Red & Black Week, Day 6: A Night at the Pantages

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This is it!  Day 6, and the conclusion of an amazing week of Red & Black Gothy Blogging!  Show us what you’ve got for the grand finale, and be sure to check back tomorrow for a recap of everyone who participated.

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In the interest of full disclosure, please be aware that I had to recreate this look. 🙂 The event I actually wore it to took place on October 31, 2010, before I had even dreamed up my blog. But I kept remembering it when I was contemplating this year’s Red & Black Week…

The big event was the final night of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s production of Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. I managed to turn my dad into a Phantom fan when I took him to see it at the Pantages back in 1999. When he heard in 2010 it was closing down for good, he was determined to attend one of the final performances. Dad, Mr. Kitty an I actually went twice in one week; once sitting front-row center, then again five nights later about half-way back for the final performance. It was an amazing experience. And one of the only times I’ve gone out in an evening gown and actually NOT looked out of place.

This gown is by Jessica McClintock, who I suppose you could say is my favorite designer for formal wear. The dress I wore for the first Movie Monday was also from her line (sadly, I had to retire that dress after that wearing), and I have one other that you’ll see sometime soon.

The necklace and earrings were from a random no-name accessory store in the mall, back when I lived in Burbank. My wrap was just a long piece of tulle, right off of the bolt. I suppose I could’ve at least sewed some trim on it, but who has the time?

This August, we hope to go see the “modified” version of Phantom currently running in Vegas* before it closes in September. Mom’s not into the theatre at all, so I guess she’s staying home petsitting. 😉

* Blech -I hate everything about Vegas… but what’s a fan girl to do?

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  1. You look like a gothic princess 😀 Thanks for this wonderful week of red and black ^^

  2. Holy. Crap. STUNNINGLY beautiful outfit, and the dress is so elegant and perfect on you! Definitely a fitting conclusion/finale to Red and Black Week from you, Miss Kitty. I just love it!

  3. no entry by me today (the only things i would have would be some lipsticks or t-shirts anyways – haha, you now have seen all of my black and red stuff i think XD)you look perfect! you could also have worn this to dance of the vampires without a problem! (oh, that might have been something, did a version of the red ballgown from the german show but not sure where i have the pics so *sigh*)

  4. This is gorgeous! I love the drapery, it looks sooo elegant.And 'phantom of the opera' is a great musical, even though I have to admit, I like 'Les Misérables' more.Thank you for this wonderful week, it was great!

  5. You look absouletly stunning! The dress has and amazing drape, your make up is bold, but enhances your features and the jewelry gives just the right accents… I'm in awe!

  6. I guess all the others have said this all ready, but still: you are really beautiful and that dress looks like a dream on you!

  7. Amazing dress!! It's obviously a high quality dress and beautiful cut. That dress was perfect for a Phantom of the opera night. I love that musical, saw it as a very young goth in the end of the eighties. Thanks for hosting this wonderful blog event. You have done a fantastic job and considering that you have a new job that maybe takes a great deal of energy I hope you'll take the weekend to have some rest. :)Hugs /Therese

  8. I dont know what to say, it's just UH-MAYH-ZINGGG…

  9. WOW! You look utterly stunning!

  10. Wow you look like a Hollywood movie star or a goth princess or something xD <333 I was sadly under my depression time again so I missed day before yesterday and yesterday's posts.. I feel so bad about it =/ I am little bit blue today also so let's see can I do today's outfit or something.. I hope you are hosting this event next year too!

  11. You look absolutely stunning! It's such a lovely dress. Phantom of the Opera is my favourite musical, I sam it in London, and in the cinema for the 25th anniversary. I also have three soundtracks. I hope you have a wonderful time at the performance in August.

  12. Woh, stunning outfit, i just love it.I only saw the Phantom of the Opera once, a few month ago, in London. (I've only watched the movie before) Here in france, we don't really have musicals. Only french musicals, and it's really not the same quality as Broadway's … We don't have Andrew Llyod Weber's equivalent. That's a pity. So every time i go to the uk, we're going to see a musical. I think, next time we'll go to Rock of Ages or Wicked.

