teeth… unless Mr. Kitty is around, then it’s all grinny, all the time.

  21. You look very happy together. 🙂 Happy (early) anniversary and birthday!

  22. You make a great couple, I think. Your pictures are full of life and happiness.
    And you both so gorgeous at your wedding day!

  23. Awww! You guys are so cute! You look so happy together Xxxx:)

  24. Good to see your kitty and husband, my nosy needs are now satisfied. But wow your cat always seems really huge!

  25. Wow, you guys are such a gorgeous couple!

  26. He sure is a very handsome guy and you look beautiful together!!
    I was going to feature my beloved one but choosed to write about another lovely person 🙂

  27. You two make such a cute couple and you are all smiley around Mr. Kitty which is excellent. Prometheus is a HUGE CAT! He’s vast! I thought my cat was big, but Prometheus dwarfs him. So much cuddly cat-ness! Mr. Kitty’s car looks cool 🙂

  28. Is New Year’s Eve your favorite holiday, too?!! Most Goths say Halloween; I’m the only person I’ve known, period, until now, who loves New Year’s Eve best.

    The pic of Mr. Kitty with Prometheus must be on of my favorites of him. All of these were a treat to see. You guys compliment each other so well.

  29. I loved this theme – it’s a nice shake up from material stuff. :3

  30. This is the best post ever! SO many beautiful pictures of you and your LOVE and your LOVE! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!
    AMAZING wedding photo – we need to see more of that special event! You are a SIREN!
    I agree with everyone else that it’s wonderful to see your big smile of happiness in all the photos of you and your man! He makes you smile from ear to ear and that is fantastic!
    The “metal cat” photo is so much fun!
    You just bring the awesome! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    Now I’m going to go have fun looking at all the other lovey posts….

  31. You look so lovely together, and it’s nice to see he brings out your smile 🙂

  32. I absolutely love your blog! So helpful for me since I have very little fashion creativity. My husband and I also celebrated our third wedding anniversary in December. Congratulations!

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