  13. All I keep saying out loud is "WOW!"Stunning, stunning, stunning.I hope you had a lovely evening with your dad, I think that is so awesome you like to send time together <3

  14. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I have to say I've been slacking on my goth wardrobe. You've given me inspiration to make it better. I'm already planning on making several pieces to go together. Thanks!

  15. PERFECTION! I love seeing you in full formal – that dress is freaking gorgeous!!!! Your makeup is stunning and you look DIVINE! I'm so glad you had a reason to recreate this look for us! What a perfect finale to Red & Black week!

  16. Oh, the dress in stunning!!! It soo elegant but still have that dark touch of yours 😀 Love love love it 😀

  17. Wow, you look incredible! Xxxx:)

  18. Wow! I love everything about this! <3 SImply amazing.

  19. That's definitely the most appropriate outfit to wear to final showings of the Phantom of the Opera. Damn girl, I can see a half-masked man trying to sweep you off your feet in that getup!

  20. OMG!!! Black and Red fits SO well on you!! *_*

  21. Wow…!! I can't sqeeze much more out of myself right now, you look breathtaking! ^^That dress is stunning and the tulle wrap looks terrific on the photo!

  22. Wow, what a breathtaking outfit, and so perfectly suited to the occasion! There should be more occasions to wear full formal attire.I have wanted to see Phantom in the theater for some time. The movie version was so atrocious but my musical loving roommate assured me that the real stage production is fantastic.

  23. Perhaps the missus and I can join you in Vegas? I've always wanted to see it, and I think Rach has, too.

  24. You look so beautiful in that dress, as someone said, like a gothic princess! Thanks for hosting this great event! 🙂 It has been so fun to create looks on this theme and to see what other people create. Have a nice weekend! /MadamNoire

  25. absolutely gorgeous!! love the black lip liner with the red lippie and the basic tulle wrap.. i think its perfect! i would have added a bunch of crap to it, taken way too long, gotten really angry, and ditched it in the end.

  26. You look gorgeous! I would also like to thank you for the email you sent me, it was very nice. And negative comments won't get in my way of participating in Red & Black week or any other events.

  27. That is such a wonderfully elegant outfit! I love Phantom. I was only able to see it once. It was on my birthday during the final run. I'm so glad I got to see it person – I have the soundtrack memorized!Have you seen the Australian production of Love Never Dies? It really is very good. They improved upon the London production tremendously. It came out on DVD a couple of weeks ago.

  28. If you like vodka at all, there's a really gorgeous bar at Mandalay Bay called Red Square. If you order a drink, make sure you have a babysitter- the "Chernobyl" isn't joking around. I'm still reeling, 10 years later.

  29. You look so elegant! The ruched gloves are a nice touch.

  30. You look extremely beautiful. You have another admirer on your hands!

  31. Great OTT outfit! Such a fun theme week!

  32. WOOT!!! You did save the best for last. Thanks so much for hosting this. It was great! XOXO

  33. Ah, my favorite musical! And a dress worthy of Phantom, certainly. I love that you said it was one of the only times you didn't look out of place, not so much because everyone else rose to occasion (as great as that is), but because you'll go dressed fancy for fancy occasions even if it makes you stand out. Sometimes, we just have to show people how it's done, don't we. ;^D

  34. Thanks you for your comment 😀 <3yes I made the roseheadband myself. ^__^

  35. Wow! This is stunning! The drapery on that dress is so perfect, it's almost like you're a doll! It's just absolutely perfect. Gorgeous! I'm not a big fan of musicals in general, but I make exceptions for Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Sweeney Todd and Les Miserables.

  36. Wonderful gown! I love how you used tulle straight off the bolt for a shawl.Thanks again for a great week of Red and Black. I had a lot of fun planning my outfits and reading other posts. You put a lot into this event and I appreciate it!

  37. I always look at your posts but I very rarely comment, just because it would be so repetitive (you look so beautiful, what a great outfit, you have such style, rinse, repeat).However I just wanted to specifically de-lurk and comment that I really love your make-up here.Best wishes!

  38. that is a stonishing look ! you are very in beauty with everything, this incredible dress wich suits you perfect, the make up, the gloves, the hairs…wow !! just fang-tastic !

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